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Interior decoration is something you must have thought of at some point. Everyone wants to make their living space look stylish and modern. The idea has gained immense popularity in the past few decades. Interior decoration expresses your feelings and your way of living. It is this life-enhancing process that also makes your house more beautiful and grabs the attention of the guests.

An undecorated house can look barren and cold. On the other hand, even minimal décor can personalize space and make the house look cozy and beautiful. You should not only decorate your house with furniture, but you must also decorate the walls to add a unique look to your house by adding a large wall décor for living room.

If you want to make the walls of your house look more modern, then you should create a balance with furniture, curtains, rugs, and large wall decor for living room. Even empty walls are an important design element. Decorating the large bare wall would bring life to the entire space.

There are some decorating tips that you can use to spruce up your walls.

5 Tips When Decorating Your Walls

Decorating Your Walls

Balance Out The Things

Whether you want a minimalistic look for your living room or want it to look funky and showy, picture frames can add life to the large center wall. You don’t have to decorate every wall with pictures; just one wall with the right picture frame sizes can be enough in most living rooms.

Some picture frames can make the wall look cluttered, while others give a super chic appearance. Change the number of items or choose one large wall décor for the living room on one wall to give it a balanced look.

Consider Furniture Pieces

You can use some furniture pieces to give a vintage look to your room’s walls. Furniture pieces add more beauty to your living, dining, and other rooms by creating a unique effect. Avoid those decorations that seem out of place.

Make a decision whether the place should be left empty or filled with different pieces of furniture. Use furniture pieces like tall floor lamps, sideboards, bookcases, and side tables as large wall décor for living room. These pieces add depth and warmth to the room environment. You can use a mirror within a room as a statement piece that becomes a large wall décor for living room.

Decorate According To Your Style Or Taste

Put things on your wall that describe your personality. You can display your achievements. These can make you feel proud of yourself when you feel low. Decorate with items that will help you relax.

You can also add your favorite flowers. These would help you cope with stress, anxiety, and help you improve your mental wellbeing.

If you’re looking for boys room wall decor for your kids, ask them about their aspirations and favorite things. It can help guide you to get the right boys room wall decor. Usually, interior designers recommend multi-colored walls when it comes to boys room wall decor to boost creativity in children.

Choose That Paint Color That Doesn’t Make You Feel Boxed In

Some people love light colors because they soothe and refresh their minds. But some people like dark and warm colors to make them more alert and aware.

Room Wall Décor Ideas

Here are some of the budget-friendly room wall decor ideas that you can consider:

  • Use mirrors: You can use mirrors for decoration. Mirrors give a symmetrical look to your room. You can use any kind of mirror, a large one or a smaller one. Using a large mirror for smaller rooms is the best option for giving a larger impression.
  • Use wallpaper: Wallpaper can be used to enhance the appearance of your walls. Wallpapers make your room more vibrant. You can use that kind of wallpaper with natural textures such as marbled or layered wallpaper. You can even have your own design printed to become your custom wallpaper.
  • Study table: You can use a study table in your living room where you can put a collection of your favorite books.
  • Hang artificial plants: You can also hang artificial plants to give an organic look to your living room.
  • Ledges and shelves: You can display a lot of things on shelves, such as candles or decorative pieces. These shelves allow you to decorate according to your taste.
  • Hang picture frames: You can hang different pictures on the walls of a room. You can display family photos or scenic photos. This would make your room livelier.
  • Art pieces: Art pieces give a vintage look to your room. They add a central focus to your room. You can use large wall art for living room or any other room as these make great large wall décor for living room. Using large wall art for living room has a high impact on the room. There are many large wall art for living room options available for you to choose from.

Aside from the aesthetics of a large wall décor for living room, you can use wall decors that have a strong visual impact. Such as using a hook to hang a pair of scones. Scones would make your living room more symmetrical. You can also hang a tapestry to give a soft, natural look to your room. They are also budget-friendly.

Make Your Living Room Look Bigger With Large Wall Décor For Living Room

Make a Living Room Look Bigger with Large Wall Décor for Living Room

There are plenty of ways to make your living room wall look bigger. The addition of a single article and, in some cases, the arrangement of furniture can make the room appear bigger and more elegant. If you are looking for some ideas to spice up that empty living room wall and create the illusion of more space, here is what you need to do.

Contrast Colors

Usually, the walls are painted white because they make the room look spacious and brighter. Even if you want to paint the walls to add color to the room, use lighter colors such as light gray, baby pink, light blue, or lemon yellow.

Dark paints absorb light, so they make the room appear dimly lit and small. If you are thinking of decorating the living room walls, you can create accent walls with the choice of color that goes with the theme of your room.

For example, if you have a chic and minimal living room, you can paint the walls any shade of yellow, add black and white furniture, and finish the look with zebra print curtains or a rug. Lighter colors on the walls make the walls appear farther back. So, they make your room look even bigger. Many prefer having a large rustic wall decor for living room as it complements most of the furniture in the space.

For optimum spaciousness effect, you can use soft tones as they feel light and inviting. These include whites, blues, and greens. The brighter the room, the more spacious it looks. It even highlights the charm different furniture and decor items bring to the space.

Choose Creative Lighting

Choose creative lighting

The right lighting can make your room look not only bright but more spacious as well. You can also let natural light in. If light enters the room at one point, you can use mirrors to reflect that light and brighten up the room. Similarly, if you are using light fixtures, add a touch of creativity to them and you’ll see how even small additions of light sources can change the feel of a space.

Natural light is free; hence, you should try to use as much of it as possible. Natural light can also heat your house in winter during the day, so you can save money on energy bills. Modern light fixtures are also a great large wall décor for living room.

You can even have outdoor lights and don’t limit your space. If you have window coverings, remove them. To improve the window’s view, keep plants outside the window to give a hint of freshness.


Decluttering is one of the best ways to make a room appear bigger. Whether it’s the furniture, random items lying on every table in your living room, or too many wall decorations and frames on the walls. Get rid of stuff you dislike and remove excess wall décor. Keep only one picture frame on each wall, and for the accent wall, you can choose to add one or two large picture frames, five to eighteen small picture frames in the center, or any other large wall décor for the living room.

A tidy and organized living room can look spacious and elegant. Just box up the items you think are cluttering the living room and remove picture frames that cover the walls entirely. Staying minimalistic when it comes to walls works well too. Some interior décor experts believe empty walls show tidiness and openness.

If you have more than one rug in the room, remove the extra ones. Remove anything that lies on the floor uselessly. The bare floor looks more spacious than the floor covered with rugs. Exchange artificial plants and flowers for real ones. A beautiful plant on the corner of the accent wall can also add life and freshness to the room.

Make A Focal Point

The focal point is the part of the room that draws attention. In a bedroom, the bed and its surroundings become a focal point. In a living room, the center of attention can be the largest couch that lies in front of the accent wall. To create a focal point in your room, you can draw attention to a wall or item in the room. You can choose an accent wall, then paint it a different color, make a pattern with color or hang decorations of your choice. Large wall décor for the living room can spruce up the room and make your space look lively. A living room with color and style looks more joyful, so why not add some wall décor that becomes the focal point?

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors create an illusion of more space. Mirrors have been used for centuries to make rooms look larger and reflect more light into them. They make the rooms appear bright, stylish, and huge. Even a 5-foot mirror in a small living room can give a sense of space if hung correctly.

Mirrors should be hung in the spot opposite where you wish you had more space. You can hang them behind the couch or use mirror tiles to adorn the accent wall. A large mirror can be a large wall décor for living room and make a boring wall look beautiful by creating the illusion of space.

If you don’t want to hang mirrors on your wall, you can use mirrors on your tabletops to give the room an open feel. Glass tables let the light through them, while mirrors on tabletops reflect light and look elegant. Mirrors in a room add depth and reflect not only light but color across the room.

Move The Furniture For The Modern Wall Decor To Pop

Modern wall décor can bring life into any living room. But furniture and modern wall decor go hand in hand. If the room has less furniture, it will look empty. On the other hand, if there is too much furniture, the room will look cluttered. The key to making a large wall décor for living room stand out is to move around furniture such that the space feels cozy but bigger.

There are multiple ways you can arrange your furniture, so think of two or three of the best arrangements. Move your furniture around and see what looks best. Move the extra furniture to the attic. Foldable tables and ironing stands should be put away, and only the most important and usable furniture should stay.

Less furniture lets the air flow without any hindrances and makes the room more liveable. So, pair a huge, cozy couch with a light, open armchair. A mirror table in the middle, a small rug on the floor, and a giant indoor creeper complete the minimalist living room look. Don’t forget to add the large wall décor for the living room on the wall you chose to make the focal point.

Maximize Space With Room Arrangement

Maximize space with room arrangement

Interior décor is not just about adding frames on the walls, putting more plants in a room, or doing something particular; it is about harmonizing the feel of the room and making the space feel complete.

You cannot simply hang a large wall decor for living room and expect the room to look better. You should consider adjusting everything to the point where the room gives off the vibe of being whole and perfect.

Place your furniture at an angle and add some additional storage space for the stuff you’d like to bring into the room now and then. You might bring in your baby’s cradle or stroller, a suitcase, or tea trolley into the living room, so make sure that there is enough space to fit it into the room without disturbing the room’s interior décor.

Whether you’re looking for large rustic wall decor for living room or elegant large wall decor for living room, you need to ensure that your furniture complements your wall. It’s not just the furniture when it comes to transitioning to new large wall decor for living room. The paint, living room things, tapestry, rugs, and more add to the complete package when looking to change to large rustic wall decor for living room.

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