The launch of a company offering an advisory board and capital-raising services is challenging; however, the process can be simplified by completing general objectives in an ordered and timely fashion. In this article, we will examine the viability of the launch by researching the target audience and potential competitors. From that point, we’ll explore the formation of the company and the elements that will drive a successful advisory and capital-raising services business. You will note our suggestions in some of the following objectives; our hope is that you’ll adopt the best of these suggestions and successfully launch your advisory and capital-raising company.

Background Research

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Prior to your launch, you’ll want to fully research your target audience to determine the viability of your plan. Is your company targeting a certain industry sector, a defined category of service providers, or any company that has a projected range and level of funding needs? Answering these types of questions will define and strengthen your perspectives. You’ll want to clearly outline the unique aspects of your company that set it apart from competitors and, to determine those answers, you’ll need to research potential competitors.

Compile as much information about your competitors as possible, including specifics and limits of funding, target companies or industry sectors, and information regarding funding partners or alliances. Determine the contracts and payment agreements with customers and other financial information, if possible. Factor all of the information into the unique services your company can offer and build several advantages your company will have over competitors.

Pre-Launch Planning

There are several aspects of launching an advisory and capital-raising services business you’ll want to prepare in advance. First, ensure key personnel are qualified to advise clients and have any certifications needed. Each executive at the advisory level will want to have a current curriculum vitae and client references in place. Another critical step is to ensure the company has an established legal entity, licenses, and insurance in place, and an office location selected. Establishing these elements prior to launching will propel the company forward quickly as the client base grows.

Business Plan

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The primary focus of efforts prior to launch will be the formation of the company’s business plan. This document, similar to a roadmap, will be the guide for every critical function of the advisory and capital-raising services business. Included in the business plan are the results of the market research and competitive analyses, funding plans with financial projections, an overview of executive personnel, and detailed marketing strategies. You can look at this successful advisory and capital-raising services business as an example of what you are aiming to achieve with the implementation of your business plan.

Funding and Financial Projections

Although the company will be focused on advising and raising capital for companies requiring capital, there may be a need for internal capital-raising, as well. Executive staff members will want to secure funding with the best possible rates and conditions, as needed, to bring profitability to the company as soon as possible.

Marketing Strategies

In the advisory and capital-raising industry, the major driver of growth is found in relationships with clientele and future clients, as well. Advertising and marketing efforts are typically low-key, reaching prospective clients via personal connections or through references of satisfied former clients. Studies have indicated that client engagement and attending industry-related conferences will also bring clients to the company for introductory meetings. Emails sent to current or former clients are effective, as is a website with a blog or other interactive messaging that will inform and offer value to clients.

Organizational Launch

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Within the launch efforts, the operations processes, human resources staffing, and functional equipment and furnishings are secured. Use the advisory and capital-raising services business plan as the general guide for each major decision within the organizational launch of the company. Include the technical equipment and software needed to protect the confidentiality of client-company interactions and add furnishings in a comfortable meeting area or room for client meetings that may include extended hours. If possible, stock a bar cart or small table with water and other amenities for meeting attendees.


Launching an advisory and capital-raising services company may be challenging; however, the potential for a smooth transition from investment to profitability and the prospects for successful long-term growth will compel wise entrepreneurs to move forward with confidence. Congratulations!

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