The holiday season is just around the corner, the spirit of Christmas has wrapped everyone in love and joy. While children are caroling and the adults are playing Santa Claus, the holiday cheer has got everyone dressed up in their finest suits and dresses waiting to give presents to the loved ones. If you’re in search of the perfect Christmas gift, we’ve got your back. Our list covers a series of price ranges so don’t worry about falling short.

Price Range: CHF0-15

  • A  basket from Interio that includes Geneva Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar paired with ceramic dispensers or a set of plates made from bamboo, a nutcracker set tied together with a bottle of olive oil.
  • Plastic placemats with gorgeous views sent from Botanic, France. They are a great addition to any outdoor picnic and can brighten up even a simple breakfast at home with your loved ones.
  • A nativity scene-based gift from Canforama that consists of all the figurines needed to build an orchestrated scene representing the birth of Christ, the pieces are sized appropriately to decorate around a table.
  • A fun store in Vaud – Interio Morges that has the best presents to hide in stockings. From frogs and adorable animals for the kids to the soothing colors of soap holders and other bathroom decors for the adults, the store covers all ages and is an easy pit stop to get gifts for all.

Price Range: CHF16-50

  • The extraordinary taste of melting Swiss chocolates from Appenzeller Biber can be delivered to the doorstep of your dearest, connecting you from far apart.
  • Aesthetic candles to decorate homes with fragrant aromas from Tout Feu.
  • A personalized rhyme written by you in Chinese lettering on a smooth silk sheet from Interio and Carrefour.
  • A publication on the works of Santa from the children’s store – The Reading Duck Bookshop has the ultimate combination of pictures and stories that will enthuse the little ones.

Price Range: Boundless!

  • Extravagant ornaments from Pierrette Gonseth-Favre. The stunning pieces handmade with love and precision will take the breath away of your dear one.
  • The gift of quiet personal night with a hamper from Bigenens Vins accompanied by the bubbly and refreshing cocoa.

It is important to remember to give back to society and contribute to those in need.

  • An unconventional yet thoughtful gift that involves the naming of a cow in the country India, the receiver will be delivered a note of the gift that will contain detailed information on how the present possessed by them directly promotes the women in self-supporting institutes.
  • The NewStatesman recommends the two for one Christmas package. For every individual endowment, a donation will be contributed by the journal to an NGO namely Water Aid, that is dedicated to providing drinkable water and other medical and education-based resources.

If you find yourself in trouble with no time to search for a gift, always remember the best present is simply a warm hug with a side of hot cocoa.

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