Even though they’re experts behind the wheel, long-haul truckers still need to prepare for wintery conditions. This is even more true if you own a large fleet whose routes are primarily in the north. As a business owner, you’re probably constantly thinking about budgeting tips and marketing strategies, but you need to add safety measures to your daily mental agenda even if you are already taking necessary precautions to keep your drivers safe. However, as temperatures start to fall, you need to be ready for the first snow of the season. In this post, we review the top tips to keep your business and drivers thriving all winter long.

Long-Haul Truckers: Tips to Stay Safe & Secure

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Pack a Survival Pack

Just like your own personal vehicle, you need to make sure your fleet also has survival packs. Besides the basics, such as flares, extra blankets and a change of clothes, each pack should have at least two gallons of water, protein bars, external battery chargers, heating pads, and toilet paper. The most important thing is keeping everyone safe until help arrives, especially in sub-zero temperatures.

Proper Rest Periods

With tight deadlines, it’s not uncommon for drivers to burn the midnight oil and continue driving when fatigued. Unfortunately, this puts themselves and others at risk. Create a safety plan where anyone who is driving checks in with you and takes the appropriate rest periods as stated by law. Using a GPS can help catch employees who don’t to adhere to your guidelines. Remind them that taking breaks is not only the law, but they can also lose their license if found guilty of violating rules.


Invest in Tech

Long-haul truckers need to be prepared for treacherous conditions, especially in the dead of winter. In addition to ongoing educational programs, vehicle dash cams can help reduce the likelihood of accidents and also help drivers stay on task. AI dash cams allow you an inside view of how they’re doing behind the wheel and an even alert you when they are overdue for a rest period. Dash cams also allow for preventative in-cab coaching, which can help new drivers feel more confident. There are also other types of tech you can install to enhance safety measures. These include motion sensor alarms, mirrors that automatically adjust, and alcohol detection devices to discourage drinking.

Encourage Physical Activity

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Driving is a sedentary job, and sitting too much is bad for your health this is a job at which carrying out your duties can lead to obesity and other medical conditions. It’s your job as an employer to encourage employees to work out any way they can. During breaks, they can do push-ups, high knees, and even run in place. Even two 15-minute sprints a day can help reduce the ill effects of sitting all day.

Be Proactive

Driving for long periods of time alone can also lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. That’s not to say everyone develops this, however, being away from family and friends for long periods of time isn’t easy. Make sure you stay in touch with anyone who you know is single and has a long route ahead of them. Also, you might want to create teams where more than one person rides along for the haul. Not only does this reduce feelings of isolation, but can also help prevent accidents.

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