When you start coming up with man cave bar ideas, you have some options. You can start looking around for a cheap ready-to-assemble home bar, you can spend the weekend building a custom bar yourself or you can spend some money and hire a contractor.

Maybe you were lucky to gain some additional space at your home after the kids left and you can, at last, bring your man cave bar ideas to fruition. It will be fairly easy converting one of the spare rooms into a mancave but the bar part could prove a bit tricky in terms of costs.

Sourcing your materials more cheaply is initially the key to building alterations on a budget. If you think carefully and do a little bit of research, there are methods to achieve the same coziness and functionality of an expensive man cave and bar.

Man Cave Bar Ideas Start With A Budget

Man Cave Bar

How much time do you have to make your own customized home bar? What kind of a budget do you have and when do you want the project completed? Maybe there is a huge sporting event coming up and you want your man cave bar ideas to coincide with this date.

If you do opt to go the DIY route, you might even think of roping in a few friends who are handy with woodwork. You can promise them a few rounds of beers and snacks in exchange for their work and as a teaser for the fun times ahead.

Even A Tea Trolley Can Serve As A Minibar

Many people are not put off by not having the money for a built-in bar in their man cave and they will even use an old steel or wood tea trolley on wheels as a minibar complete with ice buckets and glasses. It can then simply be wheeled to stand next to your couch.

You do not even have to get up from watching your favorite TV show to pour yourself a drink. You want to be able to fix yourself a drink while in your man cave without having to head to the kitchen.

Great Savings If You Love DIY

There are many people who are useful with DIY projects and the rewards of craftsmanship skills are the savings you enjoy. These days there are so many fantastic materials and tools that include a bar in your man-cave. It does not have to be a difficult, costly task.

You will be able to build a bar to the specs and size that fits your space. People with DIY skills have plenty of authoritative, detailed instructions online on how to do things around the house. In fact, for man cave bar ideas, the instructions and tutorials even allow you to learn as you make things.

You’ll be able to install a few open shelves in your man cave and display some wine and liquor bottles with glasses. These man cave bar ideas on the Internet will tell you about the special-purpose tools you’ll need. With special joinery techniques, you will be able to make a variety of interesting and useful things for cool man cave bar ideas.

If you are on a budget you do not need to have a full-blown bar at all. Most of the guys and gals you invite over would not mind your budget man cave bar ideas – they just love the way you have thought of creative ways to get a bar going so you can get the guys together.

You Can Make Use Of Things You Already Have

Even an old sideboard can be turned into a bar and you can have a wine rack standing on it displaying some interesting wine bottles and glasses. You can set the cabinet up in an open corner as a bar nook, and hang some interesting artwork or posters on the wall to replicate a real bar feel.

Try These Ideas

L Shaped Home Bars

L Shaped Home Bars

Mind you an L-shaped home bar is great for an empty corner in your new man cave room. You’ll have space behind the bar too for some custom shelves and any bar equipment you want.

When you do research on how to build an L shaped home bar you find that the steps to doing it are very basic and easy.

What it basically entails is laying out the base and constructing 4 supports and assembling top connector supports on the leg sections. Then it is a case of applying the panels to the sides and front and fitting and fastening the bar top.

Bar Foot Rail

A great touch to a home bar that many people do not think of but which can make a world of difference in comfort is installing a bar foot rail at the bottom of your bar cabinet. Many people find it uncomfortable dangling their legs down to the floor and some short people’s feet can’t even reach the floor.

This rounded steel foot bar can provide a comfortable place for guests to rest their feet. Doing research on these basic L-shaped bars for installation in the corner of a room will let you get away with spending less than $200 for all the materials.

Lots Of Cheap Man Cave Bar Stools

To finish off your home bar, you want some trendy bar stools. When it comes to bar stools, unless you make your own, it is a good idea to bear in mind that the bar counter you install should measure 42 to 45 inches from the ground.

This is the standard height of an average bar and by making yours like that too you would not have trouble fitting bar stools. Man cave bar stools come in lots of styles and by looking for 2nd hand ones you can easily find a couple of pairs for under $100.

A DIY-er can save a fortune in making a few man cave bar stools over the weekend. Bar stools need to stand at roughly 32 inches from floor to seat, as this will then accommodate most people. If you are making your own man cave bar stools you might want to look at bar stools that have a bit of small back support.

Lighting Ideas

Lighting Ideas

You’ll also have to think about the right kind of lighting fixtures around your bar area. There are many creative DIY-ers who know how to turn things such as oddly shaped glass terrariums into interesting glass lights for their bar. They drill a hole through to make way for a bulb socket and they use an interesting rope to suspend the light from the ceiling.

Other DIYers put their carpentry skills to the test over the weekend when making their bar stools and they know how to make a sturdy tall wooden tripod-type lampstand that houses an interesting lampshade at the top.

If you visit a flea market you can find all kinds of oddly-shaped water bottles and other things that can be used to convert into lamps for a home bar. Sometimes it can be cool just to turn off the electric lights and to use one or two candle lanterns for light in your man cave.

Stocking The Bar

Stocking The Bar

The last thing for man cave bar ideas is the actual bar stuff, stocking up on some beers, some spirits, and bitters. As the months unfold, you can add something to your collections. You’ll also want to gradually include other bar accessories such as coasters, a garnish tray, and maybe even a few additional glass racks.

Whether it is beer, wine, or liquor, stock your home bar with the things that you love to drink first. If you are on a budget you would not be able to be entertaining friends every weekend. So essentially you just want some liquor for cocktails, some tonic and soda water, some wine, and some beer.

Once your man cave bar ideas are up and running and you have a bit of stock it is time to invite your friends over and to start letting your man cave provide all the pleasures you have been dreaming of.

Do research because if you are a DIY-er then of course you will have many cheap man cave bar ideas to get started with. If you are not, just by having a bit of spare, available room in your home, there are crafty ways to get a small man care idea going for yourself. Think of that space under a stairway in your home or by converting the garden shed or garage.

The Internet is full of man cave bar ideas and you can gain a thorough grasp of the different ideas there are and develop them further with your own creative potential.

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