Building a new company is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a substantial investment of capital and time and effort to be able to bring a brilliant idea to life and get it established in the marketplace. It’s also worth noting that not everyone is destined to be an entrepreneur. The calling to the entrepreneurial path is all-consuming, in a way, and it will quite possibly ask more from you than you’ve ever had to give before. Are you up for the task? You should review some of the warning signs that might help you decide if entrepreneurship is right for you before you commit to this path.

Warning Signs For An Entrepreneur

You Are Not Comfortable Dealing With Money Or Funding


At the heart of every entrepreneurial venture is a business. And you, as the owner, are basically responsible for every single thing. While you can build out a staff over time or outsource functions to trusted vendors and providers, the buck stops here and all decision arrows point to you. If dealing with money or funding makes you uncomfortable, it is going to be a challenge to get the idea off the ground. You can alleviate part of the financial stress by proactively applying for small business loans that meet your needs. Look into the different lenders and see what makes them stand out from others.

You Don’t Feel The Fire Burning Inside

Do you feel like your body resembles the huge furnace of a giant steam locomotive, and you are shoveling coal into it to keep the fire fueled? While you might have your own feeling or physical sensation, if you are truly supposed to be an entrepreneur, you will know it because it will rock your world. If you don’t feel that level of intensity, you might want to check inside and ask whether this path evokes a reaction from your mind or you are responding from the heart.

Running Your Own Business Seems Like Too Much Work


Jumping deep into the world of business ownership is definitely not for everyone. Some people don’t want the long hours and responsibility for doing everything that needs to be done. You have to be pretty stoked by your new idea or you won’t be able to sustain the energy for what you have to do. It would be worth doing some work with a life coach as you evaluate your options. They can help guide you through a process that will help you determine what you are truly seeking in life and what form of work or career would best support your goals and desires.

You Might Be Destined For A Different Path

Different Path

The goal here is to find the path that is best for you, especially when you are starting out on your own in life, try not to wedge yourself automatically into a very demanding ownership role. As part of your journey of discovery, it’s helpful to take a personality test to see what calls to you and where your natural abilities are. There’s a perfect story that illustrates the point. One person took the path less traveled and has a thriving practice where they create custom craft beer recipes. He is renowned as a true artist in that regard and has partnered with local breweries to actually create the beer. His quote about his successful venture says it all. “I don’t enjoy making beer,” he says, “I like making recipes and hanging out.”

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