TradingView is one of the best tools to utilize alongside your broker to make the most out of your trading experience. If you’re not completely familiar with TradingView, we have some of the key benefits that using TradingView can bring to your trading experience.

Features of TradingView

Technical Traders

TradingView is perhaps the most advanced charting platform available for traders, enabling users to create interactive charts that display price action on whatever market they choose. tradingview can be used to monitor your portfolio, follow any price movements that occur in major currencies, and chart your stocks. When it comes to using this amazing tool, the intimidation that comes with the trading world is completely removed. Completing any proper education combined with a passion for trading, you will be as good as the pros in no time at all using TradingView.

Multiple Charts

TradingView allows you to view two charts concurrently, giving you the ability to compare the performance of two assets side by side or relative to each other. By analyzing multiple charts, you can uncover trends that may not be immediately apparent from just one chart. This feature offers several opportunities to optimize your trading experience. You can tailor the layout of your charts by incorporating trend lines and setting alerts to enhance your analysis.


Using Indicators in TradingView

To utilize indicators on TradingView, begin by selecting the “Indicators, Metrics & Strategies” switch located at the head of your screen. Once clicked, a small box will appear containing all the available choices for indicators categorized accordingly. Click on the “Technicals” section to expand and reveal a list of technical indicators. This is where you can determine the most suitable indicator that aligns with your individual trading requirements. Additionally, you can utilize the “Search Indicator” bar located at the top right corner of the screen to look for a specific indicator. If you require the use of custom indicators, you can navigate to the “Community Scripts” option to find more advanced indicator.

Here are some of the key points you should consider when adding indicators:

  • It is easy to lose money when you use only one indicator. In order to get into the market, you need to see several valid signals.
  • Use fewer indicators together – you don’t want to cause confusion or make data analysis difficult by using too many indicators together. A maximum of three indicators at a time should be used if you plan to use more than three.
  • It is crucial to select indicators based on their intended purpose. Keep in mind that certain patterns may be more effectively detected by examining current trends, while others may necessitate the use of an indicator to recognize those trends.

Paper Trading

Everybody wants to figure out the market without putting any of their hard-earned money into it. Creating an understanding of the market is essential if you want to stand a chance of making a considerable profit. TradingView has the perfect solution for this: Paper Trading. With Paper Trading, you get all the actions and changes of the market without using real money.

TradingView investors are given a simulated environment that supports varying currencies, which is a huge benefit. With Paper Trading, you can track your losses and gains without risking any of your own capital or breaking any laws. Using Paper Trading you can learn a lot about how the platform works and how to use technical analysis properly for making trades.

To begin with, you should start with a smaller balance. For example, if you are looking to put in $10,000 on the market, you should begin by paper trading with the same amount or less. You want to make your simulated experience as close to a real-time experience as possible so that when you begin trading with your own money you won’t become overwhelmed by the number of changes.

To make trades faster you should enable the buy and sell buttons on the screen. Commission settings can also be changed in TradingView, which will show you how much cash you will make from a successful trade. To make this commission more real-world-like, check with your broker about what they take as a commission. Doing this will remove any nasty surprises when it comes to using your own money.

trading experience

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to optimize your trading experience, incorporating these tips can set you on the path towards becoming a successful trader. Whether your goal is to learn trading techniques, maximize the potential of technical analysis, or stay updated on current market trends, TradingView is an excellent starting point. With TradingView, users can easily enhance their trading performance and increase their profits, while also gaining access to a vast network and community of fellow users, offering a wealth of knowledge and shared experiences.

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