This is a question many young people ask themselves. They might have a hard time here because it is rather difficult to find a job at a young age.

First, many employers require work experience that students typically do not have. Secondly, the student has to combine projects and study, often sacrificing one for the other. But after all, it’s better to have a job than constantly be in hot water, don’t you agree?

If you are looking for ways to become a financially independent student (best case scenario), read our article. It describes effective methods that will help you improve your financial situation.

You might be worried about how to find time for a job when you have so many assignments at university. But hey, you can always tell yourself: “I can pay someone to write my paper on EssayPro if I start earning money.” So, getting a job might be very beneficial during your school years.

Tips To Earn Money As A Student

Sites For Freelancers

Sites For Freelancers

A freelancer is a person who works for themselves on different projects. As a rule, this is a narrow specialist who performs certain tasks. On the internet, you can find many sites for those who want to have a remote job. If you are wondering how to do that, enter “freelance exchange” in the search bar. Copywriters, SEO specialists, designers, retouchers, programmers, typewriters, video editors, and other web specialists usually work on such sites.

To begin with, you need to register on the sites that you like and post your portfolio (if you already have examples of your projects). Gradually, you will find regular customers. It may be difficult in the first months, but put in the proper effort, and you will be able to earn money normally.

  • absence of a grumpy boss;
  • you choose when and how much to work;
  • the opportunity to gain invaluable experience;
  • work directly from home/dormitory: no need to spend time and money on commuting;
  • a large number of tasks for specialists of various levels;
  • easy to combine with studies.
  • a very high level of competition, especially in areas that are relatively easy to master;
  • no fixed rate: if you don’t take up tasks, you won’t get anything;
  • lack of paid vacation and sick leave;
  • it is difficult to take the first order for a beginner without a portfolio.

The point is simple: there is a customer who is looking for an executor for a certain task. Several performers respond to the customer’s application, and the customer later chooses the candidate they like. Thus, by regularly fulfilling orders, you can earn enough money to pay the bills. Everything will depend on what you can do and how well.

Fast Food Establishments

Another way is to work part-time in the nearest bistro. Fast food cafes are happy to hire students. This means that they will immediately offer you a flexible schedule with the possibility of combining work and study. Fast food establishments do not require work experience. To start working, look for job openings in establishments you like, approach the company manager or visit its website to find employment information.

  • low entry threshold;
  • acceptable salary level for a student;
  • large team consisting of young people;
  • flexible schedule that allows you to combine college and bistro.
  • physically exhausting (you will be on your feet the entire shift);
  • irregular working week: it is not uncommon to have to go on a shift on Saturdays and Sundays;
  • you will have to pay out of pocket for negatives at the cash register.

Courier Delivery

Courier Delivery

What if working from home or standing at the cash register is too static for you? How else can you earn money if you are a student? Get a job as a courier for one of the food delivery services. Such companies might be a good way to make more money at college as they usually do not require previous experience. There are offers on the labor market both for foot couriers and for those who have a driver’s license.

How to start making money as a courier? It is enough to browse job sites: couriers are on demand all the time. The work is simple but with its own nuances, which is why there is a constant turnover of personnel in this niche.

  • health benefits: hiking has a positive effect on well-being;
  • quite acceptable earnings;
  • opportunity to explore the city well;
  • earn more thanks to tips from customers;
  • flexible schedule: in 24-hour services, you can even work at night.
  • Physically difficult (for those who are not used to cardio loads);
  • This method of earning is unlikely to suit women;
  • It is necessary to navigate the city (it is very difficult for newcomers);
  • Force majeure is possible: if you, for example, drop food on the floor, you will have to pay for it yourself;
  • There are often misunderstandings with clients for various reasons;
  • Will have to perform delivery even in bad weather.

Call Centers

Call Centers

Many large companies have call centers. They are responsible for answering customer questions, offering them the services, and working with objections. These positions are mainly held by students. It is worth mentioning that this work is quite difficult emotionally. So turnover is high, and employees are always in demand.

Search for vacancies where freelance call center operators are needed. There are quite a few companies that offer remote earnings. It is impossible to predict the operator’s income. Maybe you can save some money for a trip on vacation or just earn a few extra bucks. Some organizations pay a flat rate, while others pay +% of sales.

  • physically easy;
  • permanent bonuses for the execution of the plan;
  • the possibility of high earnings from sales commissions;
  • flexible schedule with the possibility of combining work and study.
  • emotionally exhausting;
  • monotony: you will have to repeat memorized phrases over and over again.

Starting A Business

Well, the last direction of earning for students on this list is the most promising and profitable. It is the creation of one’s own business. However, an important nuance should be taken into account here: students, as a rule, do not have a start-up capital. Or its size is very small, so you need to consider a business that does not require large investments.


It is possible that you will have to put in a lot of effort and strength. Yes, combining work and study is difficult, so you must be prepared for sleepless nights in advance. There is a high probability that such a schedule will not affect success in the best way. But no one said it would be easy.

If you think it is easy to make money as a student, we recommend that you take off your rose-colored glasses. It will always and everywhere be difficult for a specialist without experience. But there is one big plus: the sooner you start working and understand the value of money, the faster you will come to success and financial well-being.

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