The world changes extremely. Thus, none of us can stay professional specialists in some field without enhancing qualification. Additional pieces of training, after-work courses, and hours spent on self-education, in general, are what we do to stay on the top of the wave of our specialization to make our work as good as possible. Some professions also strongly demand ongoing education to confirm skills and competence called CPE or Continuing Professional Education. Among others are enrolled agents (EA). The Inventory of EA CPE requirements is long and complex because of the liability of the job. Let’s overview them carefully.

What Is CPE And Why You Need It As An Enrolled Agent

What Is CPE and why You Need it as an EnrolledAgent

Continuing professional education is ceaseless training for enrolled agents to prove their certificates as a specialist in some fields. If you missed the renewal cycle twice for some reason, unfortunately, your certificate would be revoked, and you would lose your status.

CPE includes 16 hours of studying on a different theme per year during the loop of three years:

  • Professional conduct or ethics – 2hours
  • Federal tax law updates – 3hours
  • Federal tax law themes – 10hours

However, these 48 hours in three years are only the basic amount because you should complete the required 72h of CPE credits according to IRS. You can gain additional 6 hours during a year if you decide to work as a speaker, discussion leader, instructor at an educational program endorsed by the IRS.

Main Continuing Professional Education Requirements For EAs

Main Continuing Professional EducationRequirements for EAs

EA is the highest status given by the IRS. It is the reason why you must study a lot and constantly obtain it with different requirements. About the first one, we said previously in this article – it is the time you need to spend on training. The Period for renewal of a license meets the digits at the end of your SSN or a tax identification number. The roaster of others is below:

  • Choose a reliable continuing education provider to be sure that the data about your past courses were gone to the IRS. The ways to verify one would be described later.
  • Do not forget to renew your license only at the end of the 3-year cycle within three months after the finish. Remember that an enrolled agent should keep important information (check it on the website of IRS) during the next 4 years after the end of the cycle.

What To Look For Regarding The Provider Of CPE Courses

What to Look for Regarding the Provider of CPECourses

First, you can check a provider at the list approved by IRS training providers or ask a provider about it given by IRSProvider Number. Some providers show the logo of their matching the requirement of IRS on their websites. Then, you can also overlook the program of a course, which should include hours about the various themes of federal tax conformity. Your correct certificate will also have a special program number, and you can ask a provider about it.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that both formats of education are possible: self-education courses and live classes. Choose one that suits your preferences.

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