As per the new census figures, almost 22 million Americans have chosen to live in mobile homes. So, you might be wondering why and when this cheap option of housing became so popular. Well, the main object for its popularity is the affordability and the lower cost of maintenance required by a mobile home. In this article, we discussed how to find mobile home sales near me.

As per the data collected by, the culture of mobile homes is seen as more prevalent in the states of Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas. Usually, people think that a person having a financial issue will opt to live in a mobile home, but this is not entirely true because not everyone is poor.

Manufactured Housing Institute stated that approximately 57 percent of the individuals owning a mobile home have full-time jobs. At the same time, almost 23 percent of the heads of the mobile homes households are retired.

If you have decided to buy a mobile home, you might want to know how to find mobile home sales near me. You can order a ready-made mobile home or order a customized home according to your preferences. If you are new to the investment, then it is advised that you must have prior knowledge about the family needs, amount of money required and buying power, etc.

Here in this article, we gather all the necessary information related to your query about mobile home sales near me. Before searching for small mobile homes for sale or any other size of mobile home sales near me, you should go through all the pros and cons of a mobile home. Keep reading so that you do not end up making any mistakes while you invest in your dream mobile home.

What Is A Mobile Home?

What is a Mobile Home

Before jumping onto finding mobile home sales near me, we would like to clear out some misconceptions regarding mobile homes. Many people still consider a camper or a log cabin as a mobile home, but they are not the same.

Mobile homes, more commonly known as manufactured homes, are constructed and assembled in a factory. These are then moved to their places with the help of a trailer chassis. People usually position their mobile homes on leased land or in a mobile home park. If you are a mobile proprietor, you can place your mobile home on any piece of land which you own or wish to buy in the future.

Mobile homes can be used as permanent homes, but some people also tend to live in them during their holidays as temporary accommodation. Before going on a search for mobile home sales near me, you might also want to know whether a mobile home can be moved from one place to another as per need. As its name indicates, it is portable, and you can leave it semi-permanently in one place and later place it in another area due to legal reasons.

Mobile homes are quite similar in origin to travel trailers, but they differ in their structure, furnishings, size, and use. A trailer unit is small as compared to modern-day mobile homes and contains permanently attached wheels. You can move the trailer easily as per your need. If we talk about mobile homes, they are larger in size than trailers and are usually permanently installed in any place. They have a masonry foundation so you can move them, but it is very hectic, challenging, and expensive to move mobile homes from one place to another.

New mobile homes may look similar to a built-in home, but certain features distinguish between manufactured brand new mobile homes or other homes. A mobile home is generally the size of 320 square feet. A mobile home is manufactured and built in a factory. In contrast, other houses are made on-site. A mobile home contains a permanent chassis, and it is transported from one place to another as a completely built unit. The federal building code determines how large or small mobile homes are going to be constructed.

Advantages Of Owning A Mobile Home

Advantages of owning a Mobile Home

If you have decided to search for mobile home sales near me or mobile home dealers near me, you would definitely want to know about the benefits one can have while living in a mobile home. Following mentioned is the list of some of the advantages of a mobile home.

  • Lower-Cost Option: The major reason why so many people are turning towards mobile homes is affordability. Since a mobile home costs much less per square foot than a conventional property, people are heading towards a more accessible housing option. The young generation seems to be availing this opportunity and searching for mobile homes for sales near me so that they can spend their hard-earned money on other valuable things as well.
  • Affordable Maintenance And Renovation Cost: If you own a mobile home, you are responsible for the maintenance as well. But since it is not built like a conventional home hence, the renovation cost is also less.
  • Safety And Protection: As you explore new mobile homes for sale, you may also want to know about how safe they are. You would be amazed to know that it is safe to place your mobile home in areas where there is a risk of hurricanes, heavy rain, storms, or other natural disasters. Mobile homes are specifically constructed according to the instructions of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). They have a standard code that the factories have to match in order to ensure safety.
  • Flexibility: People searching for mobile home sales near me are actually looking for a flexible option. Mobile homes are only semi-permanent, so they can be installed on a piece of land for as long as you want. You can remove it in the future and place it in another place of your choice.

Downsides Of A Mobile Home

Since we are helping you search for mobile home sales near me, we are also going to inform you about the disadvantages or difficulties you can face while living in a mobile home. Before investing or going for a search on mobile home sales near me, you must look out for all the pros and cons so that you do not end up in an unexpected situation. Following mentioned are some of the drawbacks of owning a mobile home.

  • Quick Value Depreciation: Like a new car, when it leaves the manufacturing factory and is bought by some individual, its value depreciates. Similar is the case with a mobile home. In comparison, the traditional stick-built home value increases over time. The rise in the value of stick-built houses is the underlying land that the homeowner almost always owns.
  • Personal Property: The mobile home is always your personal property and not real property, so it is not valued like any other piece of land. Real property includes the land and anything built on it permanently. A mobile home comes into the category of personal property because you can move and remove it from the ground without causing any injury to the land.
  • The Burden Of Chattel Loans: If you are looking forward to searching for mobile home sales near me, with a mindset that it will always cost you less, then let me tell you it can be expensive at times. You might have to pay upper-interest rates in the case of higher property loans, also known as chattel loans.
  • Difficult To Resell: If you wish to resell your mobile, it might take you a lot of time to find a potential customer because it can cost many thousand dollars to move a mobile home safely from one place to another. There is a negative stigma around mobile homes as well, which turns off many potential buyers. People usually assume that only poor people live in a mobile home.
  • Prone To Damage: Although a mobile home is constructed to meet up the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) safety standards, they are still vulnerable to damage by natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes, etc.

Types Of Mobile Homes

You can order a customized mobile home while searching for new mobile homes for sale according to your needs. There are generally three types of mobile homes depending upon their size. The first category you will most likely encounter while searching for mobile home sales near me is a single wide mobile home. It usually includes one or two bedrooms and measures around 600 to 13000 square feet.

The next type is Double wide mobile homes which have an average of three bedrooms and 2 to 3 bathrooms. It measures around 2000 to 2500 square feet. The additional feature of a double-wide mobile home is that it has separate dining rooms as well.

Another category of famous mobile homes is triple wide, also known as multi-wide mobile homes. Expect to find more than three bedrooms and two bathrooms in this type of mobile home. There is more space available in it so that you can customize it as per your liking. The average size of a triple wide mobile home is 4500 square feet.

Single Wide Mobile Homes And Doublewide Mobile Home Prices

Single wide Mobile Homes and Doublewide Mobile Home Prices

When you are searching for single wide mobile homes for sale or single wide mobile homes near me, you may also want to know about its price. The cost of all three types of mobile homes differs according to their size and location.

If you are looking for mobile home sales near me while living in the west, it would be more expensive for you than the person who is making a similar kind of search in the south and midwest. When you search for mobile home sales near me during winters, they will be less costly if we compare them to any other time of the year.

On average, a single-wide mobile home will cost you around $51,371, and a double-wide mobile home about $96,529. A triple wide mobile home is bigger as compared to the other two mobile homes, so its cost ranges between $100,000-$250,000.

Mobile Homes For Sale Near Me

Thanks to the internet, it is easier for people to find a suitable mobile home near them. You just need to google on your phone, pc, or laptop about new or used mobile homes for sale to be moved near me. According to your location and state, Google will show a number of pages of the companies selling mobile homes.

Open up the websites by clicking on them. Gather all the information provided regarding the mobile home’s prices, size, and other luxuries. Don’t just settle on one website; look out on other websites as well for your ideal mobile home. After finding your mobile dream home, you can contact the sellers by using the information given on their pages.

If your budget is limited, you can as well search for not only new but also used single wide mobile homes for sale near me or any other type of used mobile homes for sale to be moved. After thorough research, you will eventually find a potential seller, and after checking the mobile home, if it is up to your standard, you can search for mobile home movers near me so that you can install it at the place of your choice.

You can ask the manufacturing homes for customizable designs or mobile home floor plans if you wish to modify the mobile home as per your likings.


The idea of mobile homes is gaining more and more popularity among the young generation because of the benefits one can have while living in a mobile home. If you are one of those who are searching for mobile home sales near me, this article is for you. Please read it carefully and completely so that you are aware of all the pros and cons before investing in a mobile home.

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