Setting up a brand might be easy for some, but maintaining its name and integrity isn’t a piece of cake. A strong brand shouldn’t have the whole focus on its logo and package only but also try to give the proper experience to the customer.

Attracting customers is important to have a strong name in the market. And to have a strong name, you need a strong personality, and the way you get it is by including the extra accessories. And so, in this article, we will show you some cool accessories you can include to step up your brand even more. Let’s start!

Tips To Make Your Branding Better

1. Creating Your Custom Business Card

Custom Business Card

Having a business card shouldn’t be just an accessory; it is more of an essential thing in branding. And when making one, put some thought into it instead of slapping a random design on it. Well, having your personal touch in your cards helps people know your brand’s personality and can connect people to it. It also helps to promote your business more efficiently as the words spread around. A cool accessory indeed.

If you don’t want a card, you can always design an online card and attach a QR to the package to ensure customers interact with it. Go all out in this, too; just make sure the code doesn’t tear out due to the excitement of receiving the package! (We’ve all been there… guilty.)

2. Making Personalized Freebies

To start something is the hardest part; getting it out there and making an impact is second. And when these two are successful, prosperity just comes through. See, it is important to keep your customers excited when you’re trying to promote your small business. And how else would they find joy? Free stuff! Of course. And you’ll design it your way.

It’s a cool accessory to make your branding better. Make personalized stickers, candy, merchandise, scrunchies, small gifts, or any item you can include in each order you get. It might be a bit of work, but this act can greatly help you in the long term.

You can even have a reward system for loyal customers, and they can get perks and more freebies, too; it helps them get excited for more and bumps up your brand even further. Consider that a win-win situation!

3. Having Your Own Custom Post-Office Bag

Let’s talk about the whole cake before the cherry on top, your bags! The easiest and the most essential accessory you can include. Having your custom post office bag is important. Not only does it make your overall package stand out, but it also helps promote your brand. You don’t want to make it boring!

You can start by changing the color of the bag, maybe comparing PVC vs polypropylene tapes, and see what works the best in terms of giving you durability. Add cute stickers and a logo, and just make it stand out. Your customer waits for the package for a while, and you want to ensure they feel their money’s worth it from the start, so go for it!

4. Wax Seals

Wax Seals

Since waxes, wax making, and all things wax have gotten so popular lately, you might as well want to include a wax seal too! Get creative with this one. Don’t make similar designs. Make different colors, including gradients, shimmers, and sparkles. Feel like it adds a special touch to the goods you’re selling.

Now, where would you use your wax seals? You can use it to seal bags, letters, or small gift items or maybe have a “thank you” stamp. Your mind can do wonders.

5. Websites!

Okay, before you tell us that websites are not an accessory, you are right. It’s essential. So why include websites here, you ask? Well before, you want to ensure you have a proper and nice-looking website. Now, it could be contradicting the fact that most brands don’t need websites to be out there, but having them is mostly a choice.

Keeping that in mind, ensure the website you build has a character. Make it stand out. Promote your products by talking to a friend, connect to them through your codes and data, and decorate your website with bright or elegant pictures and texts. Having a website just adds a step further to making your small business become profitable!

Let’s Talk About Some Limitations


Of course, you can have all these accessories, but there is a fine line between making it chic and straight-up annoying; here’s how.

  • Make sure your designs are not too crowded. Try to keep it as simple as you can. Of course, it is your choice to design the way you want but that’s a friendly warning to keep in mind.
  • Always think outside the box but add your personal touch too. When it comes to adding accessories, make sure they are unique. However, make that brand connection too. For example, if you’re creating a coffee brand, you might make a sticker of a weird coffee man but don’t lose its elegance in the process.
  • Don’t make your accessory too repetitive. This is just our personal opinion, but to put it simply, try to surprise your customers with new packaging, freebies, or cards. Or you can just keep it the same. All up to you!
  • Keep accessories keeping in mind who you’re catering to. This is important because if you’re a kid-friendly brandy, you don’t want to be too explicit. Keep a healthy balance and think according to who you’re promoting. It helps you think easier when having your accessories.


And there you have it, all the accessories you need to step up your business even more. One thing to note here is that you don’t HAVE to keep them, and you’re always welcome to come up with your own accessory. After all, it is your brand. It can be nerve-wracking to start out and face the big challenges in growing businesses, but it all gets easier with patience and hard work.

Anyways, that is all for today. Let us know some of the cool accessories you included in your brand or some that you spotted other brands using! Thank you for reading!

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