Did you know that solar power provided 2.8% of US electricity production in 2021? It might not seem like much, but that number is sure to increase as solar panels become cheaper and more accessible to homeowners.

But while the environmental benefits of solar panels are well-known, there are still some concerns you need to know about. In Missouri, there are advantages to solar energy, as well as downsides.

So if you live in Missouri and considering solar panel installation, this article is for you. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of having solar panels in Missouri.

The Pros

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The pros of having solar panels in Missouri are plenty. Here are our top examples of the things that you can benefit from if you are ever interested in getting a solar panel system:

Lower Energy Costs

Solar panels collect power from the sun’s rays and convert it into usable electricity. Solar panels also can produce clean, green energy, reducing the cost of electricity even further.

Tax Credits

Having solar panels in Missouri lowers energy costs due to the generous tax credits offered. The Missouri Solar Energy Industry Association (MOSEIA) offers a reduction on homeowner’s taxes if they install solar panels.

Plus, through the Clean Energy Right Act, owners can receive a term-limited tax break in the form of a dividend for businesses and individuals. These generous tax credits and incentives help offset the cost of buying and installing the panels. So it makes them a more affordable and convenient way to reduce energy costs.

Additional local and federal grants are also available to help lower the costs of the installation process. So it’s really no surprise that choosing to have green energy in Missouri is a helpful choice.

Clean, Renewable Energy

Solar panels produce clean, renewable energy from the sun, which is free and abundant. The amount of energy produced by the panels can adjust depending on the current needs of a home or business.

Minimizes Carbon Footprints

In Missouri, having solar panels is an effective way to cut carbon footprints. For one, the switch from relying on fossil fuels to solar energy reduces emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. This eliminates the presence of costly and damaging pollutants in the air.

Having solar panels in Missouri also reduces the use of non-renewable energy sources, decreasing our reliance on them. This reduces the amount of energy used, leading to the reduction of carbon footprints. Therefore, the widespread installation of solar panels in Missouri is a great way to help protect the environment.

Helps Combat Climate Change

Having solar panels in Missouri helps combat climate change in several ways. First, these solar panels can reduce fossil fuel consumption, as they produce renewable energy. The resulting emissions are reduced, and thus, Missouri can do its part in curbing climate change.

Supports Missouri’s Energy Goals

Missouri is one of the fastest-growing solar markets in the US. The state has goals to increase the amount of clean energy in its energy. With Missouri having plenty of sunshine, solar panels are a great choice for using renewable energy that can provide electricity.

Missouri is well on its way to becoming an energy leader in the Midwest. And the installation of solar panels is an important step in helping to reach its energy and climate goals.

Protect Missouri’s Natural Resources

Solar panels generate clean and renewable energy by utilizing sunlight. Thus, it reduces the need and demand for energy created by burning coal and other fossil fuels. This reduces not just the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere but also lessens air and water pollution.

By using solar energy instead, you can cut your contribution to global warming and reduce its impact on the environment. You can also use solar energy to power electric cars, which saves on gas and eliminates the need to find hydrogen or other fuels.

Creation of New Jobs

The jobs that solar panels will create can range from manufacturing to installation to maintenance. These jobs will provide opportunities in renewable energy and create a more sustainable future for the state. Additionally, more jobs in the solar industry will translate to more money for our economy.

By pursuing solar energy, our state can create many job opportunities for Missourians. It can establish a more sustainable future and continue to make Missouri a leader in renewable energy.

Benefits of Using Solar Power

Substantial Economic Benefits

Missouri’s economy will benefit from the increased investment in renewable sources of energy. Moreover, increased adoption of solar panels in Missouri will lead to the growth of ancillary businesses. This includes component manufacturing, installation, and financing services.

Independence From the Grid and Self-Reliance

Solar panels provide a clean and renewable source of energy used to power homes, businesses, and farms. With the right setup, you can gain greater control over your energy needs and reduce your dependence on the grid.

Solar panels in Missouri are a great way for people to gain independence from the grid and become more self-reliant. In times of natural disasters like typhoons, you’ll have enough energy stored to power your home. You won’t have to rely solely on the grid and wait for their announcements or decisions in times of chaos.

The Cons

The cons of having solar panels in Missouri should make any potential user question whether the installation is worth it. Here are some examples that can help you determine if getting solar panels is right for you or not:

Missouri’s Solar Policies Discourage Investment

Having solar panels in Missouri comes with a variety of cons that discourage investment in the solar industry. Solar energy in Missouri is expensive due to the low net-metering rate and low solar renewable energy credit. The state’s solar policies are also complex, making it difficult for businesses to take advantage of incentives.

Additionally, the state limits the size of solar projects and imposes expensive connection costs. These limitations reduce the financial viability of residential solar projects. And it makes them less attractive to investors.

As a result, even when opportunities in Missouri’s new solar economy do exist, investors are often too afraid or unwilling to take a chance. This is largely due to the lack of reliability and the limited return on investment.

Unpredictable Weather

In Missouri, the weather can be unpredictable, making solar panel systems less reliable and efficient. In colder climates such as Missouri, solar panel performance decreases in the winter months. This is due to shorter days and less direct sunlight.

Solar panels also experience maintenance problems. This is due to the constant changes in temperature and humidity. Poor weather can also make moisture and dirt accumulate on the panels resulting in decreased efficiency.

Additionally, sporadic weather in the form of hail is often seen throughout the spring and summer months in Missouri. This can cause severe physical damage to the solar panel systems. All these factors combined can create a costly situation for those who have invested in solar panel systems.

Solar Panels are an Expensive Investment

Investing in solar panels in Missouri can be a costly endeavor. It requires an up-front investment of thousands of dollars to purchase the panels. And they need to have appropriate installation professionals install them.

Costs can vary depending on the number of panels needed, the complexity of installation, and the cost of labor and materials. And while Missouri offers tax credits and other incentives, some of these programs are only accessible to certain jurisdictions or through approved vendors.

Even with incentives, this large initial investment can be intimidating for many people. Furthermore, another potential con is that solar panels do not produce energy during the night. This is when electricity consumption is highest.

In sunny Missouri, the low-angle winter sun does not yield good types of electricity. So solar panels can take a significant amount of time to pay for themselves.

Potential High Upkeep & Maintenance Costs

If your system has damage due to hail, wind, or other issues, it can require costly repairs. Improvement in solar panel technology means that solar panels have become more efficient and serve a longer life. But eventually, all panels will need replacement, which can be costly.

It is important to know the maintenance costs associated with solar panels before investing in solar in Missouri. Additionally, you may need to partner with a professional to perform routine maintenance. You may need to coordinate with them for monitoring on a regular basis.

Shortage of Qualified Solar Installation Contractors

Missouri suffers from a shortage of qualified solar installation contractors. The contractor must complete the installation correctly and safely. This is to ensure there are no issues and to meet the Department of Energy’s standards.

With few certified installers, trying to invest in solar energy may wait months before a completed installation. In the worst cases, installations can fail due to a lack of quality assurance and assurance of a warranty. So if you want to find credible solar installers, you can start to look here.

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Low Solar Radiation Levels

While Missouri does receive an average of 4.2 hours of daily solar radiation, it is far behind the western states of California and Nevada. On average, homes in Missouri that install solar panels need to install 1.6 times the amount of capacity than homes in California and Nevada. This is because their daily solar radiation levels are much higher.

Therefore, it may be cost-prohibitive, especially for smaller systems. Homeowners may also find they generate less income from investments in solar panels. Because for solar panels to be profitable, these homeowners will have a larger initial investment to buy more capacity.

Limited Solar Incentives

Having solar panels in Missouri has its drawbacks due to limited solar incentives in the state. Solar panels have a significant upfront cost that requires a huge investment, even costing up to several thousands of dollars.

In Missouri, solar owners are not incentivized by the state to sell their excess energy back to utility companies. This means they must absorb the full costs of their solar panels. And they cannot receive any extra income if they have a surplus of energy stored.

Rate structures adopted in Missouri prevent solar customers from taking advantage of net metering. So it limits the financial returns associated with residential solar panels.

These factors make it difficult for citizens to justify the high cost of installing a home solar panel system. So if the individuals of Missouri desire to have solar panels, they must make a large investment with uncertain returns.

Is It Worth It to Install Solar Panels in Missouri?

The debate over whether or not it is worth it to install solar panels in Missouri is a complicated one. On one hand, Missouri has some of the most dependable sunny days to power solar panels. This means there is a lot of potential for producing electricity from solar energy.

On the other hand, Missouri has one of the lowest cost of electricity in the nation. This means that solar energy may be expensive or even cost-prohibitive for some.

Additionally, there are certain financial incentives, such as tax credits. These go along with installing solar panels in Missouri. This should be considered when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of the investment.

Ultimately, solar panels in Missouri can provide reliable energy and cost savings in the long run. However, the up-front costs can be high. It is important to do research and determine if solar panels are right for your particular situation and budget.

Start Your Journey in Going Green Now!

Installing solar panels in Missouri provides cost-effective, clean energy to homeowners and businesses. And it can help protect the environment. With this great potential, it is worth looking into if you are a Missouri resident.

What are you waiting for? Contact a local solar energy provider today to see if solar panels are right for you. There is no better time than now to start your journey in going green.

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