There are more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S., many of those being “microbusinesses” – companies with 10 or fewer employees.

Big things always start small. Knowing strategies for how to scale a small business can help you start out on the path to becoming more profitable and valuable as a company.

If you’ve been looking for different avenues for your small business growth, there’s no better place to start than where you are now. Keep reading for four of our best tips on how to grow a small business.

1 Grow Your Digital Presence

Social Media

Most successful small businesses these days have a wide and varied presence online. Take a look at how your business interacts with and fosters client relationships. If you’re not devoting enough time to your website’s blog or your social media campaigns, consider using these powerful tools more.

A blog is a way for you to provide valuable, free information to clients. Informative articles can also double as call-to-actions and generate leads to landing pages or services.

Interacting with customer feedback via social media is a valuable way to show potential clients you care. You can address concerns and show your appreciation with comments, and it looks great when you can solve a customer’s issue publicly.

2 Improve Sales Funnels

Reassess how potential clients find your services. You want to be able to provide them with valuable information along their journey toward interacting with your products.

Leave “breadcrumbs,” small pieces of free, useful information in the form of weekly emails or social media posts. Having a lead nurturing campaign helps potential clients build trust in your expertise. And when they’re ready to buy, they’re buying your product with confidence.

Cut Expenses in Your Small Business

3 Invest More in Your People

Ask yourself if you and your employees are finding a deep sense of satisfaction in the workplace. Consider designing a survey to gauge employee contentment and look for areas to improve.

When employees are happy, it shows. Clients are more likely to be amenable to a workforce that feels appreciated, recognized, and celebrated.

4 Diversify and Extend

Ask yourself if a small tweak in the way you deliver your services to clients can create a new product that has a wider appeal. Often it’s the packaging of the product that matters more than the product itself. Another thing to consider is what sort of words you’ve been using to describe your services and if they’ve been resonating.

Family Business

Going into a new market is another way to grow a profitable business, but it comes with risks. Market research can help you decide if people in your target area need or want your services to begin with. You don’t want to go in a new direction and have nothing useful to offer.

Ready to Try These Small Business Growth Strategies?

Taking steps toward your small business growth can be risky. But as a small business owner looking to expand, you’ve been taking chances on yourself and your own capabilities for some time already.

All you need to develop your business is to take some time to assess key aspects of operations and make changes.

If you’re looking for more small business tips and guides, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out more in our Business blog!

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