Social media makes it hard to keep anyone’s attention for more than fifteen seconds.

It appears long-form digital marketing has lost its place in the social media era. But long-form content like blog articles and newsletters can benefit your business.

Limiting your outreach efforts to what is trendy can stunt your growth.

Consider marketing strategies outside of social media platforms to diversify your clientele. You can access more business opportunities with a solid direct mail services strategy.

Discover ways email marketing can expand your reach and grow your business.

Redirects Traffic

Email Marketing

Social media is an informal way to connect with your clients. Unless you are an influencer, do not rely on social media as your primary place for engagement.

It is hard to maintain engagement on social platforms because it is time-consuming. And you are at the mercy of the algorithm.

Your business’s content may not be in favor of the algorithm, and this can affect your engagement.

Have clients subscribe to your company’s email list, and they will never miss an update. Create an emailing schedule to stay consistent with your outreach.

Keeps Audience Attention

Recently, I was about to unsubscribe from a listserv because the content did not speak to me. Then I received an email about a free rent giveaway and decided to stick around.

Incentives are a great way to engage your audience through email communications. And the perfect email format will retain a reader’s attention till the end.

Email marketing platforms allow you to monitor how many clicks and views you get per email link. This resource explains other ways to measure the impact of your email campaigns.

Builds Relationships With Customers

Email Marketing Work

Newsletters and e-blast are ways to build relationships with your customers. You can skip introductions when you keep consistent communication with your clients.

Update clients on any new developments since you all last spoke. Keep people in the loop about any events that may delay communication.

A popular email marketing strategy is holiday updates. Share your holiday plans and use the opportunity to plug business promotions.

Exclusive Updates on Your Business

Clients on your email list need to be the first to know about new products and services. Give email subscribers a sneak peek at new merchandise and special access to sales.

More people will want to sign up for your listserv for perks like early access and exclusive deals.

Board Members and Business Partners

Business emails

Business partners and board members need to be on a separate email list. Business emails are more about pitching your business ideas and asking for support.

Having a professional network helps you tap into various resources. Your business listserv has email leads for resources like financial advisors and wholesalers.

Email Marketing

At the moment, the world is obsessed with social media marketing. But email marketing is a secret weapon that will outlast the influencer age.

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