Frustrated about finding the best internet and TV plan? Don’t give up yet. Spectrum Cable TV has some of the best packages to offer in over 41 states of the country. Let’s take a look.

Overview Of Spectrum

Spectrum is well-reputed for its affordable services in over 41 states. Although the availability varies from city to city, it still remains one of the largest providers with the best coverage. Spectrum cable TV offers cable TV, internet, and home phone services that tend to meet the needs of various customers. Some of the key benefits of Spectrum’s services include no-contract, HD and premium channels lineup, as well as DVR and TV app services.

Overview of Spectrum

Spectrum TV app is a recent product by the provider. It lets customers view live TV on their mobile phones, no matter where they are. This means that sports lovers don’t have to miss out on their favorite matches or a TV show fan will not miss out on season finales. Plus, it has on-demand titles that you can enjoy as well. You can use this app from your phone to mirror or connect the content on other devices as well such as your tablets and Apple TV and Xbox. In fact, your entertainment will be non-stop when you’d have the best channels apps on your phones such as HBO and History Channel apps. Spectrum customers, Time Warner Cable customers, and Bright house customers can all enjoy this app.

Other than the basic features and services, Spectrum will also provide you with reliable customer support. You can always reach out to the team on Spectrum phone number for any help you may need. You can place an order for any service either over the phone or conveniently over the internet only! Don’t forget to check the availability of its service in your area by putting in your ZIP code on buytvinternetphone.

Spectrum Cable TV Plans And Bundles

Spectrum Cable TV Plans and Bundles

1. Spectrum TV Select

This is a TV-only deal and does not include any other service. The package includes more than 125 HD channels that you can enjoy, as well as on-demand movies and shows. The deal will grant you access to the famous Spectrum TV app. This package costs $44.99/mo. without any contract enforcement.

2. Spectrum TV Silver

With a $30 difference from the TV Select deal, Spectrum TV Silver will give you more than 175 HD channels. It will also give you access to HBO Max, NFL Network, and Showtime. This makes it a great value deal. It also includes Live TV with Spectrum TV app and thousands of on-demand titles. This is the best for sports since it has over 15 premium sports channels. The package costs $74.99/mo.

3. Spectrum TV Gold

The premium TV-only package is the Spectrum TV Gold that costs $94.99mo and is ideal for family homes and cable TV lovers. The package is for those who tend to watch TV for long durations. It includes HBO, STARZ, STARZENCORE, and TMC apart from HBO Max and NFL Network. So, if you are a sports lover, then the cable TV plan with the NFL works better for you.

TV + Internet

Looking for a way to get Spectrum’s internet and cable TV altogether? You can easily bundle up the two services and pick the internet + TV bundles discussed below

4. Double Play Select

Double Play Select

Double Play Select bundle costs $89.99/mo. It includes more than 125 HD channels, access to the Spectrum TV app, and thousands of on-demand titles, including movies and shows. The bundle is also great for sports and entertainment lovers as it includes many channels like ESPN and MTV. When it comes to the internet, the bundle has the best value to offer thanks to its unlimited data and 200mbpss of download speeds. You also get a free modem and antivirus software with it. However, you will have to pay installation charges separately.

For those searching for a voice + internet + TV bundle, Spectrum has a lot of good news. Here are the bundles you can avail:

TV + Internet + Voice

5. Triple Play Select

The 3-in-1 Select bundle is one of the most affordable yet amazing services you can get. It will deliver you 200 Mbps of internet speeds, along with over 125 HD channels and unlimited calling data. The bundle does not come with any internet data caps, so you can stream live TV or on-demand titles on the Spectrum app without hesitation. It is a great bundle for family homes or where there are people with different cable TV needs, thanks to the versatile channel lineup that includes Discovery, ESPN, and CNN. The bundle costs $102.97/mo.

6. Triple Play Gold

Triple Play Gold is the most premium TV, voice, and internet bundle you can get your hands on. It costs $152.97/mo. and offers you services like 200 Mbps of internet, unlimited data caps, unlimited international calling, and access to the streaming app. Not only this, but you can also avail yourself of nationwide Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots without any charges. This bundle also includes voicemail and other premium calling features like Call Guard.

Final Thoughts

You must be impressed by all these plans and bundles by Spectrum. As long as the services are available in your area, there won’t be much that could go wrong with Spectrum’s cable TV services.

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