Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp provides investors with a way to invest in the real estate market. The company helps mitigate the risk of investing in individual mortgages and investors pool their money to buy shares in the corporation.

People who like to see their money grow usually consider buying or investing in real estate. And this is something not new. Real estate has for hundreds of years been a popular investment that has made many rich. While there are many benefits to investing in real estate, there is always an associated risk, especially if you are new to real estate. This is where a real estate investment company can help you out.

Javelin Corp provides a mortgage lending service as an investment and lending company. The banks facilitate most mortgage lending, and mortgage investment corporations offer a valuable alternative lending source as they can offer better financial terms.

No Need To Battle With Banks

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Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp lends to those who have battled with the banks and other traditional lenders who have turned them down. A mortgage investment corp can charge higher interest rates on their mortgages.

Gaining Access To The Mortgage Market

The pool of mortgages is constantly managed, and the proceeds of repaid mortgages are used to fund new mortgages. So these pools of capital investment in private mortgages are a way for an investor to access the mortgage market. These mortgage investment corporations account for most of the issuing of private mortgages, and the federal regulator of financial institutions regulates them.

No Income Tax Is Paid

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A mortgage corporation like Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp does not pay income tax as they distribute their earnings to investors in the shape of distributions. There is a part in the Income Tax Act that governs the mandates of these MICs that says they can retain earnings.

Most times, the corporation holds most of its assets in residential mortgages. As opposed to banks, this capital is lent for shorter terms, up to 2 years or possibly 36 months.

It also provides home loans and residential mortgage services. Locking in a low mortgage rate today can save you thousands over the life of your loan. Compare your mortgage rate offers with national average trends.

When you have shares in a mortgage investment corporation, you can invest in a company with a diverse pool of mortgages. Mortgage Investment corporations need to be registered and licensed with the management under the licensed mortgage brokers and real estate agents.

Florida Real Estate – A profitable Investment Market

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Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp was founded in 2012 by Marc Bell, and its headquarters are in Florida, United States. The Florida real estate market is one of the most profitable investment markets, and many options exist. If you are looking to buy Florida investment property, the state has many things that make it ideal for investment opportunities. Florida’s real estate market is hot right now, and it happens to be one of the more affordable states to buy a house in. You will be able to earn a good return on your investment property.

The benefit of looking at Florida is that a mortgage investment corporation has already done your homework. They have analyzed vital market areas to determine which states are least likely to experience a slump and other calamities.

So a MIC will favor investment in a particular region as they have the experience to evaluate a property’s liquidity value. Aside from the predicted profits, there are other reasons why an investor may consider using the services of a MIC rather than a bank.

Background Checks Still Apply With MICs

There are no fees for joining a MIC, and today most home seekers turn to MICs after being turned down by banks. Nonetheless, a background check will still need to be done before any mortgage loan is approved.

As a mortgage investment corporation, Javelin provides a way for customers to invest in the real estate market where investors pool their money by buying shares in a MIC and creating a fixed-income investment. A company like Javelin will borrow from a lender, using the shareholder’s capital and loan proceeds to fund its mortgage portfolio. Management of the MIC is responsible for the company’s operations, including sourcing mortgage investments, instruction of solicitors, and general administration.

The Income Tax Act makes it that a MIC’s annual net income be distributed to its shareholders as a dividend which is taxed as interest income. Because a MIC pays all its net profit to its shareholders every year, it is not taxed.

For the stockholders, there is a consistent income flow. You, as the investor, can then choose to receive your dividends in cash or reinvest your shares back into the mortgage pool.

The stability of its cash flow makes Javelin Mortgage Investment Corporation attractive to lenders. The benefits of investing in real estate are many, and investors will be able to enjoy a steady cash flow and tax advantages.

Work With Real Estate Industry Experts

Real Estate Industry Experts

Are you thinking about investing in real estate? Check-in with Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp and find out about their real estate benefits. They allow investors to invest in a pool of mortgages in a diverse portfolio.

It is also the chance to invest in the housing market with those who are industry experts, and who can help you turn your investment into a regular income. Working with Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp provides access to the skills of these industry experts who ensure your portfolio is diverse to receive a good return on your investment.

Building a diverse portfolio with Javelin Mortgage Investment Corporation can mitigate risk and provide a higher return.

Find out how you can diversify your investment portfolio and be in touch with Javelin Mortgage Investment Corp.

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