There are all sorts of different emotional responses that you can seek to build up in your customer base, but there is no doubt that laughter is a highly useful and important one in so many ways. So, if your business has gotten to a stage in which it is simply too serious, it may well be the time that you need to start lightening up. Here have a few of the major reasons to make your customers laugh and why it could prove to be useful.

Make Your Customers Laugh: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Show Customers You Care

First of all, laughter is a response that makes everyone feel better and can seriously help out when it comes to creating a positive connection with a brand. Ultimately, once you have made someone laugh, they are more likely to keep on coming back for it to keep on happening. A lot of this is generated through online content and social media pages in the modern world. At the same time, if your staff members are trained to treat everybody with good humour, this can prove to be something that your business becomes well known for, which can, in turn, help to attract even more customers.

Helps to Create an Emotional Connection

Your Customers Laugh

As mentioned at the start of the blog post, there is no doubt that creating an emotional connection with an audience is a worthwhile activity that can help when it comes to inspiring that all-important customer loyalty. Ultimately, you want it to be a positive reaction and there is no doubt that laughter certainly fits the bill here. There are plenty of different ways in which laughter can be provoked – whether it is with a funny social media post or even some custom made socks that are offered as a gift. Essentially, laughter can help to provide a shortcut to an emotional connection that is not always so easy to find.

Last in the Memory

Customers Laugh

There are so many different businesses out there today in the modern world that you can certainly find it tough to compete against them. However, if you can make your customers laugh, you can certainly help to take an extra step towards lasting long in their memory. People will go to a company that has made them laugh in times gone by ahead of one that they do not know anything much about.


These are just three of the reasons why you should try to have more of a sense of humour in your business. Of course, this is something that comes directly from the top down and many people think that it is not appropriate in a business sense until you show them that it is an integral part of your company policy and everything that you are trying to achieve. Therefore, if laughter has not been seen to be a current priority, now is certainly going to be the time to change all of this as soon as possible. You may find that it creates a bond with customers that encourages them to come back.

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