Looking for corner bed ideas? It’s always a hassle to get the perfect corner beds that suit both your room and your vibe. Check out our round-up of some easy and efficient corner bed ideas and choose the one that suits you!

Why Do People Search For Corner Bed Ideas?

Corner Bed Ideas

There are many reasons why people are perennially on the lookout for some smart bedroom makeover hacks. The bedroom is everyone’s place of pride and one space where one can stamp their individuality without anyone’s interference. Therefore, everyone is on the lookout for awesome bedroom makeover ideas.

The bedrooms are the last bastion of peace and quiet and everyone wishes for a clutter-free bedroom that they can return to, after a tiring day at work. However, we often end up with an improperly designed space that is cumbersome to handle.

Aesthetics for many people is of paramount importance, especially in the bedroom. They are picky about the look and feel of the room right down to the minutest detail. This is where redesigning the interiors in one’s bedroom with minimum expenses can actually do wonders to one’s general mood and the overall vibe in the bedroom.

Prime amongst them is the search for corner bed ideas that one can use in one’s bedroom. The ideas that will be discussed in this article will throw light on some of the best possible hacks to get one’s dream bedroom minus all the clutter and chaos. There are various ways one can incorporate these ideas discussed here into one’s bedroom. The corner bed can be integrated into any styling or design needs of our choice and one would be surprised by how well the overall look of one’s bedroom changes. If you have a small bedroom or stay in a studio apartment, we will also share some easy and efficient ideas for those who own a corner sofa bed or have corner twin beds. In the case of those with queen corner beds, this article will delve into the best way to utilize the available space while building a cozy place for oneself.

Now coming to the reason why people search for corner bed ideas. One of the biggest reasons why people seek these ideas is because they have a small bedroom. To maximize the utility of the bedroom space, people prefer to get the bed out of the way.

Ideally, the best position for the bed is to be next to the longest wall in the bedroom. The main agenda is so that if the bed is shared by two people, it will become easier for one to get up without ruining the other’s sleep. Putting the bed in the center also makes the room attractive. This is done by making the bed the center of attraction or the main focal point in one’s bedroom. However tiny bedrooms do not offer this luxury.

One needs to have more functional thinking in such situations and ideas are one such solution to transform a dry drab bedroom area. With the corner bed, one can couple even intelligent storage space design be it either using open or closed shelves as headboards of the bed or incorporating a corner storage bed.

Using Corner Bed Ideas & Types Of Beds

Corner Bed

Now that we are clear about the functionalities of corner beds, let’s take a look at a few corner bed ideas for different types of users and rooms.

Corner Bed Ideas For Children’s Room

This is one room that must have a corner bed as the child would need the maximum space available in the room to use as a play area. One can even have a corner storage bed in the children’s room. The storage within the corner bed can be an ideal space for everything from the kid’s clothes to their toys. One can completely do away with a closet or a wardrobe if one were to get a corner storage bed.

An excellent variation to this idea is having a corner bunk bed in the house for anyone who wants to goof around or in the case of households with two children, have a playful yet safe area for them to just be.

Corner Bed Ideas For Bedroom With Lots Of Windows

One can reap amazing benefits by using the corner where there are cross-ventilated windows. Especially for those with homes facing a valley or the beach, a corner bed near the window can give ample light to make it a cozy place to curl up and read or just lounge by the window listening to the wind.

Corner Bed Ideas For Studio Apartments

If one is constrained for space, such as in the case of studio apartments then it’s best to have a corner bed, especially a corner sofa bed. With a corner sofa bed, what one gets is the flexibility of a fancy décor piece coupled with a large bed when the need for it arises. One can either get the regular corner sofa bed or the L-shaped one which has extensions.

Apart from these places, you can use a corner bed in various places such as a college bedroom, dorm room, etc.

Using Corner Bed Ideas & Tips

Corner Bed

There are a few tips and ideas that one needs to keep in mind while planning for a corner bed, be it a queen corner bed or even corner twin beds.

Let’s deal with corner twin beds first. Nothing works better than corner twin beds in households with two children. Combining beds with storage space, you have the perfect recipe for a small bedroom. Corner twin bed designs also come with a connecting corner hutch or cabinet right where the headboard should be which again can be put to multiple uses.

If you do not want a connected twin bed set up then, there are alternate design plans where the twin beds can be arranged to form an L-shape. Yet another design is where you have the twin beds designed in different heights. So one bed is slightly raised than the others bringing in the novelty factor.

The best way to put a queen corner bed and yet gain access to both sides is to angle the headboard diagonally across two sides of the corner and then position the bed to fill up the entire room in the center. Because the bed’s length sticks out into the room, the user can gain plenty of access from both sides of the bed. This is a risqué design, and should only be tried in a bedroom with enough space for the bed to be put in the center.

In case the bedroom is small, a queen corner bed should be avoided and one should go in for something more hand like a single bed. This is because the queen bed will consume all the space in the bedroom leaving very negligible space for one to move around, let alone have furniture pieces or storage cabinets.

One can even think of replacing the headboard with storage shelves so that one can utilize some more of the space which otherwise would be rendered useless.

Things To remember

Corner Bed ideas

Remember that while installing the corner bed it would be prudent to leave some space around the bed. The reason for this is so that one may find it easy to clean the area underneath as well as on the side closest to the wall. We say this because the area near the bed should be kept extremely clean.

While placing the bed next to wardrobes or cabinets, try and keep a distance of approximately 35 inches between the bed and the other furniture so as to have it easy to open the drawers and shutters of the cabinets or the dressing table.

Choose the corner opposite the bedroom door for placing the corner bed. This is to make it aesthetically pleasing while leaving enough space in one’s bedroom to move around and add some other bedroom essentials.

Another area that is less frequently used is the space behind the corner bed. To give the room and the corner bed a classic look, one can use either a tapestry. One can even use a curtain made of heavy fabric which will act as some cushioning while also muffling the noise level in the room.

One last thing we would like to give you a heads up on is the choice of furniture as with the corner bed taking up space in the bedroom, you might want to customize the furniture to the available space. Choosing slender furniture and low hanging shelves to hold anything from books to table lamps or even your favorite pictures is recommended. This will give both a beautiful look to the bedroom while accentuating the overall feature of the corner bed and enhancing functionality within the bedroom.

In conclusion, we would like to highlight that anyone looking for ideas to install corner beds in their bedroom should definitely give this article a read. Not only will it give you some ready reckoners to plan the total look of the bedroom space but also help one get their heads around which bed to choose and how to place the beds within the room. There are many corner bed ideas, what it needs is the right mindset to see how it integrates perfectly with the requirement of the room and the available space within.

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