A logo is a graphic designed to represent a company. A logo can be an image, a symbol, simple letters, a word, or a combination of letters and graphics. As a business owner, your logo represents your company and also your brand, so it’s important to have it strategically placed. The more your target audience sees your company logo, the more memorable your company becomes in their minds. This only works if your logo is seen, and there are several things you can add your logo to.

The Basics

certain companies can place a logo

Every business is different, so there will be some places where certain companies can place a logo that will make more sense than others, but there are a few places where all companies should place their logos.

Physical Location

If your business has a physical location, your logo obviously needs to be on the storefront. This can simply be on the door or on the actual building itself. Just keep in mind that doors are often difficult to see from the street, whereas having your logo or company name on the building will easily catch the eye of potential customers.

Vehicles are also another great way to display your company logo, especially if you offer delivery services. Even if you don’t, placing your logo on your car is also a good way to market to your local surroundings.

Stationery and Other Office Materials

In addition to your physical location, you’ll want to put your logo on the materials inside your business. This can include paper, envelopes, pens, and especially your business cards. It also wouldn’t hurt to have stickers or other things your customers/clients can take with you— as long as it makes sense with the type of business you have.

This should go without saying, but if you have employees, their uniform (whether it be formal or casual) should include your company logo somewhere. This could be a shirt that has the logo design on it, or even a simple name tag that bears your logo.


Other Accessories

It’s important for all businesses to have some sort of online presence, whether that be a business website or social media accounts— though both are extremely helpful to your marketing efforts. On your website, your logo (and company name) should be located at the top of the page. When it comes to your social media accounts, using your logo as your profile picture is a great way to become recognizable among your audience.


Just about every kind of business can benefit from putting their logo on some type of accessory, made accessible to their customers/clients. Some of these will also make great gifts to your employees to show your gratitude, which in turn, sometimes increases productivity.


Placing your company logo on bags is a great marketing strategy, whether it’s a simple tote bag that comes free with a purchase, or even if it’s the bag used to hold your customers’ purchase. Lifestyle brands may also want to look into selling or doing a gift with purchase promo of duffle bags, makeup bags, or even cell phone cases.


Keychains are probably the most popular accessory that companies offer as gifts to their customers and clients. It’s a simple, yet effective way to show your consumers that you appreciate them, and it’s also its own marketing strategy.

Other Accessories


T-shirts and hats don’t have to be exclusive to your employees, though you’ll want to make sure that such merchandise available to your customers/clients aren’t too similar to those worn by your employees. With the weather getting colder, hoodies and scarves are great articles of clothing to bear your logo. Also, don’t forget bumper stickers for your customers’ cars.

Getting your logo out there to be seen by as many people as possible is one of the best and simplest marketing strategies to use for your business. It also doesn’t hurt to put your logo on fun things to make available for your customers or clients.

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