The past years have witnessed a massive rise in digital payment methods, such as debit/credit cards. It has become vital for merchants to provide such services for a smooth business. But for that, you need a merchant account provider. If you are a high-risk business owner, it can be challenging for you to find one.

In such cases, high-risk payment processors come to the rescue. In this post, you will know some popular companies that provide end-to-end payment services and ensure customer satisfaction.

List of Payment Providers for High-Risk Merchants

Payment Providers for High-Risk Merchants

Here is a list of the most popular payment providers in the market.

1. Payment Cloud

Here are some of the things to know about Payment Cloud payment processors.

  • Payment cloud is one of the most popular payment processors specializing in providing high-risk businesses approved for a merchant account.
  • It guides all the application processes and provides multiple backend processors to ensure the lowest prices for their consumers.
  • Some popular low-risk payment processors, such as Dharma Merchant Services and Stripe, usually refer their clients with high-risk applications to payment clouds.
  • They provide all primary payment types, such as debit card, credit card, and automated clearing house payments (ACH Payments)
  • Although the pricing is not public, its existing users say that the prices are reasonable. You should visit the official site and follow the process to get a price quote from the company.
  • The company does not charge any setup fees, application fees, and annual fees.

So here is a summarized list of the various features of the payment cloud.

Things people love The missing features
Excellent Customer support system No price disclosed
No extra cost for account set-up, application process, etc Some users face difficulty in navigating the site.
Free credit card terminal There is a possibility of high fees if your business does not have a high risk.
Good review by the public

2. Durango Public Service

Here are few things to know about Durango Public Service

  • It is one of the best and oldest high-risk payment processors. The company is known for their excellent customer support, fair prices, and honesty.
  • Like Payment clouds, Durango also does not provide the details of rates or fees on its website. It depends on quoting price according to the service required.
  • One of the best features offered by Durango is offshore merchant processing. That means, if you want, they can set up a merchant account for you outside US-based banks and processors.
  • Another popular service by Durango is personal account manager. It ensures a high-level service which is not possible with random group representatives.
  • Durango supports its eCommerce clients through the Durango Pay payment gateway. That includes all security features and standard payment methods to run a safe business.

We present here a list of the pros and cons of Durango Public Service

Pros Cons
Offshore account for international clients Prices are not publicly available
Economical pricing and fair contract terms Might face problems when the manager is not available
Provides mobile card reader Sometimes charge early termination fees
Personal account manager
Secure processing with Durango Pay gateway.
Has high approval rates

3. Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services

Here are facts about Host Merchant Service

  • Host Merchant primarily focuses on low-risk businesses. However, it incorporates some high-risk categories.
  • Its full range of services and products with interchange-plus-only pricing makes it one of the most preferred service providers if you get approved.
  • Host merchant services are ideal for businesses in the eCommerce sector. Its backend processor is TSYS merchant solutions.
  • Besides, the clients have a choice between Authorize.Net, transaction exchange gateway, and other third-party gateways.
  • The company provides 24/7 customer support that attracts a lot of attention from merchants.

Here is what you get and what you miss if you are a client of Host Merchant Services.

What you get What you miss
Mostly early termination fee is zero Chargeback protection tools are limited
The setup or application fee is zero The pricing might look more to a small business owner
No limit on monthly minimums Sometimes, early termination fees are required.
Great Customer support
Interchange-plus pricing
Many direct eCommerce and POS integration.

4. SMB Global

Here are some things to know about SMB Global

  • Unlike most other service providers, SMB offers payment processors to various businesses, such as the travel industry.
  • Its top-notch customer support system and fair prices garner a lot of love and appreciation from people.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of SMB Global services

Pros Cons
Excellent chargeback support Does not have a mobile application
Offshore merchant processing is available No public prices
Economical pricing and reliable contract terms An Early cancellation fee for high-risk merchants.
Offers great customer support Do not contract with CBD vendors.
Offers service to a wide range of industries
More than 175 shopping cart integrations

5. Soar Payments

Utilize Cloud Software

Here are some facts to know about Soar Payments:

  • Its competitive pricing attracts low-risk and high-risk merchants.
  • They are focused on eCommerce services.
Pros Cons
Offers Custom Pricing Quote Work only with US-based merchants
Automated application process Charges early termination fee
No application fee
Fast underwriting

So, this was the list.


Payment processors are a great help for business owners, particularly high-risk ones. Besides, they save the efforts and time you put in for merchant account approval. Payment processors ensure that your business transactions work smoothly. They also protect from fraud.

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