We have all seen photographs to sell real estate, but these days the demand for real estate videography has become a necessity, allowing would-be buyers to get a ‘real-life’ tour of a property when they are not able to physically view it.

There is a very hackneyed saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Extrapolated to the real estate world, an image can be absolutely everything. In the midst of the digital age, most homes are sold online. Therefore, the clients-sellers will find their buyers in the network. But do you think someone is going to buy your property if they can’t get an idea of ​​what it’s like? We anticipate that he will not even visit it.

For this reason, real estate companies understand how crucial it is to take good photographs of the home in question. Earlier, it was alright taking four-five images of the house and posting them on your website. But today, the clients-buyers have become more demanding. This has given birth to a new career prospect for real estate photographers and videographers.

Videographers work hard as individuals or as a group to obtain that amazing footage they strive for. Real estate videography can be an exciting career choice, especially since it can be a lucrative job.

With covid -19 forever changing the way we work, the entire world has had to become more digital and we are seeing video being used in all industries, and of course, the world of real estate is no exception.

Real Estate Videography Also On Social Media

Real estate videography also on social media

If you are a real estate agent you will want to know where to share your real estate video apart from it being on your real estate website. You need to know this because not every buyer is going to come to your website.

There are many people interested in buying property who are on social media. Social media can also be an avenue for you to take to extend your video marketing reach. Apart from Facebook, it is important to make use of other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

You Do Not Need To Hire A Production Crew

Videography is a useful asset that can help you sell more property, and a huge percentage of property owners say that they are far more likely to list with a real estate agent who makes use of video. To make a real estate video all you essentially need is your camera and a real estate video editor to get going.

For live videos too, you will need a strong Internet connection. For these live videos, it is important to check your upload speed for optimal live streaming.

Hiring a production crew to make videos for you can be so costly that you decide to look at becoming a videographer yourself. A professional real estate videography expert can essentially start with just a smartphone and an editor.

With an idea in your mind of how you want your video to look, then it will be time to think of the equipment you need. These days, your smartphone’s camera or your DSLR may not be enough. You may well need to take your video marketing to the next level. This is when a drone can be helpful even though real estate drone photography may not be cheap.

There are of course different kinds of videos you can make to help increase your real estate sales. A virtual tour that takes you through each room of the property is always appealing and is one of the most popular kinds of real estate videos you can make.

Listing videos are a popular kind of real estate video, allowing you to show buyers an immersive virtual viewing experience. With live video, it is pretty much a case of filming your video to form a personal connection with your audience.

A real estate videography expert will even look at video testimonials where they feature past clients who have had a pleasant property buying experience. These kinds of videos build trust and credibility with newer buyers looking to be convinced.

A real estate explainer video is also a useful way to share your real estate expertise in a video. You can be sharing real estate tips and even answer some popular real estate questions.

Real Estate Videography Pricing – Showcase Property In A More Detailed Way

Real estate videography pricing - Showcase property in a more detailed way

How much is real estate videography pricing? Video marketing in real estate can be a marketing asset when selling property. Videography has become a great way to showcase a property in a more detailed way. To compensate for requiring quite a bit of equipment and for real estate videography requiring quite a bit of costly technology. Look at real estate drone photography or aerial footage as an example. It is superb for providing buyers with aerial views of a property and its surrounding land but it can be costly to buy.

Talking about real estate drone photography, drones are ideal for getting certain video shots and they have become so much easier for regular people to operate.

Real estate videographers can expect to get about up to $200 an hour for their work. With real estate videography pricing, videographers can make anything between $45,000 and $50 000 a year.

Videography Vital For Selling Property Online

Videography is all about capturing events live, and a typical example is wedding videography. But what about the property industry? These days the real estate industry incorporates videography into their listings to make their advertised properties more appealing to viewers.

Real estate videography has become a vital part of selling property online. Of course, knowing how to take footage with moving images requires good coordination. Videographers have to handle cameras and are knowledgeable about angles to get the best shots.

They certainly have to know where to place all their gear to ensure they do not miss any crucial moments. Although videographers operate in different environments, they always control the equipment they have at the shoot. Just some of the kits they carry with them are camcorders, and memory cards. Tripods, microphones, lenses, audio equipment, lighting equipment, and more.

Importance Of Audio

When we talk about real estate video tips and what the real estate videography professional carries with them, audio is one of the most important aspects when filming. It is therefore important to invest in a good mic.

Another important real estate video tip is lighting. You always have to be aware of the natural lighting there is but when you are required to carry something with you, you can use an aperture LED mini light that can be attached to your camera.

In terms of video equipment, it is a good idea to use your phone prior to going out and buying expensive camera equipment. When it comes to real estate videography cameras, there are different kinds of real estate – point and sheet, mirrorless, and DSLR.

With a point-and-shoot camera, you are limited to the lens choice. The kit lens that your camera comes with would not be a good choice. Experts advise rather that you purchase the camera body so as to save money. Then, you buy the lens separately. If you are going to be shooing the interiors of buildings or houses, you will want a wide-angle lens.

With real estate videography jobs, the videographer will work part-time or full-time. They will meet with clients who are wanting to sell their property. It could be homes, offices, apartments, warehouses, farms, or something else.

In these types of real estate videography jobs, the videographer will film the interior and exterior shots of the property to use in online property tour videos. The videographer will also be expected to take still photos which are sought after for print publications.

As mentioned, videographers specialize in live event recordings. But what about videography in real estate? Can it enhance your listings and make them more eye-catching? These days, the quality of these real estate listings can give one a clue to the professionalism and the desire to please the attitude of the company.

Property hunters when looking through thousands of properties for sale rely on something exceptional to help them with narrowing down their search. If a possible buyer clicks on a property based on its description and there are no videos or pictures, they are not going to pursue it with interest. Good photos and videos are key to attracting buyers.

Real Estate Photography Classes – How To Become A Videographer

Real estate photography classes - How to become a videographer

It can help if videographers are naturally creative. That is because, with a little bit of camera knowledge, anyone can really take photos and videos of a property. But it is not just any property that you are shooting.

In the case of someone selling their home, that home is someone’s home packed full of unique features and the real estate videography expert has to be able to capture that. The films they make may well air on television and then they need to attract people who have seen it all.

Operating a camera is not all that is required and recording and editing videos are just part of the videographer’s job. So to become a videographer, you need to have an interest in capturing extraordinary moments.

You do not have to have a formal degree, but certainly having a degree can help with opening more doors of opportunity. Knowing things such as broadcasting, visual design, sound editing, cinematography, film theory, media research, and screenwriting among others is a part of becoming a clued-up videographer.

Most employers prefer candidates who have a bachelor’s degree. A good tip is to look at the kind of industry you want to be in and take courses accordingly. Real estate photography classes are designed for beginners too and signing up for such a class will show you all the basics.

You will even learn about your camera’s settings and also how to edit your real estate photography. Most importantly, these real estate photography classes will show you how to turn your real estate photography into a full-time business.

Do You Need Formal Education?

Many people are thrilled at the idea of wildlife video photography. Some videographers research and see that formal education is not necessary, but then you still need to prepare for a videographer career by taking the appropriate individual courses to get real estate videography jobs. Many of these courses are available online and at colleges in your area.

If you are still in high school and you know that this is the career that you want to pursue, sign up for courses in journalism and technology as these can help you in the future.

A great way to gain experience is to look at the possibility of internships.

The videographer internship opportunities allow the videographer-to-be to train with experienced videographers. You will learn about the responsibilities of a professional videographer and also see the ‘boring’ side of the job such as the administrative side of things. These Internships are beneficial for videographers, as they will provide you with hands-on experience.

Build A Videography Portfolio

Build a videography portfolio

Another step to becoming a real estate videography expert is to build a portfolio of your work to show customers and employers what you are about. A demo reel needs to have samples of your work in the field you are interested in.

You can say that one of the most significant real estate videography tips is to have a strategy – to learn what it is that is encouraging you to film videos in the real estate industry. Certainly, a real estate videography career will see you keeping buyers and sellers informed.

Today, there are so many reasons to consider real estate videography as a career. It is one of the best ways to capture the true essence of a place. Still, photos are quick and easy to look at but these days you have to meet every expectation of customers if you want to stay ahead.

As a real estate agent, it is you who is the expert – guiding your sellers and buyers on how to go about acquiring or selling property. Consumers are critical and highly expectant these days and if you can’t deliver the best, they will move on to the next person. This is the reality. Without real estate videography included in your listings, you come across as denying your clients the best property buying experience.

More and more property buyers are wanting to also see videos with a listing, and without real estate videography, you might lose that important sale.

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