It is difficult to start, especially if the business requires large investments. Working hand in hand with different business niches, you can analyze the situation and understand where it is better to invest, and which business with minimal investment will bring maximum results in the future. If you need to quickly earn money for business development – try to play online casinos using casino bonuses.

Profitable Business Ideas With Low Cost

business ideas

You need to open a business taking into account the current situation, but at the same time, you need to look to the future. Life has not stopped but changed. People also cannot live without certain things, which means that the one who guesses the needs will receive profit and growth.

Directions that will not lose relevance in 2023:

  • business services;
  • IT industry;
  • entertainment;
  • online education;
  • HLS.

Needlework and production

What to spend on: materials, equipment, advertising, legal registration.

You can start from scratch. The main thing is to have the skill. You can make decorative candles, and souvenirs, make edible bouquets, sew custom-made curtains, and bed linen, knit woolen items, repair, and tailor clothes, and make designer toys and jewelry.

The basic need is clothing. It will remain with people even under the worst scenarios, while some brands have left the Russian market, you can take their place. Of course, during the crisis, you will have to forget about elite fabrics and patterns, but so far not everything is so bad. Sew and knit according to demand. Then you can open your own atelier or production.

Online courses

Online courses

What to spend on: headphones and microphone, training materials, advertising, legal registration.

Education is always needed, but now the opportunity to receive it online is more appreciated. After all, there is not much time left to visit an educational institution in the rhythm of modern life. If you are an expert, you can freely transfer your knowledge for money. It can be not only standard lessons on the subject but also coaching training.

You will need a computer or laptop, Internet, and time to prepare for classes. If you want to develop an author’s course, you will have to assemble a team that will help you with this. And for tutoring and one-time classes based on existing education platforms, such costs are not needed at all. Online lessons can develop into opening your own school.

Sales on marketplaces

What to spend on: goods, advertising, legal registration.

Ideally, you need to sell your own products, then there is a chance to securely gain a foothold in the market, but you can also resell purchased goods, as most sellers on marketplaces do.

The advantage of the idea is that you do not need to search for premises, a warehouse, or pay for the services of sellers. You can do sales from home. On marketplaces, they earn 50,000 rubles a month. Moreover, the profit will be already from the first sales.

Food delivery

What to spend on: kitchen utensils, rent, groceries, advertising, legal clearance.

It can be products from the store, that is, buying from a customer’s list, or healthy food that you have prepared. Not all regions have “proper nutrition” points, especially with delivery. If there is no such service in your city, study, maybe there will be many who want to use such services.

Food is a basic need. Even in the most difficult times, there will be demand, but only if three conditions are met: affordable, safe for health, and tasty. The rhythm of life of a modern person does not allow for spending a lot of time on cooking, so delivering the right food is a good way to create a business that can then become a network one.

Rental of clothes and carnival costumes

carnival costumes

What to spend on: costumes, advertising, legal registration.

You can start with the rental of a single suit and gradually replenish the assortment due to the profits. Or you can buy or sew several suits at a time and earn an income of about 100,000 thousand. We are talking not only about carnival costumes but also about evening and wedding dresses.

Renting is relevant because, with a decrease in purchasing power, people are willing to rent expensive dresses and suits that they don’t have money to buy. Such a business can gradually grow and become sustainable.

Making confectionery products to order

What to spend on: products, equipment, advertising, legal registration.

Confectionery is popular. There are cases when a housewife was so carried away by creating homemade cakes that a few years later she opened her own pastry shop.

To get started, no investment is needed, except for the purchase of products for the manufacture of culinary masterpieces. Various decorations are now freely available, so even an amateur can handle the decor. A confectioner at home can earn 10,000 rubles. Gradually, you can expand: invite assistants, rent a room, and create a whole enterprise.

Business in the social sphere

What to spend on: depends on the chosen direction.

The current situation in the country allows us to consider the social sphere as a business. This can be the provision of socially significant services at a reduced cost or with funding from the state: environmental projects, assistance to the disabled and the poor, leisure and development of children, and more.

There are many free niches in the social sphere. You need to analyze and find out from government agencies about the demand for those other services in your region if you plan to work not throughout Russia. Based on the needs, choose a direction and develop in it.

Point of issue

renting a room

What to spend on: renting a room, racks for goods, a computer or laptop, Internet access, legal registration.

You can cooperate with well-known marketplaces or open a pick-up point for a store that is less popular, but in demand among the population. Many people have not visited offline points for a long time, making purchases online.

The point of issue is a profitable business with minimal investment, provided that you own suitable premises. In addition, you need to carefully study the terms of cooperation with the marketplace or store. Calculate the expected profit, then make a decision to open a pickup point. The perspective of the pick up point is to increase the number of visitors and profits.

Production of dried fruits and live oils

What to spend on: equipment, raw materials, advertising, legal registration.

A simple process and minimal investment is a dried fruit business. As an additional direction, you can add the extraction of natural live oil. Press oils in front of the client, and prepare dried fruits in advance. You can learn the technology from lessons and instructions on the net.

The difficulty is that you need to obtain mandatory documents for the food trade. Otherwise, the idea is profitable, especially for those areas where it is not easy to get high-quality dried fruits and rare varieties of oils. At first, you can offer products to acquaintances, gradually expand to a store, go beyond the region, and start supplying products to large supermarkets.

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