The legal profession is one that is desired by many. Being able to represent people from all walks of life surely provides a sense of fulfillment that no other profession can. From helping someone get off DUI charges, settling an ongoing feud between families, or giving a person the justice that he so deserves, representing people and giving them what they deserve in the eyes of the law is something that cannot be matched by anything else. Yet, at the same time, both those aspiring to become a lawyer and beyond recognize there is a great deal of work and effort required to become a lawyer.

Do not let this put you off! Being a lawyer can be incredibly fulfilling and is worth the hard work in the long run. So, are you considering a career in the legal profession? Read on to discover all you need to know about becoming a lawyer.

Complete Basic Training to Become a Lawyer

Complete Basic Training

Like most lawyer training across the globe, prospective lawyers in America should be prepared to face a long journey. Following four years of undergraduate study, you will need to spend a further three years at a law school.

When completing your years at law school, you will need to be prepared to undertake a set of exams that are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). Before attending law school, anyone interested in pursuing a law degree should attain some experience in the years prior and complete the LSAT exam before admission.

While it is not essential to your ongoing studies, it provides you with relevant experience in the field and enables you to develop a network; the law firm you complete work experience with could offer you employment in the future.

Attain a Job

Attain a Job

This can be a lot easier said than done. Applying for jobs in this day and age seems like a continuous uphill climb, but there are plenty of tools and resources out there that can help you achieve this. First, explore the available vacancies in your local area while assessing whether you would be willing to relocate for work. If you are happy to, then make sure to research available positions in those areas too.

It is worth noting that different states have different law jurisdictions; make sure you are qualified to practice in your chosen state.

Once you have secured a position with a law firm, make sure you have everything in place to begin your career freely. First, consult with your chosen law firm to ascertain when you will be registered with their lawyer insurance as an organization. This is a must, for it protects you against any possible lawsuits and other legal action taken against the firm itself.

Final Note

getting a job as a lawyer

One final note to mention is to expect to shadow or work alongside a more senior law firm member when first setting out. While this might appear tedious at first – especially if you want to set out yourself – it is critical to your ongoing training and development. In addition, you will be learning on the job, for the studying does not cease following your bar exams!

While this was a short yet sweet guide to getting a job as a lawyer, we hope it has left you with some inspiration on what you must do to get the ball rolling. Whether you have yet to decide what career you want or intend to make a career change in the coming weeks or months, we wish you the best of luck!

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