The manufacturing industry is filled with cutting-edge technology, and can often be seen as the go-to industry to see where the future of business is headed. Those who want to stay on top in this hyper-competitive industry always have to remain aware of what new technologies and practices will keep their operations ahead of the competition. If you’re looking to get a read on what’s revolutionizing the manufacturing operations of the world today, here are eight of the technological advancements that are making massive waves in the manufacturing industry right now:

1. IIoT

Known as the “Industrial Internet of Things,” IIoT refers to how massively interconnected devices are now used to run manufacturing operations, and to ensure these industrial settings can reliably harvest the data they need to refine their future operations. Looking ahead, and understanding how data harvesting is an essential part of running a successful manufacturing operation, is crucial in today’s economic and professional environment.

2. Extended Reality

Extended Reality

Augmented and virtual reality, alongside social media ER such as the “Metaverse,” are making huge waves in the manufacturing industry. They are playing an important role in terms of boosting production planning, augmenting human capabilities on assembly lines, and allowing for hyper-immersive training, and automation. Without the uses of ER and VR, the manufacturing industry would not be anywhere near as advanced as it is in the modern day.

3. Advanced Robotics

Nearly every object, device, or prototype out there is now being manufactured with the help of some type of advanced robotic device. From amazing heat-staking machines made by cutting-edge companies like Bdtronic to some of the other revolutionary manufacturing technologies, we’ll be covering further down on this list. The importance of advanced robotics in today’s manufacturing landscape is difficult to overstate. Understanding how to hyper-charge the effectiveness, speed, and production capabilities of your manufacturing operations through the use of advanced robotics will make or break the future of your company.

4. 3D Printing

3D Printing

When 3D printing technologies first emerged, they were in a near prehistoric state – causing many manufacturers to dismiss just how revolutionary they would become in just a few short years. In today’s manufacturing industry, 3D printing has become a normal, essential part of the manufacturing process. The technology allows for rapid-fire prototyping, easily automated lines that produce plastic goods, and other jumps forward that have changed the face of the manufacturing industry.

5. Sustainability

Many people mistakenly assume that making their manufacturing more sustainable is code for increasing their costs due to environmentally-friendly practices. Thankfully, the truth is that these sustainable, and (yes) environmentally-friendly manufacturing changes save your company money. Additionally, the tax breaks and incentives you can unlock by making your manufacturing operation more sustainable and eco-friendly are numerous (and can truly revolutionize your business as a result).

6. Automation Revolutions

The mixture of AI, machine automation, and other new technologies has created a rise in “dark factories,” where next to no human workforce is needed to manufacture products. This advancement often finds itself in a frequently controversial territory, but anyone who is paying attention understands that this automation revolution has no chance of simply disappearing. Due to this quality, your manufacturing company must come to terms with how it will affect your company’s future.

7. Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Thanks to the revolutionary technologies of “digital twins,” manufacturers can be used to simulate any type of physical process, object, or program. New product dimensions, digital replicas of new products, and other useful information and models can be generated at an infinitely faster rate thanks to the digital twins technology being used across the country. Your company needs to get a hold of this new manufacturing advancement to stay competitive. That’s just a smart business strategy, after all.

8. Web3

Web3 is such a heady term that many people fail to take the change in the internet’s foundational infrastructure seriously. Between Web3 and blockchains, the way digital manufacturing will be handled over the next decade will look massively different than what it looks like today. Hiring staff that can help your digital manufacturing units transition into this exciting, but the strange new territory is crucial. Do not let your company fall behind the competition by failing to determine your strategy for making the needed changes for the coming Web3 revolution.

Time To Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Operations

Without the grit, determination, and know-how of a winner, making your manufacturing operation competitive in today’s brutal landscape is nearly impossible. Thankfully, if you embrace and incorporate the eight technological advancements we’ve covered above, you’ll be one step closer to victory. However, if your business cannot easily afford new technologies, you should consider leasing manufacturing equipment. As a result, your business will continue to grow and operate well. Make 2022 the best year for your company yet by considering how these revolutionary new technologies can push your operations to new heights.

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