If you are planning to create a home interiors catalog for your business or want to know how the home interiors catalog is made, this guide is for you. We’ve created helpful information; for instance, the layout of a catalog or how you can display the product description, the types of photographs you should use, and so on.

Since a product catalog is crucial for a business, one needs to pay extra attention while creating this. The more your catalog is creative, the more it can grab your customer’s attention. Any catalog can help your business to sell more.

Let’s discuss what you should include in a home interiors catalog.

What Should Be Included In The Catalog?

As we mentioned above, a catalog can grab your customer’s attention. So, you must ensure that you include all the product details properly. Now let’s discuss what you need to add to the catalog to make it more appealing.

Product Pictures

Home Interiors Catalog

The catalog should include each product’s picture with the name and short descriptions. Make sure you use sharp, clear, high-quality images. At the same time, share the size of each product and where they would fit the most.


An interior catalog should also include the features of a product. What is the convenient layout, and what is the color spectrum? Whether the interiors are environment friendly or not.


Also, make sure to add the exact price of each product. This helps your customer determine whether the product fits their budget range. Don’t forget to add this to the catalog.


What is the material of each product? Do they offer any warranty guarantee? Is there any return policy? This information needs to be included in the catalog.

Generally, for people who frequently change the interior, the durability of products is not that much necessary. But people who want to keep the same designs for years are concerned about the durability of products.

Hence, the catalog needs to include material durability.

Care Instructions

Care instructions are another essential part of a catalog. Your business catalog needs to add how to take care of the product you are selling. When you add the care directions, this makes your potential customer reliable to your business.

Customer Reviews

Add your customer reviews to the catalog. The customer review section is social proof, creates customer loyalty, and adds credibility to your business. It helps your business to stand out from others.

In a business catalog, make sure you include all those things.

How To Create A Home Interiors Catalog

As you already know, what should you include in a catalog? Now, let’s discuss how to build a catchy catalog.

Collect All Data

Home Interiors Catalog

The first thing you need to do is store all information regarding your business. For example, the company’s information, pictures, product price range, dimensions, material, customer reviews, features, etc.

Gather all the information in one place so that you can easily design your catalog.

Remember that the picture plays a vital role in converting a person into a buyer. Hence, concentrate on high-quality photos of each product.

Furthermore, you must properly decide the brand color and the suitable fonts to create a consistent on-brand catalog.

Create The Structure And Layout

The next step is creating a catalog structure when you have all the necessary information.

When it comes to structuring your catalog, you should create an eye catchy one so that it leads the audience to make the purchase.

Add the newest and most popular products since most people do not go through the whole page.

The basic layout of a catalog is as follows-

  • Front Cover
  • Introductory Page
  • Table of Content
  • Chapter Separator
  • Call to Action
  • Back Cover.

Whatever design you choose, this should be easy to read and understandable to the readers. Keep the sentences short, and use proper tone, flow, and bullet points.

Design The Catalog

Balance both offline and online catalogs in terms of design. You need to think about how you can make two catalog complements each other if you want to use an offline product catalog for the online catalog.

For example, an offline catalog is easier to read and gives a precise overview of products. Besides, the online catalog delivers up-to-date information about the product that deep dives into the customer.

Thus, while designing the catalog, you must consider the design properly after creating the layout or structure.

Once you gather information and select the design, you can print the catalog or publish it on your website. Before printing the catalog, check it to ensure you add all the information. The color and fonts should match the design, etc.

Home Interiors Catalog: Home Interior Products To Include

Well, you have an idea of how to build a catchy home interiors catalog. Now, let’s jump into the discussion of home interior products. There are many products available that can make your home the coziest place to live.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great source of getting oxygen. Add some indoor plants in stylish vessels.

Wall Decor

Decor your wall with some pieces of artwork or paintings that you love. Make sure the art matches the wall color and the furniture as well.


Books reflect your personality. Keep some books on the coffee table or bookshelf or bedside table, or wherever you think it suits perfectly.


Add rugs to add warmth to your feet. Usually, rugs help soften the floor, and when adding a bold color rug will add a nice vibe to your room.



Mirrors create an illusion in any large room if you place them strategically. It also provides calmness to your home.

Other home interior products are pinboards, timber decor, cushions, candles, crystal, stool, game boards, trays, floor lamps, watering can, etc.

A catalog is a must for a business to categorize every detail. This helps your potential customer make a decision that improves the sales process. It enhances user experience, builds brand awareness, smooths the flow of information, and aligns the internal process. While creating the home interiors catalog, keep it simple and share only essential information.

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