Bern, Switzerland – Diego Mathier of Adrian Mathier Nouveau Salquenen in Salquenen, near Sire, was honored with the first award for Swiss Winemaker of the year on Friday evening. The Grand Prix du Vin Suisse is presented for the first time by Vinum, Switzerland’s wine magazine. Wine events managed by Vinea include the Mondial du Pinot Noir, the world’s top competition for Pinot Noir.

Two years ago, the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse was created to promote Swiss wines that always market themselves by cantons or even communes. The principal aim is to draw attention to the impressive variety of grapes used in winemaking in Switzerland and help the public become familiar with Swiss wines. In addition to the many microclimates and the various geographical profiling, the country is known for producing far more varieties of wine than most wine-producing countries.

Six of Mathier’s bottles were recognized for excellence and earned the producer more points than any other producer.

The cellar’s Pinot Noir and rose wines were named top wines, and one came in second place. Each of the four others was awarded the summa cum laude diploma. Mathier received a mechanical Chopard “Sport” watch.

Here is the complete list of awards:


  • Pierre-Luc Leyvraz, Chexbres VD, won the first place at St-Saphorin les Blassinges in 2006
  • The Second place winner was Robert Taramarcaz, Domaine des Muses, Sierre VS
  • The third place wine is the Fendant de Vétroz Grand Cru 2006, Raphael Vergère-Genoud, at Vétroz VS.


  1. Muller-Thurgau Auslese Osterfingen 2006, Jakob Richli & Heidi Steiner, Weingut Lindenhof, Osterfingen SH
  2. Riesling-Sylvaner Turmgut Erlenbach 2006, Barbara & Markus Weber
  3. Müller-Thurgau Osterfingen 2006, Jakob Richli & Heidi Steiner, Weingut Lindenhof, Osterfingen SH

Other single grape wines:

  • 1st – Petite Arvine Corin-sur-Sierre 2006, Raymond and Christophe Rey, Corin-sur-Sierre VS
  • 2nd – Petit Arvine Maitre de Chais 2006,Provins, Sion VS
  • Third – Viognier 2006, Dominique Passaquay, Outre-Vièze/Monthey VS

Blended white wines and flavored wines

  • First – Muscat 2006, Michel Boven, Cave Ardévaz, Chamoson VS
  • Second – Quarteto Iselisberg 2006, Weingut Roland und Karin Lenz, Uesslingen-Buch TG
  • Third – Scheurebe de Dardagny 2006, Marc Ramu, Domaine des Pins, Dardagny GE

Sweet wines (8gr/liter, residual)

  • First – Malvoise fletrie 2006, Yvon Cheseaux, Cave des Remparts, Saillon VS
  • 2nd-Canton of Genève Gewürztraminer Vintage 2005, Coteau de Lully Vignoble de l’État, Bernex GE
  • The 3rd place winner was the Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive Récolte Sainte Catherine 2005, Villeneuve Clos du Chatelard, Hammel SA, Rolle VD.
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