There’s no doubt about it, flexible working is here to stay. A few years ago, the whole concept of not going into the office every day would have been unthinkable, and most people would have told you it couldn’t work. When such working relationships were even suggested, many employers argued that productivity would dip and that workers would take the opportunity not to work.  Many industries also claimed that without regular face-to-face communication, tasks that required teamwork would be virtually impossible.

However, the pandemic made us adapt in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible, and technology and necessity combined to help us find solutions.  It opened our eyes to the fact that the daily grind we faced every day didn’t actually have to exist. Furthermore, according to a report by Forbes, flexible working actually increases productivity.

As flexible working grows in popularity, so too do flexible working spaces. These multifunctional spaces that can be adapted and used for numerous different business purposes are now becoming part of the new normal; a great way for hybrid and remote workers to find an excellent working space that suits their current needs. If you are currently working flexibly or plan to do so in the future, then here are the best ways to make a flexible workspace work for you.

Benefits Of Having A Flexible Working Space

Appreciate The Opportunity To Meet People.

shared work space

The pandemic caused us to isolate ourselves. Now that it’s over, it’s time to embrace meeting new people again. In a flexible workspace, you have the freedom to move around and the opportunity to use different areas.

Vary Your Working Space According To Your Needs.

Flexible Working Space

In a traditional office, you are fixed in one position, normally tethered behind a desk. Unless you have a reason, it’s unlikely you will leave this position very often throughout the day. This makes for a very rigid working environment that is inflexible to the task you’re trying to achieve.

In a flexible working space, if you find yourself in an inappropriate place for the task at hand, you can simply move. Make sure you can make the most of this open way of working by familiarising yourself with what your new workplace has to offer.

Fewer Commitments.

Unlike a regular office, a lease for a flexible working space can be as short as a month. You may also be able to set up a rolling contract for your lease, enabling you to cancel it easily. All of this will benefit you financially and can also stop you from having to worry about overcommitting to things.

Serviced Facilities Are Always An Excellent Option.

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Flexible workplaces In London from BE Offices are fantastic, as they are fully serviced office spaces. If you choose one of these facilities, it takes a weight off your mind, as you no longer have to worry about hiring receptionists or extra administration workers. This frees your time up for much more important tasks.

Serviced facilities will also normally have equipment available for you to use. Use these for times when you want to complete tasks but you don’t want to invest in expensive printers, scanners, or computer programs. Serviced workspaces will also offer telephone and internet access within the hire price, making them ideal for times when you want access to these things but don’t want to sign up for expensive contracts.

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