The decor in your home is a very important part of how it looks as a whole. Decor encompasses everything from the furniture, to the artwork, to your lamps, to your rugs, and everything in between. They are what give your home its unique personality, and allow you to show off your interests, passions, and preferences.

But over time, you may want to give your home a facelift and change the sort of decor that you have on display. While there are many times when you may decide to do this, a perfect time is summer. Without any further ado, this article is going to go over a few great decor ideas to give your home a summer refresh.

Summer Home Decor Ideas

Bring in Plenty of Plants and Flowers


One of the best ways to give your home the summer refresh it deserves is by bringing in plants and flowers. There are many different options out there, and flowers are easy to find in person, and you can even order your favorite flowers online.

No matter your interests or preferences, you will be able to find a flower or plant that you love. By decorating with plants in the summer, you are breathing new life into your home and showing off your own unique style. Flowers and a variety of plants can bring a sense of joy into a space, and help it be a brighter and more positive place.

In addition to flowers themselves, even having floral printed artwork, tapestries, or other decors can go a long way in helping the space feel fresh this summer.

Bring in Materials that Scream Summer

There are some materials that simply scream summer, and these are phenomenal options to introduce into your home when the weather gets a little warmer outside. Many pieces of home decor can be switched out to something a little more seasonal such as blankets, pillows, chairs, tables, and even wall art.

There are many different fabrics or materials to choose from including options like linen and canvas. Another one of our favorite materials is wicker. A nice wicker table or set of chairs in your living room, entryway, or yard can look stunning in the summer and really fits well with the themes of the season.

In addition to using them as furniture, don’t hesitate to get a little more creative. For example, there are unique pieces of wicker wall decor.

Change Out Your Bedding


Changing out the sheets and comforter on your bed when the summer season arrives is also a good idea. Instead of having heavy and plush sheets as you may in the winter, it is often advised to switch to something a little more light and cool.

Not only will this often look better and help the bed fit well with the rest of the room or home, but it can also help you sleep more comfortably. Many people struggle to sleep when their blankets are too bulky when it’s hot, and a lighter comforter, or even skipping it altogether, can help you feel better in the summer.

Changing out other aspects of our bedding too, like sheets and pillows, is also a good idea to ensure the space continues to look cohesive.

Take the Indoors Outdoors

Oftentimes, people talk about taking the indoors inside when it comes to decor, but we are flipping that idea on its head here. With the weather being better and people being outdoors more, take the same experiences you would often enjoy indoors, and bring them outside.

Instead of relaxing on the couch with a good book, have an outdoor loveseat complete with blankets and pillows to replicate the experience. You can even add a rug and some string lights to really complete the space. These are very simple touches that allow you to actually use and enjoy your outdoor space.

You can also bring or have coffee tables outside, an outdoor fireplace, or a fire table, and can bring many other elements to your back deck or yard to enjoy during the warm summer months.

Introduce Some New and Colorful Art

wall art

Adding some new art into your home to commemorate the summer season is another wonderful way to refresh your space. This could be wall art, the centerpiece on your table, statues or sculptures, or any other type of art that populates your space.

Art can really transform a space, and let you fine-tune the design of your home and ensure it looks exactly the way you want. The type of art you have in the space can drastically change the mood of a room, and how you feel when you’re inside of it. Once the summer season is over, you can switch back to other seasonal art that better fits the time of year.

As for what looks good in the summer, art that is colorful and bright is often a good idea. Natural scenes are wonderful, as are floral designs and other pieces of art that include greenery, pieces of nature, animals, and things like that.

Let in the Light

Summer is the brightest season and with the days being long, it is the perfect time to let the light into your home. Opening your windows can help your space look incredibly bright, so why not take down those heavy curtains with something light and airy instead? You could even remove them entirely or simply keep them open for most of the day. Anything to let more sunshine into your home.

Natural light can help your space look incredible, and can make everything from art to furniture, to appliances simply look better and more vibrant. Having natural light in your home can even save you money as you won’t need to have your interior lights on as much as you might when the days are shorter in the winter.

In conclusion, these amazing decor ideas are sure to help give your home the summer refresh that it needs.

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