You have earned a degree in environmental science. Now it is time for you to Google, “environmental science jobs near me.” To search for a job, you need to cross-refer your degree with relevant job sectors. Once you have pinpointed the job sector, it is time for you to hunt for a suitable organization to work in and start searching for environmental science jobs near me.

Identifying the right organization might seem irrelevant or insignificant at this point in your life, but trust me, this is something that you absolutely can not overlook. On one hand, good corporate culture and a charismatic boss can help you to further progress in your career. On the other hand, a toxic work environment and an irrational boss can make you want to quite

Just the way environmental science is a study of how natural and human-made processes interact with each other. A job in the environmental science sector is all about you and your workplace’s coexistence. So, next time when you search for environmental science jobs near me, keep this analogy in your mind.

There are various types of environmental science jobs. As a degree holder, you have to find out which one is the best for you before you start searching for environmental science jobs near me. That means you have to choose a suitable organization as well as a suitable job. There are some factors to consider when choosing an environmental science job near you. By analyzing these factors, you can land a good job and enhance your career, which will lead you to a bright future.

After obtaining the degree, everyone expects to land a rock start job in their corresponding field. And the first thing they do is search for environmental science jobs near me But only a few can manage that. So, to find an environmental science job, you need to know the sectors of top careers in environmental science. To make up your mind and funnel your focus on your preferred sector, I am discussing them below-

Environmental Science Jobs Near Me

Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientist

As an environmental scientist, you have to endure various working conditions. This is a sector where you need to wear multiple hats at the same time. You need to be a generalist. Or you can be a member of a large multi-disciplinary team.

So if you want to be an environmental scientist and searching for environmental science jobs near me, keep the following responsibilities in mind—

  1. Informing the government and supporting business organizations about environmental hazards.
  2. In a research project choosing the best data collection method.
  3. Analyzing samples of soil, food, air, water, and other materials.
  4. Scientifically analyze environmental data.
  5. Developing strategies to prevent environmental problems.

Now that you know what are the job responsibilities of an environmental scientist, you might be wondering what are the benefits of doing this taxing job. An average environmental scientist earns around $68,910 in the USA. So all this hard work, well worth it right? Right.

Environmental Lawyer

To take up this profession, you need to have a wide range of knowledge in environmental science. This career offers you the opportunity to search for alternative policies to prevent environmental pollution. This is quite like killing two birds with one stone. You get to earn money by saving the environment.

As an environmental lawyer, you should have certain, crucial responsibilities. These are—

  1. Analyze data found from case law, research, sample findings, and literature reviews.
  2. Determine sufficient evidence to proceed with prosecution.
  3. Take data from interviews with scientists.

Now, if you thought being an environmental scientist is a high-paying job, you are in for a treat because the average annual salary of an environmental lawyer in the USA is a whopping $113,530 per year.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Being an environmental engineer involves planning, designing, and establishing buildings and sites to facilitate environmental preservation. The responsibilities of an environmental engineer are –

  1. Environment-protected project designing.
  2. Inspecting government and private facilities to ensure environmental standards.
  3. Advising government and business organizations to manage environmental standards.
  4. Evaluating the significance of an environmental hazard.
  5. Researching the effect of constructing projects on the environment.

The average annual salary of an environmental engineer in the USA is $84,890.


Zoologist focuses on studies on animal habits, the impact of human behavior on ecosystem and animal interaction.

As a zoologist, you have some specific responsibilities. These are –

  1. Develop experimental studies with animals.
  2. Collect data for scientific data for experiments.
  3. Utilize geographic information systems and make a model software to analyze animals.
  4. Analyze the impact of human activity on wildlife.

The average annual salary of a zoologist might not be as high as an environmental lawyer but the job itself is highly satisfying. The average salary of a zoologist in the USA is $60,520.


They analyze the impact of water on the environment and the impact of the environment on the water. There are two types of hydrologists. They are –

  • Ground Water Hydrologist: They analyze the water below the surface.
  • Surface Water Hydrologist: They analyze the water above the surface.

Just like all other professions, hydrologists also have some specific responsibilities. Some of these are-

  1. Measuring pollution level of water.
  2. Analyze how pollution impacts the environment.
  3. Analyze how erosion drought impacts the environment.
  4. Forecast water supplies using the software.

A hydrologist gets around $80,480 in the USA annually.


Teaching is a novel profession. A teacher plays a vital role to ensure the enrichment of future generations. As a teacher of environmental science, you have to ensure the following responsibilities. These are –

  1. Make plans and give lessons to the students.
  2. Identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Helps students to develop their abilities.
  4. Supervises students in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Just like a zoologist, the income of a teacher is not glorious, but the job is highly satisfying. An environmental science teacher gets around $58,030 annually.

To find an environmental science job near you, first, you have to know the works of an environmental scientist. The USA government is a huge employer of environmental scientists. Private organizations also hire environmental scientists. There are also other lucrative job career opportunities for environmental scientists. Like—

  • Agriculture Engineer
  • College Professor
  • Park ranger
  • Oceanographer
  • Toxicologist

These can be a great source to find environmental science jobs near me.

Skills Of An Environmental Scientist

Before you start searching for environmental science jobs near me, you have to know the skills of an environmental scientist. It would make it way earlier for you to find the right job, which is suitable for you. The must-have skills to enhance your opportunity to land a job is— 

  • Collecting Samples: Sample collection is one of the most important skills you need to have as an environmental specialist. An environment specialist’s job revolves around either collecting samples or analyzing the collected samples and finding out a result.
  • Interpreting Results: It is the most important duty of a high-level environmental science job holder to interpret results. After researching samples, they have to interpret the result. Even the field-level job holders have to interpret the initial findings when they collect samples. Before searching for environmental science jobs near me, you should have a clear knowledge of environmental science.
  • Acting ethically and humbly: Just like in any other sector, honesty is the best policy here as well. Environmental science jobholders must maintain their integrity. You need to stay calm and humble in the face of adversity. You also have to share credit with other contributors who did a good job. As a general rule of thumb, behave properly with all the stakeholders.

So, before searching for environmental science jobs near me, make sure you have obtained the above-mentioned skills first.

If you have searched for environmental jobs near me, you will be presented with a variety of options. These options include—

  • Various levels of schools and universities.
  • In independent research laboratories.
  • Under local, state, and federal government.
  • In Oil companies.
  • In fossil fuel companies.
  • In pharmaceutical research companies.
  • As an independent contractor

These are only a few of the options you can choose. If you dig deep enough, you will find even more options.

For instance, you can become—

  • A journalist
  • Serve in military
  • Work for peace organizations
  • Be the consultant of a local organization

Environmental science is a part of science. To get environmental science jobs near me, there are some factors to consider. These are –

Types Of Sciences

There are various types of science. We can divide them into three broad subdivisions. These are-

  • Life Science: It includes every living thing. Like animals, plants, people, bacteria, viruses, etc. The parts of life science are-
  1. Biology
  2. Botany
  3. Ecology
  4. Medicine
  5. Microbiology
  6. Zoology
  • Physical Science: It includes things that are not living. It includes-
  1. Astronomy
  2. Geology
  3. Oceanography
  4. Physics
  5. Chemistry
  • Earth Science: This is the study of the earth and its neighboring bodies. It includes-
  1.  Biogeochemistry
  2. Climatology
  3. Glaciology
  4. Hydrology
  5. Meteorology
  6. Pedology

I hope by this point you have a clear concept of what environmental science is, what skills to accrue and what to expect when searching for environmental science jobs near me. Now that we have that out of the way now let’s focus on what are the benefits of being an environmental scientist

Environmental Scientist Salary: Environmental scientists do an analytical job. The average annual salary of an environmental scientist is $69,729 in the USA. Besides salary, they get some other benefits. These are –

  1. Employee stock ownership plan
  2. Flexible spending account.
  3. Health insurance.
  4. Tuition reimbursement
  5. Dental insurance
  6. Vision insurance
  7. Life insurance
  8. Disability insurance
  9. Professional development assistant
  10. Paid time off

It is clear at this point that an environmental scientist gets tons of facilities, as being an environmental scientist is very prestigious.

If you are wondering what are some possible future career fields in environmental science, then keep on reading.

Environmental Science Career Opportunities

Environmental Science Career Opportunities

If you are a student of environmental science, soon you will start to search for environmental science jobs near me. There are many career opportunities in environmental science. Some of them are-

  1. Environmental science and protection technicians
  2. Environmental scientist and specialist
  3. Environmental engineer and technicians
  4. Biological technicians
  5. Biologists
  6. Chemical technicians
  7. City and regional planning aides
  8. Environmental restoration planners
  9. Fish and game wardens
  10. Geographic information system technician
  11. Geospatial information scientists & technologists
  12. The geological sample test technician
  13. Occupational health and safety technician
  14. Sustainability specialists
  15. Water resource specialists
  16. Zoologist and wildlife biologist

As you can see, there is no shortage of options to pick from. You just need to be smart about it. I think as a student of environmental science, it will not be difficult for you to get a job next time when you will search for environmental science jobs near me.

Now, if you don’t have a conventional degree or if you are lacking experience, don’t be disheartened. There are other ways available to enrich your career in environmental science. Some of them are discussed below—

Environmental Science Degree Online: It is a great opportunity for people who can’t afford to quit their day job and go to college. They can easily take an online degree. It is a great suitable.

It takes four years to complete a degree. The cost of taking an online environmental science degree varies from school to school according to their course curriculum. Average total tuition fee is from $28,000 to $59,000$.

Environmental Science Internships: Internship is a great opportunity to gather experience in a professional environment. You can learn directly from a professional. As a student of environmental science, you will find many governments, private and non-profit organizations to complete your internship. By doing an internship, you will have a detailed idea of job life in that particular sector. After completing an internship, some organizations offer jobs to interns. So, it gives you a greater possibility to get accepted, and maybe you don’t even have to search for an environmental job near me as you will get accepted soon after completing the internship.

Entry-Level Environmental Science Jobs And Environmental Studies Jobs: At entry-level, the environmental science job salary range is from $22,000 to $77,000 per year. The average salary range is $45,323 per year. Salary range increases with experience and skill over time.

Environmental Science Technology: We use environmental science and technology to solve environmental problems. We use it to know the future change in climate and weather. We use environmental science technology to forecast the change in weather.

Environmental Non-Profit Jobs: There are different types of environmental non-profit jobs. For example:

  • Donor relations manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Environmental educators
  • Conservation scientists
  • Policy analyst
  • Wildlife biologist.

In environmental non-profit jobs, the salary range is handsome. You will get $20,000 to $91,500 annually. The average salary in this job is $41,472 per year.

Now that you know the lay of the land, let me point you towards some resources that can further enhance your knowledge as an environmental specialist

Environmental Science Textbook: Environmental science textbooks are all environmental science-related. These books will help you to get a deeper understanding of the environment. You will be able to know the reasons behind the change of environment. Reading these books will give you the ability to analyze different issues of the environment.

Environmental Science Merit Badge Workbook: Environmental science merit badge workbook will give you the opportunity to know different issues of the environment. It will guide you to discuss different issues of information. As a result, you will learn the intricate in detail. It will enhance your knowledge of environmental science.

Environmental Science Graduate Programs: If you study environmental science graduate programs, you will have a good understanding of practical and analytical issues. These programs also offer master’s or doctorate degrees to the students who are studying at the graduate level but are not ready for another degree.

Environmental Science Resume: An environmental science resume is like all other resumes. It includes all information about a candidate. Such as educational information, skills, abilities, work experiences, etc. A crisp resume increases the probability of getting a job next time you search for environmental science jobs near me.

Entry-Level Environmental Consulting Jobs: An entry-level environmental consultant works under a senior consultant. As an entry-level consultant, you will gain experience. It will help you to build up your career.

Now after all these, if you are wondering, is environmental science hard, then I am sorry to break your bubble, but it is not a cakewalk. It ranks 23rd in Harvard’s hardest subject list, so it is a demanding subject. But don’t forget that the payoff is even greater.

In the end, I can tell you this: If you are an environmental science degree holder, you will have a bright future. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you.

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