The housing market is very dynamic nowadays and keeping up with it can be rather difficult. Whether someone needs to see a house or calculate an appropriate price for it, everything can be rather confusing and time-consuming.

Time is money, and time is also comfort – so, you need to save as much of it as possible. If you are a real estate agent looking to sell a home, these tools can hasten the process for you. Even if you are a home buyer, the right tool can make your search and negotiation much easier. Here are some very useful apps you should consider trying:

Rent Estimator

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Not everyone wants to buy a home permanently. Some are just looking to rent it and live there on a temporary yet long-term basis. If you have a property that you can rent out, then you need to calculate an appropriate rent for it. This is very useful for real estate agents who are trying to find tenants for people with investment property.

The problem is that you have to consider many things when you calculate the rent. You need to factor in the size, the neighborhood, the number of bathrooms and beds, the state of the place, and many more. Many homeowners set prices that are too high, which makes it difficult for real estate agents to find people willing to pay.

This is why rent estimators can prove to be such efficient tools. You may use a rent estimator by address to determine what the appropriate cost would be. Throw in some extra details about the home, and you will be on your way toward finding the right customers.

Digital Staging Tools

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According to real estate professionals, the majority of homeowners said that the way a home is staged affects their purchasing decision. Most homes do not even come with furniture – it is removed before the new homeowners come in. They are okay with that, mainly because they often arrive with their own furniture.

With that in mind, they still want to see what the house would look like when it has the right furniture. The better staged it is, the more it will attract people. This is why digital staging tools are so convenient, as they can virtually dress up the home through edited pictures. There won’t be a need to hire furniture or interior decorators.

If you are a buyer, you will know how to mix the furniture in your new home. If you are a real estate agent, it will help you sell the home faster. Buyers can already imagine living there, making the entire process much easier.

Virtual Open House App

Ideally, we would want to see the homes we plan on living in with our own eyes. The problem is that if you live in a different area, you may not have the possibility to travel just to see a house. This can be very problematic if you live in California and want to move to, say, Florida.

The road could be too long. Not to mention there is also a chance you would not like the house. This means you would have wasted precious time traveling cross-state for a house you do not even want. It even affects real estate agents, as it potentially discourages people from visiting the house.

This is why you may want to consider open-house apps. They are different from pictures as they offer more dimension. They are also different from regular open houses, as they allow you to visit the place from a distance. Most of these tools offer live streaming as an alternative option, allowing more people to see the property.

Market Watch Apps

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There are millions of homes on the market, all of them with unique features. Some of these houses go off the market quickly, whereas others can take weeks or months to get sold. Whether you are a real estate agent or someone wanting to buy a home, it can be very difficult to keep track of everything.

This is why you may want to go for a market watch app. These tools will list all the homes available on the market, matching them by preference. For example, if your client wants a white picket fence single home in a quiet neighborhood, market watch apps can help you narrow down your search. Not only is this a time-saving option for real estate agents, but it also allows home seekers to find the perfect house. According to Ofirio statistics, these cities have become attractive to real estate investors due to their low cost of living, high employment rates, and moderate housing prices.

The Bottom Line

We live in a time when there is an app for pretty much anything. You just need to know what you are searching for. Once you figure that out, you can streamline your home-buying or selling process.

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