Choosing a career is, for some people, an ever-changing and even sometimes an impossible task, and even though most people tend to push you towards a certain area of business and industry, it is perfectly acceptable if you are someone who doesn’t know what they want to do.

However, if you have clicked on this article, then this means that you have already decided you would like to enter the world of law. So, with this in line, continue reading to learn how to launch your professional career in law.

Make Yourself Aware of the Different Career Pathways

A Law Firm

The career pathway which is most associated with a career in law is that of a lawyer and an ambition to become one is truly a brave, exciting, and ultimately rewarding decision, and one which will set you on a pathway of impressive salaries, competition, and high reward.

There are, however, numerous other careers in the legal field, including solicitors, arbitration, tax law, compliance specialist, law clerk, forensic scientist, and family law, to name just a few. Once you have settled on a career in law, deciding on which avenue to pursue as early as possible will certainly stand you in good stead.

Focus on Your LSAT

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is simply the summary of the difference between someone who is merely assessing their options and someone serious about one day becoming a professional and qualified lawyer.

Lawyer and client

Make sure that you are fully aware of and have recorded the particular lsat test dates you are preparing for and that you submit everything you need to in plenty of time. The successful acquisition of an LSAT certificate is the only way you will be admitted into law school and is colloquially referred to by people in the field of law as ‘The LSAT Advantage’.

Choose the Right Law School for You

Now, the field of law is intensively competitive and to even have a fair chance of entering the legal profession, the law school you choose to study at is incredibly important and will influence the longevity of your future career.

Below are the top tips for choosing the right law school for you:

  1. The entire cost of the law degree
  2. The size of each class
  3. The availability of placements and internships
  4. The ranking of that law school
  5. The diversity of the teachings

Getting a job as a lawyer

After Law School

To arm yourself with the best possible chance of a long and successful legal career, you should be prepared for what will happen when you graduate from law school.

There are numerous avenues to go down after you graduate, with one of the most popular being training to take your bar exam, which on average needs at least eight to ten weeks of full-time study. Alternatively, the second most popular choice for law school graduates is to seek a lawyer internship role at a professional law firm and work your way up from there, either within that firm or another.

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