Do you aspire to be one of the 236 transportation companies with over $100 million in annual revenue? If you’re setting the bar high for your business — and you should — then you’ll need a better fleet management system. One way you can jumpstart this process is by investing in GPS tracking.

Read on to learn how GPS vehicle tracking can help you manage your fleet more efficiently!

GPS Tracking Offers Vehicle Security

GPS Tracking

Have you dealt with stolen vehicles in your fleet? A small GPS tracker will be a discrete way to track where your vehicles travel — and with whom.

You can set parameters on your GPS tracking device to trigger an alarm when a vehicle is driven beyond a certain radius. Similarly, you can set alarms to go off when a vehicle is driven after hours.

You’ll get notified and can alert the authorities. And with the device’s built-in location detection, there’s a better chance they can track down your vehicle!

Streamline Your Operation

With a GPS tracker for vehicles, you’ll improve operational costs. For instance, you can see how often and long a vehicle idles and wastes fuel. If idling is a frequent problem, you may need to find another task for your driver.

You also can track routes and determine if there are places to tweak them for more efficient driving. You might be able to bypass toll roads and save money. Or you might want to cinch in the radius of deliveries to save fuel. Fuel cards are an alternative payment method that helps you manage vehicles’ fuel costs.

Because you can track miles and the types of routes your vehicles travel, it’s also easier to anticipate maintenance needs. You can set alerts for routine maintenance checks at mileage points. But if you have a few fleet vehicles that have taken rougher routes, they might be due for brake checks or tire alignments sooner.

Fleet Tracking

Improve Employee Performance with Fleet Tracking

Are your employees responsible for taking vehicles in for maintenance? With GPS tracking, you can determine if this is actually happening. And drivers can get alerts if they’re speeding and consuming fuel at a fast rate.

With GPS, you can track indicators of poor driver performance, like sudden braking and phone use. In other words, you’ll be able to hold your employees accountable for their actions. On top of that, if an accident happens, it will be much easier to find the wrecked vehicle and provide needed support.

Collect Data to Grow Your Business

When you use a vehicle tracking device, ultimately you’re collecting data about each vehicle in your fleet. You can generate reports that show the mileage and hours that a vehicle has been used.

vehicle tracking device

Review these reports at quarterly meetings with your leadership team to determine changes. For example, you might discover that your entire fleet is nearing the end of its usable life. And because of this, it might be time to set aside more money for replacement vehicles.

Use Vehicle Tracking

Investing in vehicle tracking is one of the best moves you can make for your business. You’ll boost security and efficiency for your fleet. And you’ll gather data to inform maintenance and employee evaluations.

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