The UK has lots of opportunities for all classes of people, including international students, to earn money. The region boasts plenty of cafes, hotels, and restaurants where international students can work and make money.

Although foreign students can’t work full-time in the UK, they can work up to 20 hours per week part-time. So, if you are a foreign student and wish to leverage the opportunities in the UK to make some money while you study, you must read this post to the end.

Income Ideas For A Foreign Student

Become A Part-Time Language Tutor

Part-Time Language Tutor

As a foreign student, especially from a non-native English-speaking country, you probably speak at least two languages. Your ability to speak multiple languages can fetch you some money if you become a language tutor. You will find some people willing to learn the language you understand.

Become A Sales Assistant

Since there are many stores in the UK, you’ll find a store to hire you as a part-time sales assistant. Your duty as a sales assistant is to welcome customers when they arrive at the store and answer their queries. You don’t necessarily need to have many years of work experience before you can work as a sales assistant. Just make sure you are smart and have a friendly personality.

Become A Bar Staff

Many bars in the UK hire students as part-time workers. This job also doesn’t require several years of work experience. However, most bars prefer hiring individuals who have at least some experience, even if it’s just a few months of experience as a bar staff. So if you’ve once worked as bar staff in the past, you should inform your employer. As a bar staff, your primary duty is to serve drinks and food to customers.

Work In Warehouses


Some warehouses in the UK hire part-time workers, especially during festive seasons when they’ll need to fulfill more orders than usual. We recommend observing the total law guiding operations within a warehouse to ensure your safety.

Sell Your Old Textbooks

Although selling your old textbook isn’t a job you can always rely on to make money; it will fetch you some money. We recommend that you sell only old books that you won’t need to make references to later as you study.

Engage In Customer Service Jobs

Many enterprises in the UK hire part-time workers for customer service jobs. You don’t need previous work experience before employers hire you, as most employers will train you for the job. However, you need to possess excellent communication skills while applying for this job. Fortunately, you have a very high chance of finding customer service jobs in almost every field.

Engage In Freelance Work

If you have skills such as blogging, writing, and website designing, you can freelance the skill right from the UK. Freelancing will give you the flexibility you desire as a student and fetch you some money.

Work As A Delivery Agent

Delivery Agent

You can make some money as a delivery agent and enjoy a flexible work schedule. There are lots of businesses you can work for as a delivery agent. For instance, you can deliver Amazon packages to customers or work for food vendors that offer home delivery services.

You may not even need to walk around while seeking this job since some delivery apps accept online job applications. And of course, most businesses that offer delivery services offer flexibility to their delivery agent, so you’ll still have a lot of time to focus on your studies while you work part-time.

Work As An Administrator

Foreign students can get a few administrative jobs in the UK, though not as full-time workers as you may assume. Some industries in the UK hire part-time workers as administrators to manage diaries, send mail, and file documents. This particular job will not only help students make some money but also add desirable qualities to their CVs.

For instance, a student who works as a part-time administrator for an immigration lawyer in the UK will possess an attractive CV due to the skills he or she will acquire as an administrator.

Final Thoughts

Foreign students can easily make money in the UK as long as they are willing to start part-time work. So, if you are planning to make some money while you study in the UK, we recommend that you start one of the jobs we mentioned in this post. And don’t forget to check out our other articles written on student loans, career developments, and other important stuff.


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