Video empowers the potential customer and helps in establishing a personal connection with your business. If you want to make more sales, emailing videos is the way to go!

Using Video Emailing Improve Sales

You might be wondering: how exactly do video emails do that?

Studies have shown that we remember 65% of what we see and only about 10% of what we hear. This means that by sending a video email, you’re making sure your message gets through loud and clear—as opposed to when using text alone.

When you add text on top of the video, you’re enhancing its value even further since people tend to retain 95% of what they see and hear together. That makes them 85% more likely to take action based on the video.

For example, in a study conducted by Convince and Convert, the experts found that videos with voiceovers increased conversions by 128%. Another survey published in TechCrunch revealed that 80% of people feel more optimistic about a business when they see and hear its owner and CEO in a video. You can also create personalized messages through voiceovers using voice synthesizers.

The same goes for people who come across your email marketing campaigns. They’re going to have an easier time trusting you if they get to know you better through the use of an educational video. Here is how you can boost your sales by emailing relevant videos to your potential customers.

Establish Trust

interactive elements by brands for their emails

An email is not the best medium for selling your products or services right away. It ought to contain helpful information that helps people understand why they need you. That means, first and foremost, you need to establish trust.

But how do you do that? By sending information-packed videos! You don’t have to come across as someone who’s trying too hard—send short educational clips of 30 – 60 seconds once in a while. This way, people will know more about your business and trust what you say later on when it comes time for them to buy.

Gain an Edge Over Everyone Else

Today, providing valuable insight about anything is the key to getting someone’s attention. So, if you want to have a competitive advantage over other businesses, it is important to create educational videos and approach your audience via a platform that they use the most – email.

This method will not only help others understand your business better, but it will also give you a leg up on the competition since there are only a few companies out there that are using video marketing as part of their campaign strategy.

Reach More People

Work for your customer

By sending targeted messages with educational videos, you will be able to reach an even larger audience and drive more engagement and leads for your business. Since people like learning new things, they like watching promotional videos. If the videos are relevant according to the target audience, the recipients of your videos will pass the knowledge of your product forward by word-of-mouth or social media.

People sharing your videos across their social media accounts is an excellent way to increase the brand awareness of your business. With a few interested people on board, more will come in naturally. You’ll get access to larger audiences and make better sales in the long run.

 Get More Engaged Viewers

With the rise of social media, video marketing is one of the essential aspects of any business marketing strategy. If you want to succeed in this field, it starts with putting out valuable videos that people will enjoy watching.

Be sure to send out engaging messages that are informative, fun, and easy to watch. Your audience will enjoy being able to spend time learning about your campaign, product, or service. It’s best to study audience tastes, preferences, and needs before you start creating the videos.

Compete with Big Corporations

Compete with Big Corporations

Unless you’re marketing your business through video, there’s simply no way for you to compete with the big corporations out there. However, when you start using this medium, it will be easier for people to see the differences in what you offer and how it can solve their problems.

By implementing video into your email marketing strategy, you will win over the attention of your prospects and set yourself apart from your competition in an industry that is becoming more and more saturated by the day.

Also, when done correctly, your videos will lead to increased sales over time. Therefore video emails are one of the best ways to boost your revenue generation and brand recognition rates.

Wrapping Up

When it comes down to it, emailing videos works—and with excellent results at that. When you use this medium correctly, you will boost conversions, lead generation, and brand awareness for your company. To create educational videos for your email marketing campaign, consider everything mentioned above. People respond very well to visual content—they’re more likely to watch it through and be engaged at the end of the day.

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