The field of technology has tapped into advancement; from teenagers to adults, every individual has found an escape in the Internet.  Cisco’s technology hub situated in Rolle, Vaud hosted an information night glorifying Second Life and recommending that everyone take a shot at it. Second Life is a virtual environment created to teleport you into a new society. I personally never believed in the idea of living a double life but now that i get to live it, consider me intrigued.

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between living in an online reality vs the actual reality, it’s simply the fact that you don’t control yourself with the tap of a mouse and suddenly you’re not afraid to showcase your true personality. It’s puzzling and yet fascinating how hardworking individuals use the platform as a source of stress relief. The question that arises from this paradox is Why spend time on a virtual world instead of with a bottle of wine cracked open?

There’s one way to figure out the enigma, to live the experience.

  1. Logging in, the line between the two realities becomes a blur as the first thing you see is payment, but I guess you pay for therapy so it should make sense. Second Life is a free virtual world, so points for that. With over 30,000 strangers online and a surprising $1 million spent in the span of 24 hours, sense and logic have not been much of an accomplice on this journey, however consider my curiosity piqued.
  2. Once you’re in there’s not turning back, you’re now part of a world that ironically represents the things you fear the most in real life, they throw you into the game with the expectations of having your character socialize. It’s a good thing this world doesn’t need my confidence to talk but just type.
  3. I get to select my own name and have a second name generated and attached to me. It’s time to take risks.
  4. My character and I are met with confusion when they ask for my real date of birth, isn’t my character technically born the day I register?
  5. They proceed to ask for my actual location and i’m tempted to live out my fantasy of virtual life here and bluff – maybe say I’m Peter Pan from Neverland. Ah, the tab for payment has finally caught up with me, if I dared to own a land and start a business, but I think I prefer my cash a little more in my pocket and a little less virtual.
  6. I’m in, I’ve dealt with the downloading procedure and gone through the scam of paying money to live life on a computer.

As computerized as Second Life seems, it offers a lot of real life problems like the constant errors or the fact that I forgot the key to my own person. Even though a world that is carefree seems tempting, I’d rather breathe in the fresh air and feel the waves of the beach.

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