In older times, mens home decor in the living room meant a dinner-free domain and a TV. But now, with trends constantly changing, it has become a little difficult for us to understand what masculine means.

Now, not knowing what a masculine room should look like does not give you the right to leave your half-eaten pizza and burritos lying around in the living room.

Don’t worry, we have plenty of inspiration and tips for you. Having a masculine living room will change your confidence. So keep reading and wake up your inner home decorator.

How Is Mens Home Decor Different Than A Woman?

How is Mens Home Decor Different than a Woman

Just like any other young teenager, you find your home the most boring place to hang out. For adults like us, the living room was the only place where adults used to behave like adults. Your typical living rooms don’t give off any inspirational vibes, but being an adult gives you the choice to upgrade your current “boring” living room into a more masculine one.

A living room should call you to rest and have some snacks while watching a movie.

While planning your living room upgrade, remind yourself that every element should have its functional and decorative purpose. In older times, technological products like speakers and TVs used to be considered ugly. But today’s technology has developed quite a lot. It is eye-pleasing as well as superior in functionality.

Make sure to keep your video-game consoles hidden when you don’t use them. A masculine living room should scream adulthood, focus, and intelligence. A video game console doesn’t help with any of that.

Mens home decor is not that easy and needs a lot of patience and passion. You need to understand what your lifestyle is, and what you like in general.

Here are some tips to learn the basics of mens home decor.

Tips To Make Your Room More Masculine

Find Balance

The first step you need to understand in mens home decor is to find the balance between class and comfort. No matter what you choose, minimalism or elegance, make sure whatever you choose is comfortable for your lifestyle.

A soft sofa or a comfortable pair of chairs will last for years in your living room. Having furniture that goes with your needs and the theme is very important in mens home decor planning.

Go on the internet and observe some masculine mens home decor examples to get an idea.

Centre Of Gravity

The living room is a social place where you expect your friends to feel relaxed and connect to the vibes of the room. The rhythm in mens home decor should be felt by the visitor as soon as they enter the room.

Having an element that becomes a focal point in your room is necessary. For instance, keep a coffee table, fireplace, or TV that attracts everyone’s attention. This helps to create a natural harmony and flow among the furniture in the room.

People misunderstand that mens home decor means having a messy room with everything in a random place.

Use Of Material And Color

Looking for a color theme that will speak masculine means going with colors like navy, gray, and black. Also, using the right materials like leather, wood, metal, and stone will always make your room look manly. Get all of these elements and components in your room and watch how your room represents a masculine look.

Don’t Just Think About Sitting Placement

Don't Just Think About Sitting Placement

Masculine living rooms require sitting arrangements, but having other facilities is also necessary. Having elegant components like vases, modern lamps, sculptures, houseplants, and much more helps to create a decorative vibe. For a sophisticated look, you can have a bookshelf accompanied by curated titles.

Free Space

Have a free space so that you can walk freely in your room. Don’t think of it as a party room; keep it simple. You can add foldable chairs at any time you want. Keeping too much furniture will suck out all of the fun.

Liquor Place

Consider this as the finishing touch. Having liquor or a bar shelf is masculine enough for any room. Make a budget, buy some of your favorite quality brands, and display them so that the labels are visible. When you are expecting guests or a guest, take out your ice bucket, martini glasses, and shakers. That is why we call it a “living” room.

As we know, mens home decor is not that easy, but with a few steps and planning, you can build a perfect masculine room.

Home Decor For Men Ideas

Here are some items you can use to create the perfect masculine room. Small things make a huge difference. Get some of these items based on your preferences.

Whiskey Tank Decanter By Tom Dixon

Tank glass with a mouth-blown design is just too good to be true. That’s why we are recommending you a whiskey tank glass from Tom Dixon. Serving whiskey out of this decanter to your guests will look so promising. Even if you decide to keep it empty, the glass tank is so well designed that it looks like a showpiece. This is a must-have home decor for men.

Tulou Table From Hay

Here is something colorful for your masculine room. Get his table from Hay, which has dark green colored steel. While you have many options in colors, you might choose dark green anyway. The table is four-legged with a sunken shape design. The unique design and dark green color matching your earthy and natural color theme make a wonderful masculine room element.

The Butterfly Stool From Vitra

Saying you have a masculine room without having any pure wooden furniture means you don’t have a masculine room. Here is a stool from Vitra. This unique butterfly design with perfectly polished brown wood is a pleasure to the eyes. This stool has a Japanese-style design. Just staring at this piece of furniture will give you tons of satisfaction. You can’t get any fancier than this!

These were the three items that you need when you are planning home decor for men. You can add something else if you like, but these three additions will surely give you a masculine look.

Mens home decor is something that catches your attention without being too fancy or bright. Being simple yet classy is enough to look fantastic.

Small Man Cave Ideas On A Budget

Small Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

Here are some more mens home decor ideas, but more specifically, we are going to talk about small man cave ideas on a budget.

All you need is a small room with a few green bucks in your pocket and a ton of passion and desire. Without wasting any more of our time, let’s get started.

Experiment With Old Tennis Rackets

If you ever played tennis in school or college and have a few rackets lying around, then this is a great way to turn them into mirrors.

You can cut out the strings and place an oval-shaped mirror in the racket. Hanging two or three mirror rackets on the wall will look super interesting. This item can be a good way to have small talk with your guests.

Creative Cinder Blocks

Go to your nearest construction site and ask for some cinder blocks, or simply purchase them. Carefully clean them and place them one-by-one beside your bed. The small square holes can be used to keep books and plants.

This will look so weird, but at the same time, it will look super creative and masculine. A good addition to mens home decor ideas.

Explore Tree Stumps

Being masculine means being close to nature. If your “cave” area lacks a table, then find yourself a tree stump. If you want, clean the stump and polish it. Get some steel legs to place underneath the stump. If you know some basic carving techniques, then try to carve a hole in the tree stump where you can place a plant or book.

That’s it. These were the three small man cave ideas on a budget. Our personal favorite is the one with the tree stump. But you can dive deep into your creativity and find something new. You can create your own list of mens home decor ideas and share it with everyone.

Looking For Rustic Man Cave Ideas?

Looking for Rustic Man Cave Ideas

The rustic look is masculine. And with a pinch of creativity, you can create amazing-looking rustic man cave ideas. Let’s see what we have here.

Stick To A Rustic Look

The old theme is great, but it’s not for everyone. Some people like rustic things, which are also modern. For this, you can get a realistic deer head to sculpt and hang it on the wall.

If you have a gun license, you can hang up your rifles near the dear sculpture to look good. Adding elements like a fireplace, wooden chair, and shelves with beer bottles can make a sweet-looking rustic place.

Convert Your Attic

You don’t have to have a large space to make something look rusty. A small attic will do the trick too. When you think about rustic man cave ideas, you probably think about something comfortable and cozy.

Get a small area where you can have a neon light with some hanging lamps from the ceiling. Again, a liquor cabinet is required if you want this rustic place to look a little masculine. Get a comfortable leather sofa or chair to match the theme. A dark-colored rug will do the job.

If you love gaming or want to watch some sports, keep a console and a TV set in the attic.

Living Room Decor

Mens home decor ideas can be expensive. But here we have a budget-friendly idea. Get some wood and place it on your walls. A good pair of sofas will do the trick. A dark-colored rug or carpet will tie the whole room together.

If you want, set up your TV and sound system in the room. This will give the modern look a push. Hang some number plates and finish off with a piece of wooden furniture.

So this was it. These are rustic man cave ideas that you can use as inspiration. Many people love the rusty masculine design. Make something of your own and share it with everyone. Being creative is the key to making a wonderful masculine room.

Ideas For Mens Home Office Decor

Ideas for Mens Home Office Decor

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you are making your manly home office decor. Here you need to have some sophisticated elements while being loyal to your lifestyle.

Explore Different Color Themes

Choose a color theme. Unlike masculine mens home decor, you can’t just have everything dark in color. Have some contrast in your color theme. Your furniture should be distinct from your walls and floor. Even if you want most of your room to look black, make sure you add in some white here and there. Mens home office decor should always have a good color theme.

Wooden Furniture

Mens home office decor will definitely need a good set of furniture. Having a study table with a coffee table will be a good idea if you want your room to be functional. A coffee table with a glass top will look professional. Also, a wooden study table will help a lot to look attractive. Hang up some paintings or certificates above your study table.


Like we discussed, having gray or black walls surely makes a difference. But that looks much better if you have a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. A chandelier with glass bulbs will look supreme, along with some artistic paintings.

Hopefully, you learned something today. Choosing mens home decor can be annoying, but with some help and patience, you will create an amazing and functional room that is masculine.

Just ask yourself what you like. Make a budget and act accordingly.

With some basic planning, you can easily make a good-looking room.

This will be a very interesting and active project. And who knows, you might even be able to assist your friends in the future. Just do some online research and you will be fine.

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