Reducing your stress levels at work will make you happier and more productive, according to studies. The latest statistics from the American Institute of Stress reveal that 83% of U.S. workers say their job makes them stressed. But as stress can lead to performance issues, burnout, poor mental health, and an increased number of sick days, you need to get on top of it. Here are some helpful ways to lower stress from taking over your work life.

Utilize your calendar as a way to lower stress

Reduce Stress At Work

Studies have found that planning can lower stress levels, increase productivity, and prevent anxiety. Make a point of planning your entire day and book it into your calendar. This will prevent you from feeling overloaded and will allow you to focus on each task. For example, you could set aside 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon to work on emails. Then block off 2 hours in the morning to work on a big task. 3 pm has been proven to be the best time for meetings, so this is a good time for get-togethers. Remember to put your lunch break on your calendar too.

Take stress relief breaks

Take stress relief

21% of workers say they don’t have enough time during their working days to take proper breaks. Even those that do take lunch breaks typically cut them short. Taking regular micro-breaks is an effective way to beat work-related stress. Studies have even found that 10-minute breaks can reduce your chances of burnout. Learn to recognize the signs of stress, such as feeling fatigued, having a persistent headache, being short of breath, and feeling dizzy. This is when it’s time to take a break. Use this time to identify and eliminate your stressors. Other things you can do include grabbing a nutritious snack, connecting with nature, and seeking help from your support network.

Change your working environment

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Many things can contribute to your stress levels. Perhaps your office is too hot or it’s too noisy. Lighting, layout, ventilation, and a lack of privacy can contribute to your stress levels as well. When you feel things starting to get on top of you, change your working environment. You could book yourself into a meeting room, so you can get on in peace. Otherwise, request a flexible working arrangement with your boss which gives you the option of working from home.

At the End

Workplace stress is a real problem and it’s crucial that you manage it well. These tips are just a few helpful ways to overcome stress in the workplace, but there are lots of other methods you can try too.

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