In today’s world, having an adequate level of financial literacy is critical. From understanding your credit score to investing and saving to planning for retirement, financial literacy is key to success.

Managing your personal finance and understanding the stock market can be key to your financial success.

Many are learning from a host of popular financial influencers about stock market tips, investing, and other important personal finance areas from investment influencers, investing podcasts, and stock market influencers.

Wondering who you should follow to learn more? Read on to learn about the three hot financial influencers you should be following.

1. Andrei Jikh

hot financial influencers

You can get to know Andrei Jikh on YouTube, along with his other two million followers. Jikh shares his financial knowledge in the areas of:

While you might learn a lot about financial affairs, Jikh likes to make fun, too, with a card trick or two thrown in the mix.

After years of investing, Jikh’s portfolio grew in size enough for him to quit his day job and build his YouTube platform full-time.

He openly shares about his wealth and how it’s growing, which can work as inspiration for his followers aspiring to do the same. He has a variety of passive income streams, which he shares about openly.

Followers can watch his video titled How to Become a Millionaire in One Year for his tips on building wealth.

2. Ken Okoroafor

hot influencers

Ken Okoroafor is the brains behind the accounts called The Humble Penny. Okoroafor worked his own plan and was able to achieve his financial independence by the age of 34.

His account is great for the family looking to address the family’s budget and finances. On Instagram, he hosts the 5 am club to study financial literacy and how to make money and bring joy into your life.

The Humble Penny offers online one-to-one mentoring, group mastermind training, and a unique mentorship program for those interested.

His goal is to teach followers how to invest, build wealth and earn passive income.

3. Jason Butler


Jason Butler is a well-known financial guru. Part of his knowledge poses questions to followers like:

  • “Are you stealing from your future?”
  • “Feel like a money failure?”

He then goes on to teach how the changes you make in your financial life can also change the way your bank account looks.

He has built his following as a global financial well-being expert, an author, a columnist, and a professional speaker.

You can find him on YouTube at Real Money Stories. An important part of his financial advice is connected to making intentional decisions.

Learn from These Financial Influencers Today

Financial influencers use their expertise to teach and guide those who feel less financially literate. It’s a great way to gain insight into the world of finance using technology at your fingertips.

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