Are you looking for some cool things to put in your room to liven it up? No matter how much effort you put into decorating your room, it does tend to get boring over time. You can get inspiration from others, Pinterest, and social media, but at the end of the day, YOURS is the only opinion that matters.

So, today we are going to talk about some cool accessories for a bedroom that can give it an “oomph” factor. There are options for people who want a complete renovation or ones who are just looking for some additions here and there.

Cool Things To Put In Your Room – Unisex Cute Stuff For Your Room

There are many cool things to put in your room, but with so many great ideas, it might be difficult to narrow down your choices.

Here is some cute stuff for your room to give it a personality.

Wall Hanging

wall hangings

Everyone is aware of wall art. Most people have some sort of painting or decoration or picture collage on their wall, but that is the point. Everyone has it. To make your bedroom stand out from the crowd, try something different. Wall hangings are the new trend. It gives the room a unique look instantly.

You can choose between macramé hangings and tassel garlands. Those will look lovely hanging on the wall and can also be used as statement pieces.

Bedside Lamps

Sometimes simple things like bedside lamps make your room look cooler. You don’t need to stick with the boring, simple, nude-colored lamps. There are so many options available on the market now.

You can add funky ones with bright, abstract art on the lampshades. Or, you can go for a more subtle one. The choice is entirely yours. Nowadays, animal lamps are in style. Golden flamingo lamps will help make a cool bedroom décor.

Alarm Clock

Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets have reduced the need for having an alarm clock or wall clock around. But, adding one will look good. Alarm clocks don’t need to be boring. Keep it minimalistic. A wooden clock will give a pop of style to the bedroom.


You can’t go wrong with a rug and carpet pads. It is one of the most practical accessories for a bedroom you can play around with. A rug is best for setting the mood in the bedroom. Girls tend to like oversized furry rugs. Boys tend to go for simple, plain ones. Just keep in mind that the rug should complement the rest of the room’s décor.



Pots don’t need to be used for plants and flowers only. You can give your bedroom a relaxed boho theme by including different types of pots. Plant pots can be used to store many things, from hair accessories to stationery to your chargers and more.

Corner Wall Shelf

Some people like a more minimalistic look to the room. Adding furniture and decoration pieces might not do the trick for you.

Don’t worry! A corner wall shelf is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to overdo it. The advantages of a corner wall shelf are dual. You can fill up the space in the room while allowing for extra storage.

Cute Stuff For Your Room – Increase The Coolness Quotient

If you want something out of the box and are willing to experiment, we have a list of cool things to put in your room.

Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Who doesn’t know about the neon coffee mug sign outside Central Perk in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? It started the trend of neon signs, and that trend is still going strong.

Adding a neon sign on the wall above your bed is going to be a cool bedroom décor for you. You can be creative with it. Hang up any design you want. It can be an alphabet, an animal, a banana, or even a teacup. Go wild with your imagination!

Fairy Light

One thing that you have to include in your list of cool things to put in your room is fairy lights. There is so much that you can do with them. Hang them on the walls, along your bed, or even on the curtains. You can even put them in a vase, your night lamp, or on your study table. It will look very cute.

Dream Catcher

One of the best accessories for a bedroom includes a dream catcher. They have a mystical edge to them and can make your room look dreamy. Couple it with a moon-shaped mirror or other astronomical accessories and make your bedroom stand out!

LED-Wall Lights

Add multiple LED wall lights in your room. You can go for simple ones or different shaped ones. It depends on the theme of your bedroom.

Go for softer hues of light as they allow you to sleep better and also have a soothing effect. After a hectic day at school, college, or work, you can switch on these lights and relax!

Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp

The salt lamp comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Go for the ones that light up bright and are colorful. The best ones are turquoise, sea green, and yellow. When you switch on the light, the colors are reflected beautifully.

What Can Be A Cool Bedroom Décor?

You can keep adding things to your room and still feel like something is missing. Sometimes you need to revamp the entire room to make it look cool and chic. The trick is to follow a theme for the bedroom and keep your search for cool things to put in your room going!

Some of the best bedroom styles and themes that are trending this year are discussed below.

Minimalist Bedroom Décor

Keep it simple. The focus of your bedroom should be on a statement piece, and the rest of the room should be toned down. This statement piece can be anything. You can get anything from the many things included in the list of cool things to put in your room.

Some other ideas could be:

  • An oversized chair
  • A big cough
  • A mural painting
  • A pretty ceiling light
  • Your gaming console on top of a wall shelf
  • Hexagon-shaped wall cubicles
  • A huge stuffed toy
  • A vintage dressing table
  • A standing lamp

The list can go on and on. Be creative and innovative and see what you like.

A Hammock Or Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair

Hammocks or hanging chairs don’t require a lot of space. This is a misconception. Go for either one of these in the room. You can couple a hanging chair with a small side table or wall cabinet for your books. Include some cool bookholders and see how your room comes out.

Natural Elements – Light Up Your Room

Adding natural elements to your bedroom will help you transform your room into a sanctuary. It is one trend/style that will never get old.

Remember to incorporate natural elements wherever you can in your home, especially in the bedroom. The reason is that you can feel relaxed and connected to nature all the time. Understand that natural elements can also be cool things to put in your room.

Add Plants

If you can take care of plants, add them to your bedroom. It does not need to be a big one. You can even go for smaller ones. Add a couple of them to your desk. Or, you can go for a big, standing one in the corner of your room.

If taking care of plants is not possible for you, you can add artificial ones. They give the same look as natural ones.

Fresh Flowers

Always keep seasonal fresh flowers in your room. You can keep a fancy vase and change the flowers every couple of days. Colorful ones look best.

Large Windows

Large windows allow for natural light to enter the room. If you are not a sunlight-loving person, you can always adorn the window with thick drapes. This will block out the light when the curtains are open. When you want fresh air and light to come in, open the window.

There are many cool things to put in your room available on the market. Our list comprises several different things. From cool stuff to natural elements, you can pick from a variety of cool things to put in your room.

Just remember, never follow a trend that you are not comfortable with. Your bedroom is your relaxing spot, a place where you should be the most comfortable. Include things that translate into your personality and make you feel relaxed.

All the ideas included in this blog are impressive when used alone and can also be coupled with other ideas. Keep in mind the décor of your house and room when deciding which item to go for. If you already have cool, bright paint in your room, don’t go for wall hangings. If your walls are nude and bare, go for a wall hanging and a funky rug.

Even though you don’t need to include all these items in your room décor, save this list of cool things to put in your room for future reference!

Don’t forget to visit our blog for more cool home decoration & renovation Ideas.

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