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  • Interio, Vernier, Geneva Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and 2 ceramic dispensers, CHF12. A pretty gift set for a price hard to find in this high end store. Also under CHF15, a bamboo plate & nut cracker set, designer’s pasta and a small stainless steel olive oil dispenser with a bottle of olive oil. (Suggested by Laila Rodriguez, 19 December).
  • Caritas, Geneva Christmas decorations, CHF3 and up. Stock up on all kinds of Christmas decorations. Nativity scenes and even some Christmas trees are 50% off (Suggested by Laila Rodriguez, 16 December)
  • Marche Petits Prix at Planete Charmille Mall, Geneva, Nice looking bra & bikini sets, CHF8. This newly opened store has plenty of bargains to offer.  Some items would make perfect stocking stuffers while others, like a little mechanic Santa that drops his trousers and rubs his belly (CHF12) will leave you laughing! (Suggested by Francisco, 12 December)
  • Botanic, France, plastic place mats, (€5.20). Sold in newsagents’ stores in France voisine they are a bright addition to any breakfast or barbecue table. The place mats are a welcome touch of the Alps for relatives abroad, and ideal where there are sticky-fingered children. Known as sets de table, they range from evocative views of the Mont Blanc ridge and Alpine flowers to reproductions of the work of artists featured at the Pierre Gianadda Foundation in Martigny. (Suggested by Shirley Curran, 10 December)
  • Conforama Geneva, nativity scene, CHF12. A cute ensemble of 6 figurines nicely arranged inside a small wood stable.  Small enough to be placed on a table. (Suggested by Gabriela, 9 December) 
  • Interio Morges, Vaud, frogs and other sweet little creatures, perfect as stocking stuffers or as presents for children to give each other. CHF2. Also a series of fun bathroom items such as soap holders in vivid colours for under CHF10. These are right near the coffee and cakes area, which eases the hard work of shopping. (Suggested by Ellen Wallace, 2 December)
  • Montreux Christmas market, Merveilles de Bohême stand. Homemade ceramic tree decorations. CHF4. Variety of ceramic objects for higher prices includes ceramic spoon holders for CHF46. (Suggested by Catherine Nelson-Pollard, 1 December)

Be sure to visit the Christmas shopping guide photo album

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  • Swiss Post online, Appenzeller Biber, CHF29.50 Buy any of the original Swiss chocolate creations that can be bought online and have them shipped anywhere in the world. (Suggested by LR, 15 December)
  • Tout Feu – Tout Flamme, Geneva & Lausanne, Candles all sizes, shapes & aromas. A candle and decoration store. It specializes in scented candles but some of them are almost ‘art pieces’ perfect to compliment the decor of your home.  Lots of models and a wide range of prices. Service is so wonderful that you are greeted with a cup of tea.  (Suggested by Ania, 11 December)
  • Cheap Prices at Charmille Mall, Geneva, men’s & women’s leather belts, CHF16 & CH25. Good quality belts in brown & black at low prices. All sizes. (Suggested by LR, 10 December)
  • Entrance of Interio & Carrefour, Vernier, Geneva. A poem, your name or any thought you might have written in Chinese calligraphy and on silk paper. A different gift idea that will cost you CHF25 and up depending on size and work required. (Suggested by Gabriela, 8 December) 
  • L’Outlet Center, Aubonne, Vaud, turkey baster by Xyliss. CHF39. Anything by this Lucern-based company, also known as Zyliss, is popular with people who like to cook because the quality of the Swiss-designed kitchen implements is hard to beat, but the turkey baster is a real winner, with a brush inside that gets rid of the usual mess. (Suggested by EW, 6 December).To see a picture of this item go to the Christmas shopping guide photo album.
  • The Reading Duck Bookshop, Nyon, book “How Santa really works”, CHF18.90. A funny children’s book with illustrations perfect for this time of year.  From a brand new children’s bookshop. To see a picture of this item go to the Christmas shopping guide photo album.

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The New Statesman, online, Two for One gift, £39.99 The New Statesman has a Christmas gift offer of half a year’s subscription. For each gift subscription, the magazine will donate £7 to Water Aid an NGO dedicated to the provision of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education in poor communities. (Suggested by Shirley Curran, 11 December)

  • Tristan, Chocolatier, Bougy-Villars, Vaud: CHF70 for Christmas chocolate packets with “Noel” written in chocolate. There is excellent Swiss chocolate and then there is Tristan, in a category of his own, whose passionate followers order from as far away as Japan. Smaller packets go as low in price as CHF10, but it’s hard to leave the store spending only that. (EW, 10 December)
  • Friends of India, online: pay CHF125 for a cow in India, part of an assisted microcredit scheme that works with women in self-help groups. You name the cow and a gift card goes to the recipient of your gift, who will also learn about the beneficiary of your donation. A cow and its calf costs CHF300 so the women borrow the difference. (suggested by anon, 10 December)
  • Boutique Angelika Chollet, Nyon, Funky Slippers, CHF75. Slippers can be a bit of a cliché as a gift for Christmas, but these felt funky ones from would make a welcome gift. (Suggested by Catherine Nelson-Pollard, 5 December). To see a picture of this item go to the Christmas shopping guide photo album.
  • Schilliger Garden Center, Gland, Vaud: wooden toy bow and arrow, CHF49. For children of parents who don’t worry about weaponry, part of a set of wonderful Robin Hood and Maid Marion costumes that includes suits of armour with great helmets for CHF32.50. (Suggested by EW, 5 December). To see a picture of this item go to the Christmas shopping guide photo album.
  • Alinghi, online, Men’s Lightweight Fixed Hood Windbreaker, CHF71.60. A red cheery windbreaker. Additional discounts with a purchase of CHF100 or more or if you sign up for Alinghi’s newsletter.

Be sure to visit the Christmas shopping guide photo album

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The sky’s the limit!

  • Pierrette Gonseth-Favre’s baroque necklaces, CHF1100 to CHF1500. In exhibit and sale at Comme Dans un Reve, Carouge, Geneva. These unique and breathtaking pieces created by the sculptor and painter make use of American brooches from the 1950’s collected by the artist herself. (Suggested by Carol Dolorier de Haller, 13 December). To see a picture of this item go to the Christmas shopping guide photo album.
  • Bignens Vins, Geneva, christmas gift baskets, CHF 195 and up. Forget the pop corn and instead uncork the wine and the champagne or nibble on fine chocolate. If not interested in a gift basket how about a 1933 Bas Armagnac for CHF690. On-line shopping and home delivery offered as well. (Suggested by LR, 10 December)
  • Les Meubles de Laure, Lausanne. Interactive, custom made, eco-friendly furniture. CHFSky is the limit! Plasm your own ideas into unique furniture or purchase any of Laure Giacobino’s design. (Suggested by Gabriela, 9 December)
  • Globus Geneva, suitcase in lovely red orange colour and finish that feels like silk. CHF249. It holds a lot but fits the carry-on restrictions and stands out in a sea of black bags in case you decide to check it in. (Suggested by EW, 4 December). To see a picture of this item go to the Christmas shopping guide photo album.
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