When the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, people went to work from home. There are so many people who could have been working from home but weren’t. The overhead in company offices was very high. There were all kinds of ways that companies were wasting money and utilities. While some businesses want to keep working in the office, many people are creating new ways to make their companies more environmentally conscious. When you are beginning a start-up company, below are some ways to make it more eco-friendly.

Embrace Remote Work

remote work

One way that a lot of companies are becoming more eco-friendly is by sending their employees home to work. You can lower your overhead greatly by embracing remote work. You can have certain people work from home or have people come in on specific days. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. Whether you have a few employees or many workers, you can choose to utilize remote work as a way to save money and make your business more environmentally friendly.

Install Electric Car Chargers

Another thing you can do to make your company eco-friendlier is to encourage your employees to purchase electric cars. One way to do this is to install electric vehicle chargers. Putting in EVgo Tesla chargers will enable your employees to charge their cars at work. You will be encouraging people to not only buy electric vehicles, but to use them when they commute. If you are having employees stay home a few days a week and then encouraging them to commute in electric vehicles for the other days, think about how much you are helping to make the world a more sustainable place. Installing electric vehicle chargers at your office is a step in this direction.

Invest In Renewable Energy

solar panels

It doesn’t matter what kind of start-up company you are; it could be a very good idea to invest in renewable energy. If you live in a sunny place, installing solar panels could make a huge difference in your bottom line and company’s carbon footprint. It’s even possible to harvest so much energy from solar panels that you sell some back to the grid for profit. It all depends on how much power you are using and how much you are harvesting, but if you utilize renewable energy resources like wind, hydro, and other forms of renewable power, you can do what’s right for your wallet and the planet.

Reduce Plastic Use

Whether you are creating a product or are using products to work, reducing plastic use is an impactful way to make your company more sustainable. Of course, you can recycle plastic, but so often the plastic is deemed contaminated and cannot be recycled. It is better to avoid plastic entirely. There are plenty of other ways to store supplies and alternatives for plastic use in daily work. This is especially pertinent when you are manufacturing products. It might be cheaper to use plastic, but is it? The long-term impact is expensive for everyone.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances & Utilities


Technology has provided all kinds of advancements in appliances and utilities. There are energy-saving options. For example, smart appliances allow many ways to cut down on energy usage and waste. A smart thermostat will enable you to control the temperature of your office or warehouse with your phone. You won’t need to keep it on all the time. Some also enable you to control the temperature of specific rooms. Smart refrigerators save power and help you conserve food. LED light bulbs last much longer and pay for themselves while saving power. Next time you need something, think about how you can upgrade it to something more energy efficient.


Whether you are passionate about the health of the planet or want to save money, there are plenty of ways to make your start-up company more sustainable and environmentally friendly. If you take the cheap way out, you will likely pay for it in the future. We all will. It isn’t easy to change the world, but it isn’t hard to do your part. If you think about the ways you can make your business more sustainable, you will likely make it more profitable. Don’t give up, there are so many ways to make your company eco-friendly. Let’s get started.

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