If you’re trying to give your brand a fighting chance to thrive, it’s important to hone your marketing and advertising strategies. Advertising must be a regular expense for your company so that you can keep bringing in new customers.

Organizations invested close to $10 billion in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in a recent year. If you’d like to understand the ins and outs of PPC advertising, how much it costs, and how you can plan out your strategy, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you should know about managing your paid search advertising cost issues.

Understand the Average Paid Search Advertising Cost


So, how much are you likely to pay for your PPC marketing? This depends on the size of your company and many other factors. A small to medium-sized business is likely to pay about $9,000 per month in PPC advertising campaign costs.

This is money well spent since brands generally receive a return on investment (ROI) of $2 for every dollar that they invest.

Consider the Type of Advertising

You’ll need to consider the type of advertising that you’re investing in so that you can begin capitalizing on a strategy that works. There are several types of paid search ads that you can consider, including:

  • Google shopping ads
  • Traditional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads
  • Social media advertising
  • Search engine results page (SERP) marketing
  • Native advertising

Each PPC marketing strategy comes with its own set of variables you should understand. The best part of these ads is that you can track them and make improvements when necessary. Register a Google ads account that lets you keep up with your algorithms and analytics.

Use Ad Extensions and Descriptive Text

Marketing and Advertising Strategies

When you’re investing in paid search marketing, make sure that you still use the principles of grabbing people’s attention and being a good steward of their time. Search ads are worthwhile because they offer useful blocks of text for people that are already looking for what you offer.

You can also use ad extensions that provide worthwhile bits of information. This includes things like your company’s name, address, and phone number.

Work With Some Advertising Professionals

When you’re hoping to get the best from your paid search engine marketing, hire some professionals that are skilled at what they do. Here you go for the best Jacksonville SEO company. These pros can offer you the best return on investment (ROI) that you’ll find, with results that speak for themselves.

This increase in marketing ROI allows you to increase your brand recognition while keeping these campaigns as cost-effective as possible. Search for companies that specialize in PPC for plastic surgeons advertising, for example, in all of its forms.

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Address Your Paid Search Advertising Cost Issues

These tips explain a lot about your paid search advertising cost ranges. Give yourself the best shot possible at managing your costs by going into each project with the right information.

We’re happy to serve as your resource when you need more information. Check out our other articles when you’d like to learn more about the marketing and advertising tips that’ll help your company.

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