Custom closets are made to your specific requirements, and you can transform every area of your home if you have good closet lighting ideas for them. With these closets for your bedroom, laundry, lounge, or bathroom, everything would be in its proper place.

The quality and size of your home’s closets have a great impact on everyday life. No home works particularly well if it does not have a well-thought-out solution for storing all that we do not want to be seen all the time. One or a couple of wardrobes is a good option for most homes because it provides the opportunity for space-efficient and discreet storage of most things you have in a normal home. The best closets are the ones with more shelves, more pull-out- trays, baskets, or more hanging space for your short, medium, and long items of clothing. Each section accommodates all of your clothing.

Your purchase of wardrobes should of course be based on your need for storage, now and in the future. What kind of things do you want? Practically accessible and orderly but hidden behind doors? Often it is clothes and home textiles that we choose to store in a closet, but if you do not have a dedicated cleaning cabinet or a good place for bags, you have every opportunity to solve even such storage problems with a couple of spacious closets. You can decorate your closets with shelves at different distances from each other, drawer inserts, and clothes hangers. It all depends on what you need in them.

Closet specialists will measure your space, listen to your requirements and then design around your special organizational needs, which includes the right kind of lighting. You could say that the most common closet lighting ideas people consider are strip lighting, track lighting, and recessed lighting.

Good Closet Lighting Equals Good Closet Organization

Good Closet Lighting

Any closet is a key feature in every home because all necessities can be packed away. But what about creative closet lighting ideas? After all, what’s the point of closets at night when you can’t see what’s going on inside them? You keep pulling things out to see if it’s what you’re looking for and you end up shoving everything back in.

Without proper lighting in your closet, you can even end up mixing up a pair of white- or cream-colored shoes and only discover later on in the day that you have an odd pair of shoes on.

You won’t know yourself with good closet lighting ideas because everything will be so organized. You can decide whether you would like a walk-in closet or the conventional reach-in closet. Walk-in closets are certainly luxurious as you can just stroll in and all your hats, shoes, shirts, belts, pants, skirts, underwear, jackets, and dresses are visible to you.

Walk-in closets are great because you never forget about certain items hidden from sight. That’s because everything has its place and a good light illuminates everything in your closet. With a few simple adjustments, an ordinary closet can be given a new look and purpose. But what is the best light solution? How do you find the best closet lighting ideas that will make your closets bright and functional? Are fluorescent lights for a closet a good deal?

There’s A Closet Light For Every Type Of Closet Material

The main concept behind tailored closets is that you add worth to your home, you maximize the space you have and most importantly, you get organized. One of the most exciting parts about custom closets is selecting the materials, colors, and accessories you want. Whether you choose melamine, glass, wood, steel, or bamboo they can all be lit up in the best way. With technological developments, you can select from a wide range of lighting options.

Ensure A Professional Closet Light Installation

Get your installation done right the first time with the help of experienced, skilled installation contractors. For small and large projects they are available for a broad range of custom closet services that are backed by a warranty and which are guaranteed to improve the interior of your home dramatically.

Custom closets are all about extraordinary designs which fulfill all your aesthetic and functional needs. Arrange for a consultant to visit your home and provide tips and advice on what you can expect. Restore order in your home with all that extra space with well-lit closets designed to compliment your lifestyle and every area of your home.

LED Closet Lights Come In As The Top Closet Lighting Choice

Top Closet Lighting

Each of these lighting options for closets makes use of different bulbs and different mounts. Some of them have motion sensors and some are wireless- or battery-powered. So which one is it to be for your closet?

The best LED closet light experts adhere to all the rules of the National Electric Code which comes out every 3 years. It was in the 208 editions of the code that LED closet light features were permitted for the very first time.

When you walk into lighting shops, there are always certified lighting specialists who will help you to choose the right lighting fixtures for your closet that are safe, not a fire hazard, they do the job of lighting your entire closet and they are within your budget.

Closet Ceiling Lights

People looking for closet lighting ideas have to do thorough research as those pull chains and bare bulbs can turn out to be a serious fire hazard. Light experts always recommend having a ceiling light fixture regulated by a wall switch for extra safety. All bulbs also need to be completely enclosed inside some kind of housing.

Exposed bulbs aren’t an adequate technique for lighting in closets and lighting experts recommend sticking with LED closet lights. For closet lighting ideas experts say that closet ceiling lights are your best bet and that LED closet lights are the most energy-efficient and the longest lasting as well.

Closet Lights Have To Adhere To Safety Regulations

You have to be professional with your approach to closet lighting ideas as not all kinds of closet lighting may be utilized in the closets you have. You have to bear in mind electrical wiring as fire safety is crucial. There are wired lighting fixtures, for instance, that demand clearance of 6-12” between the light and surface.

Depending on which state you live in, there are some guidelines to follow with closet lighting fixtures. It may well stipulate that a closet ceiling light needs to be suspended or surface mounted without any exposed bulbs.

So essentially, the type of closet you have has a lot to do with the style of lighting you may use. When in doubt, contact lighting experts to check out the building codes in your area. It may be that for some reason your closet can’t have electric light because of wiring issues. There are battery-operated or rechargeable light fixtures where hard wiring a light fixture isn’t possible for whatever reason.

Battery-operated closet lights happen to be an easy alternative and you get motion sensor lights where the LED bulbs in them can reach up to as many as 50,000 hours. It has a lot of the same closet lighting features as you get with more pricey models. With their adhesive backing, you can have an installation in mere seconds and your closet can be lit anywhere you require it in your closet.

If you have a closet that needs light but lacks hardwiring, these battery-powered, motion-activated ceiling lights are a cost-effective closet light fixture. The lights work well in medium- to large closets and the LED bulb, operating on C batteries, will last for thousands of hours.

Some of these are well designed too and come with waterproof housing, making them a good choice for closets in damp places such as the bathroom.

Closet Lighting Fixtures

Closet Lighting Fixtures

The lights we choose for our homes these days are more sophisticated and even when it comes to lighting our cupboards, there are more closet lighting fixtures than ever before. Many of them have features such as occupancy sensors which illuminate your walk-in closet the moment you enter it.

This is useful as there is no need to hunt around to turn on the light as you enter and to turn it off as you leave. Other closet lighting features with closet lighting ideas are these closet rods that eliminate eye strain as you search through your closet.

Good closet organization is all very well, but without good closet lighting ideas, the simple task of finding one small item can turn into a major undertaking. The right closet lighting system will illuminate everything there is and make things a lot more easier and convenient.

Searching for something in a dark closet can make you late for an appointment. Many closet owners choose strip lights for their closets even though they’re not that attractive. They are strips or cords of tiny LED lights that come with an adhesive backing to attach to walls. You can just cut them to any length you want and add them in dark nooks and crannies to illuminate any closet areas you want.

As you think about the best lighting for your closet, consider the features of the lighting options that you find important. The size of your closet will help with your decision and also whether in fact your closet is wired for electricity. A walk in closet is like a small room really, so what kind of lighting would you choose for such a large closet?

Walk In Closet Lighting

Walk in Closet Lighting

When you have a walk in closet, it means you have ample cupboard space to light up. It is why dimmable lighting is a good idea with walk in closet lighting as you can light up just the area you want. A simple round LED flush mount is then hardwired and dimmer-switch-compatible.

Puck Lights

Closet lighting ideas include task and ambient lighting. With walk in closet lighting, many people like the idea of puck lights which are small and round and are used as task lights. They are for mounting anywhere and also work well over a mirror when shaving or applying makeup.

Puck lights are another option for walk in closet light and these small round LED lights deliver directional lighting. You can install them under shelves or somewhere else and some are even dimmable to create the kind of ambiance you want in your closet.

Some people have larger than usual walk-in closets and then they want attractive, decorative types of lighting. You can often find these 12-light lamp types that are compatible with LED- and traditional incandescent bulbs. The light also comes with a dimmer switch and you can also turn each bulb in a different direction.

As mentioned already, many people choose strip lights for walk in closet lighting. Strip lights are very useful.

Track Lights

Other people love track lights for a closet as they are so versatile. You’ll find that they often are multidirectional lights that can be used with LED lights as well as your traditional incandescent bulbs. The lamp heads are adjustable and you can light up your entire closet according to the way you angle them.

There’s A Lot To Choosing The Right Closet Lighting

When it comes to cool closet lighting ideas, it’s not just a case of shopping for light fixtures or bulbs and choosing lights that look good. You have to pay close attention to other aspects too.

For instance, pay attention to the color temperature. Lighting experts recommend a color temperature between 3000 and 4000 Kelvins (K). They produce a nice white light and anything cooler than 4000K may well produce a harsh, irritating light. As you can see, with closet lighting ideas, the most satisfactory outcome will be you researching the different lights and choosing closet lights that are functional, attractive, and energy-efficient.

Closet lights don’t have to cost a fortune and with closet lighting ideas, simply go with affordable LED fixtures.

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