It is no secret that emergencies don’t knock on the door before coming in. Money is an utmost required thing in such scenarios.

For immediate funds, options include payday loans, credit cards, or cash advances. Though these aspects are good, they are not the smartest. They come with high-interest rates and additional charges that might give you insomnia.

This is where the importance of a pawn shop comes in handy!!

No matter how much amount you need, if you have something valuable like gold, a diamond, or even a car, you can easily get it with quick approval and nominal interest.

If you want to make the most out of it, you need to know these 5 ways to get the maximum cash for diamonds or gold.

1. Do Research

Cash for Diamonds

It is one of the important aspects that you need to consider is nothing but doing extensive research about the pawn shop you are going to. Make sure you search that respective pawn shop on “Google” to find reviews (both negative and positive). Consider the shops that primarily deal in jewelry. You can also ask your nearby relatives or friends about the shop to get a proper idea. When you do so, you will feel confident that you would be getting the best deal for your valuables without any guilt.

Note: Don’t forget to check the current market price of your item.

2. Don’t Forget to Bargain

Well, this is something that many people find embarrassing but you shouldn’t feel so to do it if you want to get the right price. It is your right to make a counter while pawning diamond jewelry. Make sure you have bargaining skills to convince the shopkeeper with a valid justification. If you, however, fail to convince the owner, you are likely to get less cash that you might regret it later. Never miss such an opportunity. You never know what incredible amount you might get with a little bargain.

3. Choose a Reputable Pawn Shop

Cash for Diamonds

If you are looking to get maximum cash for your valuable diamond jewelry, then make sure you choose a shop that you can trust. Keep in mind that a reputable shop will never force you to buy something of its own choice. Also, you should check whether they have a valid license of operating the shop as it would give you a sense of credibility that your jewelry is in safe hands. Though you can find many pawn shops online, you should check their reputation before making a move.

4. Consider the Very First Deal

Here comes the important aspect!

Always remember that there is more money under the hood. It is often observed that many pawnbrokers would try to manipulate you with multiple lucrative offers. Though these deals might sound attractive, most of them are a trap.

Make sure you understand the deal and then make the right move. Always try to get 10% more than what you think you might get. Don’t forget to remember the first deal that the broker gives at the beginning of the process.

5. Know the Rules

Cash for Diamonds

There is no arguing the fact that banks and other financial institutions usually sidestep hidden laws and regulations. It is even true for pawn shops. Before you choose a pawn shop to get maximum cash, check whether the shop follows the rules and regulations. They should present identification as they convert stolen goods into cash.


Make sure you choose to find a reliable pawn shop to sell your jewelry. The shape, cut, and quality of your valuable item like a diamond may have a significant impact on the amount of cash you receive.

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