Are you looking to get a solar system for your home?

There are 1,891 solar systems installed in South Carolina, powering over 222,247 homes. But what’s the reason behind these high installation numbers? Why it’s the lucrative solar incentives in South Carolina, of course!

If this is your first time encountering information about South Carolina solar incentives, fret not. You’re at the right place.

Read on for everything to know about going solar in South Carolina.

Benefits of Using Solar Power

Benefits of Using Solar Power

Many South Carolina residents are going solar because of the money they can save on electricity bills. Since you won’t need to use electricity from the grid, expect to save as much as $1,000 annually.

If you’re generating a lot of solar power, you can make extra cash through net metering. Net metering is a process that allows you to on-sell your unused solar energy.

Another of the many benefits of going solar is protection from power hikes. When power prices rise, you won’t have to worry since you’re no longer reliant on grid-supplied electricity. You can also relax if there’s an electricity outage since you’ll still have power.

Using solar energy is safe for the environment because it doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. By choosing to use solar power, you’re limiting the amount of air and water pollution you produce.

So not only will you save money by installing solar panels on your home, but you’ll also help to save the Earth.

Why South Carolinians Should Go Solar This 2021

Why South Carolinians Should Go Solar This 2021

Curious about what motivated many residents of South Carolina to turn to solar power? The answer is simple; it’s all thanks to the South Carolina solar incentives.

Did you know that when you buy a solar system for your home, you enjoy a 26% tax reduction? Thanks to the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), buying solar systems is more affordable than ever.

This deal is valid for solar systems bought and installed before December 31, 2022. If you’re seriously considering installing solar to take advantage of the incentive, get in touch with a local professional solar installation company like Blue Raven Solar:

If that’s not enough to convince you to switch to solar, perhaps the attractive solar incentives available specifically for South Carolinians will? The South Carolina Solar Tax Credit allows you to claim a 25% tax credit. That means you’ll get a tax credit of as much as $3,500 yearly.

What’s more, there are also South Carolina solar rebates. You’ll get refunds on the money you spend installing your solar power system.

Get South Carolina Solar Incentives Today!

Get South Carolina Solar Incentives Today

Thanks to the South Carolina Energy Freedom Act, households across South Carolina reaping the benefits of South Carolina solar incentives. They’re enjoying clean, green, and reliable energy while getting money back on their investment.

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