Sales forecasting means predicting the number of products a company will sell in a given period. The prediction allows business owners to have a rough estimate of the revenue they will generate in that period. The revenue forecast can be used to plan business operations like supply chain activity, recruitment, and research projects.

Sales forecasts enable business leaders to discover potential issues in their sales process while there is ample time to resolve them. For instance, a low sales forecast can prompt a business owner to launch a new marketing campaign or put out a special offer to attract more customers. Tackling sales-related problems early can positively impact a company’s bottom line.

Sales forecasting software helps to achieve accurate estimates by analyzing a company’s sales pipeline in real-time. Without the software, sales reps have to make subjective sales predictions which are generally unreliable. The forecasting software uses artificial intelligence to generate results you can use to make your business run smoothly.

Pros of Using Sales Forecasting Software

Using Sales Forecasting Software

1. Sales Planning

Most companies need constant sales to remain profitable. With reliable sales forecasts, a business owner can make proper sales plans to increase their chances of success. For example, knowing how much you will sell will determine the resources allocated for marketing and promotions.

2. Production Planning

Knowing how much of a product a company will sell in a specific period means the business owner will know how much to produce. This saves money and avoids wastage since there will not be overstocking issues. Businesses often produce too much and tie up a lot of capital in stock. Using sales forecasting software will help avoid this problem.

3. Purchase Planning

sales forecast

If you need raw materials for production, the sales forecast will guide you on buying the right amount to avoid over or underspending.

4. Lower Warehouse Costs

If you produce just the right amount, as guided by your sales forecasting software, there will not be excess stock sitting in a warehouse till further notice. You will spend less on warehousing because there will be less inventory to manage. On the other hand, having less stock than projected to sell will require more shipping fees since some products will be manufactured late and will come in a different batch. You might also have to pay extra for storing this new batch of products before being dispatched to consumers.

5. Better Labor Management

Data Management

Companies need employees to handle the products they sell. Accurate sales forecasts from software will result in a company hiring the right number of people to work for the necessary amount of hours. Overproduction of stock will result in more man-hours for each employee, thereby increasing labor costs and affecting the company’s net profit.


Sales forecasts can benefit a company’s operations because it helps them plan ahead and allocate resources wisely. It will help to get the most accurate forecast figures possible. Fortunately, business owners can use sales forecasting software to get those figures in real-time and make informed business decisions.

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