Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy. It makes a direct, one-to-one personal connection with your customers and prospects. It is different from traditional marketing initiatives like advertising on Radio, TV, Print, etc. Your marketing messages reach the inboxes of your target audience directly and talk with them.

The prevailing set of sophisticated software tools enables marketers to get innovative and creative with email marketing to present their customers with a delightful experience. In addition, there are specialist platforms like klaviyo email marketing to boost campaign performance.

Email marketing is a simple yet effective contemporary digital marketing channel. Carefully formulated email marketing strategies offer an incredibly high ROI when compared to other conventional marketing methods.

An email marketing strategy must be powerful enough to make your marketing campaigns a success. Incorporating intelligent elements in your emails is the key. It is about rolling down a series of email marketing techniques throughout the marketing funnel so that you can fine-tune, evaluate, improve and provide an enjoyable experience to your audience.

Sending a couple of emails now and then rarely works. Instead, well-thought-out email marketing strategies are necessary to make your campaigns a worthy marketing asset.

Here Are The Top 7 Email Marketing Ploys

If you are looking for some result-driven email marketing ploys to reap rich returns, here are the top 7 email marketing ploys that make your email marketing campaigns a grand success:

Email Segmentation


The idea of segmentation is to classify your list of subscribers into different groups and address them separately with a separate set of emails. This categorization of your entire audience into segments helps to craft your emails specifically for each segment. To create this kind of customer segmentation based on their behavior, actions, preferences, interests, occupational details, personal information etc., help you to achieve a high degree of personalization and imminently desired results.

Grouping your target audience eliminates the possibility of sending irrelevant content, which may cut off the leads. Statistics say that email segmentation increases your revenue by about a whopping 760%.

To ensure that you deliver relevant content to interested subscribers, segregate your email list by identifying people who share common characteristics. A sign-up form with questions asking the details like occupation, etc., helps a lot to get this information. Tracking the readers’ behavior from within the email also helps segmentation. Thanks to technology, you can identify the links that your subscriber(s) have clicked!

A/B Testing

This process is also termed split testing. In this process, you try out different subject lines and content for the same email to find out which works better. The results you receive from A/B testing assist you in tweaking your future email marketing campaigns effectively. If your A/B testing has revealed that subject lines with questions show a more open rate than those without any questions, you can infer that your future emails must have questions in your email subject lines.

Here is a list of parameters that you can base on your A/B testing:

  • Email subject lines
  • Email content
  • Structure and position of CTAs (Call to Action)
  • Links and their positioning
  • Sending time

Changing one element in your A/B testing gives the best results as it helps you see which is making what difference.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

Studies show that about 62% of emails get opened on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It implies that more than half of your email recipients are reading your emails from small-screen devices like mobile phones. So, it is essential that, as a customer-oriented marketer, you need to make sure that the emails you send are mobile-friendly and responsive.

You can make sure your emails are rendered smooth on mobile devices by:

  • Optimizing images with suitable size and resolution
  • Make sure that the email text does not roll out of the screen
  • Links are clear with big-sized fonts
  • Subject lines are crisp and intact even after getting clipped to suit mobile devices.

Re-Engaging inactive Audience

your marketing campaigns

Though they might not have opened the emails you sent, your subscribers can still become valuable customers. It is quite natural for people to forget, and all you need is a reminder email with details about you, your brand, and your offerings. You can also do this via bulk SMS services.

Marketers can develop an email campaign strategy, especially for customer re-engagement. This approach will help to warm up cold subscribers. Such a re-engagement strategy can include:

  • A reminder message about you, your company, and the products that you sell
  • Exclusive offers
  • A fresh new content piece
  • Asking questions to make them take some action

Trigger-Based Email Series

Here you send an email with link(s), which, when clicked by the customer, sends a few more emails to them. This factor helps in effective follow-up. If the customers did not click the links, you could still send them an email with a question or new content which might interest them.

Share User-Generated Content

This process is a digital version of word-of-mouth marketing and a powerful tactic indeed. Including customer reviews, customer stories, customer-created photos, and videos elicit a sense of community and increase click-throughs – by more than 70%.

Value Addition In Every Email

Surveys and questions give information about customer needs and want. Delivering them in your emails encourages your customers to participate in the same and receive rewards.


Master of Marketing

Among the four billion people on Earth,  half of them have email addresses, which is the primary reason that makes email marketing one of the most effective tools. Unlike other marketing mediums like texting, social media advertising, and even affiliate marketing, emails are free and don’t incur charges. Also, this powerful tool is a simple yet effective contemporary digital marketing channel.

However, it is vital to know the ways to employ them. There are multiple strategies to keep in mind to get the desired results, from email segmenting to sending mobile-friendly emails. We have mentioned some of those email marketing ploys that can help you immediately raise your company’s sales numbers!

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