Making his television debut on the TLC’s notorious show My 600 Lb Life, Steven Assanti has been one of those obese people who were brought on the show to give inside access to their lives in return for help. After the show was concluded, many fans and people started questioning the whereabouts of Steven giving rise to internet searches like “obituary Steven Assanti 2020”. This was because many presumed that Steven was dead. However, it’s 2021, and people are still questioning his whereabouts and searching for obituary Steven Assanti 2020.

Let’s look at what the show is about before we start unraveling Steven Assanti’s experience on the show and his current status.

What Is My 600 Lb Life TV Show?

Started in 2012, My 600 Lb Life is an American reality show that is still being aired to this day. The show has 9 seasons so far and is aired on TLC, a media channel famous for reality TV shows. The show has a follow-up on the people who have joined the team to lose weight on another show called “where are they now?”.

My 600 Lb life sees people morbidly obese, usually over the 600 pounds weight range, joining the show for a certain period. Some people are recorded over 7 years, while others are recorded for 1 year and some even less. The show sees the journey of these morbidly obese individuals trying to change their diet, their ways of living, and getting on a new fitness regimen.

But before these people can take on the routine, they are introduced to the famous Iranian doctor Younan Nowzardan who specializes in bariatric surgery and vascular surgery. Originally from Iran, Younan moved to the USA to complete his rotary internship at St Johns Hospital found in Detroit. Commonly referred to as Dr. Now, many of his patients applaud the dedication and expertise of the doctor saying that he has allowed them to change their lives for the better.

Dr. Now assesses the individual’s weight and other medical ailments and writes up the report to give the individual the picture of the severe situation they are in. Weight over 300 Lbs can be detrimental to the health of a human and above 600 Lbs can be a life and death situation. After individuals are shown the stark reality of the situation they are in, they are monitored and their behavior is recorded.

Just like how human beings are, some individuals follow the routine to the core to ensure that they are living for someone while others require a bit more effort as they start to lose hope. Some are shown to get frustrated on the show such as Steven Assanti and therefore the keyword obituary Steven Assanti 2020 has been searched by fans of the show multiple times.

The show shows you the behavioral changes of individuals and their will during the change process, however, not all individuals make it to the end of the routine either because they can not follow the regimen or their attitude in the hospital.

Once the show is finished, the follow-up show “where are they now?” approaches the individuals years later after the diet and fitness regimen prescribed to them. Here you will find many transformation stories of how the individuals plunged into darkness during their weight loss battle and how they kept fighting to lose weight. Some of the individuals on the show can be seen to lose a lot of weight as they stick dedicatedly to their goals while others have gone down a rabbit hole of sorrows failing to fight.

Now that you know what the show is about, let’s give you a background story behind obituary Steven Assanti 2020 and Steven Assanti himself.

Steven Assanti Early Life

Steven Assanti Early Life

Before we head to why there has been a lot of people searching for obituary Steven Assanti 2020, let’s look at the early life of Steven Assanti.

Steven was born in Providence in the year 1981 and he and his brother Justin were raised by his mother who was an alcoholic. His biological father was never there at their birth as his mother never allowed the father to meet the kids even throughout their childhood. No reasoning for this was ever published or provided.

His alcoholic mum had a lot of issues going on with her relationship with a toxic boyfriend at the time. Many accounts state that the ex-boyfriend would abuse the children, Steven and his brother Justin, which led to both siblings binging on food whenever they had the opportunity.

However, Steven took his binging habits a step further with his brother stating that whenever they were together and he would see some food before Justin could even reach out Steven would gobble it all down. Justin referred to Steven as a greedy person even before all the abuse began.

There is no detail whether the mum had settled down or if she was still in the family picture however we do know that the person referred to as father on the show is the two boys’ biological father.

Steven Assanti’s Education

Steven Assanti has remained very private about his personal life. Not much is known about his relationships with his family, his source of income besides his income as a reality star, and his education. Although not much is known about his education, he had mentioned that he was very well educated. This leads us to believe that his education could perhaps be the reason he has amassed some wealth for himself besides appearing on TV shows as a reality star.

For now, there is no such information about his education is available.

Steven Assanti’s TV Appearance

Steven Assanti's TV Appearance

Steven Assantis’s appearance on My 600Lb life was not his first TV debut. Steven Assanti was trying his best to come on a TV show even earlier than My 600Lb life. This was perhaps because he needed to get help in losing weight, however, many people have taken to the internet that he did these to start earning a living. Not much is know about this and therefore there are many people still searching obituary Steven Assanti 2020 on the internet to find answers. So, which TV show did Steven appear on before My 600Lb life?

Dr. Phil House Of Hatred

Steven was first seen on TV in 2007 on Dr. Phil House of Hatred where he came on and discussed his weight issues and how he desired to reduce his weight. The show had several obese people in the house with Staci, a young girl who said that she hated fat people. However, during the conclusion of the episode, Dr. Phil approaches Staci who is sitting with Steven. She states that her views on “fat” people have changed as it is their personality that matters however when it came to Steven, she was categorically clear that even if Steven was 170 Lbs, she wouldn’t want to interact with him.

The fact that Staci mentioned that even if Steven was slim she wouldn’t interact with him gives us an idea of what kind of personality Steven has. Dr. Phil goes on to clarify that Steven was manipulative, lazy, and fundamentally dishonest. Staci agrees to that and exits the room giving time for the viewers to digest what had happened.

Let’s give you a brief idea of why Steven had come on Dr. Phil’s show. Steven, initially, did not come on the show to lose weight or talk about his weight issues but that he hated skinny people. Staci came on the show stating that she hated fat people. Hence, house of hatreds was a show where two polar opposite groups of people come together in a house and work as a team.

Back to where Staci had realized that it is not her hate for weight but the attitude of people that she hated and left. Dr. Phil goes on to ask Steven Assanti how he was doing and he was quick to state that he had changed a lot and was controlling his eating habits. However, Dr. Phil mentions that Steven had come to this place to confront skinny people because of his hate towards skinny people.

What Dr. Phil learned was that Steven was arrogant, lazy and a con artist who would manipulate people. This is evidenced by a clip where a young black woman who is kind to Steven leaves the room and Steven rings up a familiar to bash the woman verbally over the phone for a few laughs.

Dr. Phil brings in Steven’s biological father at the end of the show to discuss the very little progress or no progress at all. Steven tears up upon looking at his father suggesting that although he has a bad personality, he is close with his family. His father says that Steven throws massive tantrums if he doesn’t get what he wants so he buys Steven just enough food to keep him quiet.

Dr. Phil finally concludes the episode by providing Steven the help that he so desperately needs. Dr. Phil states that he will provide all the resources to Steven, however, if he does not clean his act up, he will have Steven fired from the show. However, after that episode, Steven didn’t lose weight, did not follow the regimen prescribed to him and he had left the show. Many sources state that he had put on 200 Lbs more. This was the time where he started doing bizarre YouTube videos by dancing around shirtless to garner a fan following and make some income in doing so.

The Biggest Loser Audition

The tapes for his audition for the show The Biggest Loser came out in 2010 giving people the idea that Steven had applied to be on the show. However, there was no update from the TV show producers or cast on his selection which means that Steven was refused to be on the show.

Many fans of the reality show were well-versed with Steven and knew his bad personality would not be a good fit for the show. They even went on to say that Steven not being on the show suggests how big of a loser he is. However, that did not stop Steven Assanti who went on to My 600Lbs life.

My 600Lbs Life

My 600Lbs Life

After his audition for the show The Biggest Loser, Steven was approached by TLC to join their hit running TV series, My 600 Lbs Life. Many believed that Steven did not join the show to lose weight but to become famous as he had mentioned previously that he had dreamed to become an actor.

On the show, weighing in more than 730 lbs and a leg infection, Steven was taken to Dr. Now to get a diagnostic done. He was brought to Texas in a trailer that was following his Father, Steve, and his brother Justin’s car. Throughout the road trip, the audience is given an insight into how Steven is. Steven would call his dad every couple of minutes and start complaining about getting weak and that if anything would happen to Steven it would be his dad’s fault. This manipulative attitude was seen throughout the 1,200 miles journey.

Steve stops every 2 hours to grab some food for Steven so that he wouldn’t stop complaining and shouting. Steve goes on to say this is ridiculous but it seems that his father is at the helms of this son, Steven.

Upon reaching the hospital where Dr. Now practices (Foundation Surgical Hospital of Houston), Steven undergoes a couple of tests. He is then told by Dr. Now that he did not have much time if he did not work towards losing weight. Steven was seen struggling on the show. Steven was admitted to the hospital and his weight loss program had started so that he could get a gastric bypass operation done.

During his time at the hospital, Dr. Now started to have a tough time handling Steven. It was said that Steven was abusive and would not follow the diet plan. He would start yelling and going into a tantrum. Dr. Now had high hopes for Steven but unfortunately, after a year and 2 months in, things started becoming bleak. Steven had not only lost weight but also had gotten addicted to pain medication.

Steven started abusing his addiction by calling the authorities or police or the fire department to get him to the hospital as an “emergency” but there was no such emergency and he would reach the hospital to get pain medications.

During his addiction to pain medication, Dr. Now wanted Steven to undergo the operation as a means to start losing weight. However, that proved impossible as just before the surgery Steven had called pizza delivery to have a pizza delivered which he had his fill with.

Annoyed with all these, Dr. Now understood that this was abuse to the taxpayer’s money and Steven was just wasting time. Without spending any more effort and time on Steven, Dr. Now discharged Steven and sent him home. Dr. Now also threatened Steven that he will have Steven’s insurance canceled to teach him a lesson if he starts to misuse taxpayers’ money. So, what happened to Steven Assanti after the show?

What Happened To Steven Assanti My 600 Pound Life

Many fans follow Steven’s life and try to find the information available. If you search obituary Steven Assanti 2020, you would come across only a few articles trying to let people know what is going on with Steven Assanti, however, most of these are not from credible sources.

After the show, it was reported that Steven Assanti lost some weight but there was no certainty as to how much weight he had lost. Steven Assanti is very private about his life so, after his show, he almost completely disappeared leading the quest to people searching for obituary Steven Assanti 2020. Many believed that he had died due to weight complications, however, those were just rumors because after the keyword “obituary Steven Assanti 2020” went viral, news came that Steven had gotten married.

Steven Assanti’s Wife

Steven has been very private about his life without sharing any details. He has no active social media accounts and therefore it was very difficult for media people to get in touch with Steven to provide reports to those searching obituary Steven Assanti 2020 who thought that he was dead.

However, after a few months of silence, Steven had married a massage therapist, Stephanie Sanger. His wife went on to post a picture of the couple on her social media platform stating that she accepted his dark while he had found the light in her. This was news for those searching obituary Steven Assanti 2020 as there was no news before this.

A Rocky Relationship

Ever heard the phrase “all good things must come to an end”? Well, obituary Steven Assanti 2020 was not the only thing searched that year as people started to get curious as to what was going on with their relationship. No social media presence and just 11 days after the picture of the couple were uploaded, Stephanie changed the profile picture to a solo picture of hers.

Many people started to relate this with his behavioral problems and concluded that he might not be married anymore. If you check online for Steven Assanti besides obituary Steven Assanti 2020, you would come to know that some sources dictate that he is married while others still state that he is single.

In the endeavor to find out what had happened, Starcasm reached out to Stephanie with questions for an interview. Stephanie had gotten back to the reporters with answers that glorified how good Steven is. It was later found out that the answers to the questions provided were not by Stephanie but by Steven himself. However, during this time the marriage had not ended but it was a start of a rocky relationship.

Steven had gotten back to the reporters during season 4 of where are they now and said that things have been portrayed very negatively and all this harassment has negatively impacted their lives. A year into the marriage, a quick search of obituary Steven Assanti 2020 resulted in my viewers accessing Stephanie’s Facebook page.

This was a surprising discovery as, after a year of marriage, Stephanie had removed all photos of the two together from her social media platforms. Even the Facebook ID went from the obnoxious Stephanie.stevenmylove to Stephanie Sanger. This was short-lived and had gone back to Stephanie.stevenmylove. However, with many people quickly searching for obituary Steven Assanti 2020, they had forgotten about the couple. If you search Stephanie now, you would find out that she has reverted to Stephanie Sanger. However, her Facebook page does state that they are married.

Full Body Obituary Steven Assanti 2020

Full Body Obituary Steven Assanti 2020

When Steven went off the show, people started to believe that he had died due to weight complications and hence the searches: obituary Steven Assanti 2020. However, that was not the case. Since the show, Steven made several appearances on Stephanie’s Facebook page and also had three videos on his YouTube channel which he had immediately taken down. But thanks to the internet, those videos were saved by the people and reposted from different accounts.

Since then people have not been sure whether or not Steven is alive and keep on searching obituary Steven Assanti 2020, however, his brother Justin does confirm one thing. During his Reddit “ask me anything”, his fans ask about Steven’s marriage calling it fake. Justin quickly responds that Steven is married and has not bothered Justin ever since. We are led to believe that Steven is not dead but is very private about his life.

Steven Assanti’s Net Worth & Career

Now that we got the obituary Steven Assanti 2020 rumors out of the way, let’s discuss Steven Assanti’s net worth. Steven is said to have made some money through fan followings, the show as a reality TV star, and perhaps investments that many people do not know about.

Reddit posts show arguments among fans enraged by the fact that Steven has been taking advantage of his social security and disability benefits besides his possible “investments”. It is unclear as to what assets he owns or where he has invested his money but some sources state his net worth.

Steven is said to be worth anywhere between $1.5 million to $5.5 million. These are again estimates done by many different media outlets, however, there is no confirmation of this because Steven is very private about his life.

Steven Assanti’s Online Presence

Steven Assanti Instagram

Besides searching for obituary Steven Assanti 2020, people have also searched for Steven Assanti’s Instagram account details. It’s not surprising, after discussing how private Steven is, he does not have an official Instagram account. If you search for Steven Assanti Instagram, you will be greeted with an account that is not official and is run by his fan. This account is also private and has more than 12,000 followers currently.

Steven Assanti Facebook

Another highly searched keyword besides obituary Steven Assanti 2020 is Steven Assanti Facebook. If you start to search for the reality TV star’s Facebook account, you would come across none. There is no Facebook account made by Steven and certainly no fan accounts as of now.

Steven Assanti Wikipedia Bio

Wikipedia has all information related to any famous people, however, if you search for Steven Assanti, you will not find any official Wikipedia page. There are unofficial Wiki blogs for Steven written by fans or curious media writers but not an official Wikipedia page.

Is Steven Assanti Dead Or Alive?

Considering how people are searching for obituary Steven Assanti 2020 to find out about Steven Assanti’s death, we have named this article obituary Steven Assanti 2020 to give you all the available information about the reality star. The death rumors surrounding Steven that popularized the search obituary Steven Assanti 2023 were all just rumors and Steven is still alive. There is not much information about the reality TV star as he is very private about his life.

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