A perfect Sunday in St Prex ticket comes with our media sponsorship of the St Prex Festival, which offers two tickets for the 11:00 concert. Tickets to the concert sell for SFr35 each.

At St Prex Roman church, the public can attend three concerts during the festival.

  • At about 11:00, “Les Danses du Monde” with violinist Alexandru Petrascu and pianist Atena Carte (entry SFr35).
  • At 14:00, violinist Dorothee Node-Langlois and pianist Yuka Fujii perform sonatas by Bach and Ravel. (with free entry).
  • A warm reception for concert-goers and appetizers at the home of festival founder Hazeline Van Swaay will commence at 18:00.

In the event that concludes with a free concert on Sunday 2 September at 15:00-16:00, Wings Projects Art Space owner Victoria Preston offers visitors a free coffee and an opportunity to view an art exhibition by American painter Justin Richel. A tip for those who walk: The walk from Vieux Bourg will take about 20 minutes one-way, with one relatively steep hill.

There are two easy and enjoyable walks near the village on the lakefront, as well as the town center:

  • The trip takes approximately 30-40 minutes, from Chauchy beach to Coulet.
  • The trip should take about 40-60 minutes total because of the port in Lausanne, the Route Suisse, the railroad line, and the vineyards that are accessible through that railroad underpass. After passing the railroad track, turn right and choose from the shorter or longer paths that wind through the vineyards and orchards.

The Chauchy beach has a few picnic tables and many grassy areas for those who wish to bring some food.

From Geneva or Lausanne, St Prex is easily accessible by train. It is approximately 5-7 minutes away by car from the Morges and Aubonne autoroute exits.

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