With the constant influx of US states making changes to their gambling laws, it is understandable that some of you may find it difficult to keep up. Plus, as there are so many different online and land-based gaming verticals, exactly which ones are legal and which are illegal in the state you currently live in?

The laws could change at any moment too, so one minute you might think playing at online casinos is illegal and the next your friends are raving about the big winning sessions they enjoyed the night before. For all you know, your state might be one of the USA states with legal sports betting at legalsportsbettingstates.com. However, how can you know for sure? That is something that this article aims to clear up.

Understanding What Online Sports Betting Actually Is

sports betting

The first step to knowing whether online sports betting is legal in your state is to understand what it is and not confuse it with other forms of gambling. For a start, online sports betting is the act of placing bets online at a website or via an app on the result of a sporting event. As an example, let’s say, and this might not be considered an efficient wealth management strategy, that you placed an online bet on the outright winner of the Super Bowl. That constitutes online sports betting.

Many states may allow retail sports betting, which is essentially the same thing, but you have to place your bets on the licensed premises of an operator. Online is different as it is done using the internet and not over the counter. You should not confuse sports betting with DFS (daily fantasy sports) either. Other forms of online gambling include online casinos, online bingo, online poker, and even online lotteries.

online Sports Betting

Now that you have an understanding of what sports betting is, the next step is to determine whether you’re legally allowed to wager sports bet online. The best way to do this is to use your local government’s website to establish this. For instance, in the state of New Jersey, you could visit the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement website or, in Michigan, you can go to the Michigan Gaming Control Board. It is websites like these that will tell you the legality and any other information you need to know about online gambling.

Actually, the chances that online sports betting is legal in your state are quite high. Quite a few have legalized this form of online gambling over the years. Just off the top of our heads, you can legally place online wagers if you live in Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Arizona, Wyoming, Louisiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Washington. Plus, other states such as Kentucky and Oklahoma are in the process of pushing through legislation to make it legal.

Why Online Sports Betting Is Booming In Many States

Betting Is Booming

You only have to look at the online gambling industry in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to see that sports betting is a hugely popular activity. Of course, none of this was possible until just four years ago. Back then, the US Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting. This allowed states to push through their online sports betting legislation, something that many states have done and many others are currently in the process of.

Legalizing online sports betting for the majority of these states has proved hugely successful, if not just for the taxes the states earn from the monthly sports betting revenues.

What Is The Future For Online Sports betting?

It is still early days in most states, with the majority of online sportsbooks operating at a loss. This, however, is due to offering extravagant welcome bonuses and promotions hoping to secure registrations from players. The industry is proving extremely competitive, so the platforms are doing everything they can to get as many new players registered as possible. Most do not even predict they will start turning a profit for a couple of years yet.

As for what sports betting fans have to look forward to, the sky is the limit. New technologies are coming out all the time that could enhance the products that players already receive. AI technology, for instance, is tech that many feels will make a big impression on the iGaming industry in years to come.

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