In this fast-paced digital world, getting the learner’s attention for an extended period is challenging. But learning never stops, even after you get a job—especially after you get a job.

As a company, you always want your employees to improve and flourish, which makes training crucial. This is where an LMS, or learning management system, comes into play. Before we jump into the LMS features, let us quickly discuss what an LMS is and why it’s considered a good investment by many.

What Is An LMS?

LMS can provide

LMS is a tool where you can learn, manage pieces of training and courses, and store them in a system for easy access. It is truly a game changer for many businesses because it significantly reduces the time and money required while maintaining quality and efficiency. Also, it is an excellent way to build your company and the loyalty of your employees to you.

Now that we know what an LMS is, let’s look at five features that make online training sessions engaging.

1. Gamification: Bring Your A Game

Gamification is all the rage in the eLearning industry. It is basically learning through various game-like components, where employees can earn rewards like points, badges, leaderboards positions, etc. These features make learning fun and engaging. Not only that, but it also creates healthy competition among the employees to strive for better. It is also a pretty fun way for employees to track their progress.

It’s important to note that you are not making a game out of your module. You are just adding little game-like touches to aid the learning process.

2. Social Learning: Chat It Up

Peer engagement and team spirit get pretty low when the work settings are remote. Also, nobody likes to be lonely while learning new skills and courses. It demotivates the learner. Peer engagement is one of the main driving forces of learners.

With features such as user profiles and chat forums, it assists employees in expressing themselves, making new connections, and staying connected during the learning process. It boosts morale and builds team spirit along with skill development.

What is an LMS

3. Mobile Features: Amazing Accessibility

Course accessibility via mobile is convenient as well as considerate. After sitting all day in front of the computer, everyone needs a breather. With a mobile application, you can get it all under one roof whenever you want and how you want it. It helps the learner progress at their own pace. They can learn in whatever situation they find most comfortable. Because of this comfort and accessibility, the learners are more eager and motivated to learn.

4. Surveys: Never Too Late For Improvement

Nothing can be perfect from the beginning. It takes dedication, effort, and a lot of patience to reach your goal. Something that can help you reach that engagement goal faster is listening to what your employees are saying. This is why an LMS like TINYpulse has built-in 360 feedback with complete automation of the feedback process. This feedback process is totally anonymous, which helps maintain the integrity and a bias-free environment. You can check out the TINYpulse pricing guide here.

5. Portal Customization: Let The Imagination Run Wild

Any digital platform where learners can leave their mark, as in customizing the space according to their liking, is bound to be a favorite.

LMS To Attract Learners

Do you remember us being fussy about our highlighter’s color or the light’s right angle while studying? And how is it used to change our mood exponentially and help us learn in a comfortable environment? This is exactly that but in a digital space.

With a customizable interface, the user is bound to get comfortable and be excited to learn.


So, let’s embrace the new and evolve with it. Let us know what features you would like to see in your learning system.

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